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IPPD Form 4: Template for Sum

Summary of the Teachers' IPPD P

IPPD Objectives Set Based on





Directions: (1) List the names of teachers/school heads who accomplished their IPPD. (2) Wri
the top row of the succeeding columns. (3) Enter the 3 prioritized objectives of each teacher
individual teacher/SH based on set objectives in the IPPD form. The number does not indicate
totals. This information will be used for the planners of the School Professional Development

orm 4: Template for Summarizing IPPD Goal/Objectives

of the Teachers' IPPD Priorities based on the objectives set

Objectives Set Based on Competency Domains/Strands

shed their IPPD. (2) Write the competency number identification corresponding to the objectives set in the IPPD
ectives of each teacher in the proper column. Label the entries with 1, 2 ,3 indicating the IPPD objective of an
umber does not indicate prioritization. (4) Count the number of entered objectives per column and write this in
fessional Development (SPPD).

ctives set in the IPPD on

PD objective of an
mn and write this in the