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: May I borrow your pen, please?
: .
a. Thank you
c. What?
b. Yes, I do
d. Im sorry, Im using it now.
2. Pita
: .. ?
: Sure. Here you are.
a. May I help you?
c. Can you pass me a pen?
b. Can you help me? d. May I give you a pen?
3. Mimin
: Would you do me a favor?
: .. I am very busy now.
Sure, I will
c. What can I do for you?
Sorry, I cant
d. Okay, Lets do it.
4. Waiter
: What can I do for you, madam?
: ..
: Yes certainly. Here it is.
a. Give me the menu, please.
b. May I borrow the menu?
c. Would you want the menu, please?
d. Will you write the menu?
5. Dona
: You look so busy.
: Dont bother yourself. I can manage myself.
a. Do you need my assistance?
b. Give me a hand
c. Would you be an assistance?
d. Can you help me?
6. Reception
: Can I help you?
: .
a. It is not necessary
b. What a busy day!
c. Thank you. I want to apply for a job
d. It looks good.
7. Rama
: .. ?
: Thank you, but I can manage it myself.
a. Are you okay? c. What can you do for me?
b. May I help you?
d. Can you help me?
8. I saw an old lady in the post office. She looked confused
about how to write the postcode. I came to her and said,
a. Can you post this letter for me
b. Would you like some help
c. Did you do it yourself
d. Are you all right
9. Nina
: Oh, no! It is too high to get the ball on the
cupboard. Would you like to help me to
get the ball?
: Sure and it doesnt matter to me.
The underlined utterance express about .
a. Asking for help
b. Asking for something
c. Offering for something
d. Offering for a help
10. Student
: Can I help you to borrow your bag, Sir?
: Okay, thank you very much.
The underlined utterance express about?
a. Asking for help
b. Asking for something
c. Offering for something
d. Offering for a help
Fill the blank sentences with appropriate preposition!
11. They get up .. 4 a.m.
12. Im working Saturday.
13. My best friend lives Konami Road.
14. My father office is .. 22 Jump Street

15. I put the book the bag.

16. I always have dinner .. home
17. My favorite TV program starts .. 10 p.m.
18. I sit down . Andi and Rendi.
19. Were going to Australia. June.
20. My pen fall down the table
Arrange these words to make meaningful sentences!
1. morning exercise the in we
2. dont bad say we words
3. sleeps sofa the my on cat
4. night dont tigers sleep at
5. 4 p.m. at movie the plays
6. dog barks the at night
7. time come always on they
8. phones the in no library
9. do afternoon you what do in the
10. trees monkeys on lives
Ask your friend to do something. Use the words provided!
1. Take a pen
2. Get a book
3. Move a chair
4. Clean the board
5. Take a dictionary
Your friend need the things below:
6. Dictionary
7. Pen
8. Eraser
9. Note book
10. Sharpener
Offer the things needed to help your friend

Fill the blank sentences with the correct word in the

1. When my brother ________ (come back), what I have to
2. Sisca ________ (go, always) to school every morning.
3. My father ________ (read, usually) a newspaper while
drinking coffee in the morning.
4. She _______ (not, speak) Indonesian because she
comes from England.
5. ________ (let, she) you go?
6. I hate living in your city, because it _______ (be, cold,
7. They _______ (come, always) late.
8. _______ (have, you) some money? I need it.
9. I ________ (not, know) who you are.
10. The Sun ________ (arise) every morning.
Change the sentences below into negative and
interrogative sentences!
1. (+) Mrs. Zen always makes cake for her family in the
( - ) ___________________________________
( ? ) ___________________________________
Change the sentences below into positive
interrogative sentences!
2. ( - ) Risma doesnt go to school by bus.
( + ) __________________________________
( ? ) ___________________________________