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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region VII, Central Visayas
Division of Bohol
Ubay III Southwest District
Casate Elementary School

3rd Periodical Test In English

I. Write the correct pronoun for the italicized word.

1. Miss Alvarez is a good teacher.
2. Her dog is friendly to my cat.
3. The children and I will have along vacation.
4. My friends are all coming tonight.
5. Dr. Cruz is our family physician.

I. Pick out the correct verb form that will complete the sentence.
1. These eagles (live, lives) in only some parts of the country.
2. Some (stay, stays) between the boundaries of the mountain.
3. I(have, had) a wonderful time last night.
4. Did you (attend, attended) the flag ceremony yesterday.
5. Last morning the girls (present, presented) their dance gracefully.
6. My sister and I (go , will go) to Baguio this coming December.
7. I (join, will join) the singing contest during the fiesta.
8. I (refer, will refer ) you to the provincial hospital for free treatment.

I. Use the correct two word verbs.

Put on-put off
1. Have you _____the new pair of socks your aunt gave you.
2. Let us _________our plan to interview Mike Cojuangco.
3. Always ________a sincere smile when welcoming people.

I. Give the correct degree of comparison for each adjective.

1. It is the (wonderful)_________meal I have ever tasted.
2. She served (good)__________roasted chicken in our plate.
3. The beef stew is (delicious)__________than the roasted chicken.

I. Identify which sentences make use of the italicized words as adjectives and as
1. Our house is very near the school.
2. As the bell rings, the school children draw near.

I. Choose the correct preposition.

1. Rafts can be made (from, for) wood thick Styrofoam, and rope.
2. The rope must intertwine (between, among) the wood and Styrofoam.
3. During one Science camp, we went rafting(in, on) a river.
4. The river was (at, on) a good height.

I. Choose the correct answer. Write only the letter.

1. Mr. Angeles Teaches art. One day he takes his class to the zoo. The children
sit In front of the lions cage. Mr. Ange les gives them paper and crayons.
a. The children will draw pictures of the lion
b. The children will write stories about the lion.
c. The children will go home early.
1. On the way back to school the children see a field of flowers. The children
ask Mr. Angeles if they can draw pictures of the flowers. Mr. Angeles if they
can draw pictures of the flowers. Mr. Angeles like the idea.
a. The class will pick the flowers.
b. The class will draw pictures of Mr. Angeles
c. The class will draw pictures of flowers.
1. On the farm everyone is asleep. In the east, the sky is getting brighter. The
stars are beginning to fade. A roaster starts to crow.
a. The sun rises.
b. It will rain
c. The sun sets.

I. Read each sentence carefully. Identify the following if it’s a Simile, Metaphor or
1. The sounds of the clinking gold coins were music to king Midas ears.
2. The king’s daughter, Marigold, had hair as smooth as silk.
3. My, the story wakes up my sense.

I. Identify what trait of character shown in the following sentences. Write only the
1. “Surely no one can be greater than I am, on earth or in heaven.”
a. The king was kind.
b. The king was humble
c. The king was proud.
1. “I gave him all he has and this is how he repays me. I will punish him when
I sit on my throne again.”
a. The king expressed feelings of Mercy
b. The king expressed feelings of sorrow.
c. The king expressed feelings of anger.
1. I am no emperor . I am no king. I am a poor, sinful man. There is no one so
poor and so mean, God forgive me for my pride.”
a. The king was repentant
b. The king was harsh
c. The king was angry.

I. Identify the cause and the effect in each pair of sentences. Write Cause and
effect on your paper.
1. ___________A man is exceptionally good, generous, and righteous.
2. ___________His robe maybe shown to him or to a friend while he is alive on

3. ___________The angel told them that their robes were still being woven.
4. ___________The two rabbis argued about the robe the angel held.

5. ___________Joseph became poor.

6. ___________Joseph lost his money in a bad venture.