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Sara 32 years old lady

praimigravida patient ,, 37 weeks ,,
admitted to the labor room at 4
am ,, cervical dilatation 2 cm

What other information do we

need to know !!

Her blood group ..

Analysis of the pain ,, frequency ,,
intensity and duration .
Rupture membrane .. Bloody show ..
antipartum hemorrhage ,, gestational
Antenatal visits .. (Congenital anomaly ,,
hydrocephalus ,, macrosomia )

Last menstrual period was in 16/7 ,,

expected day of delivery in 25/3
Her blood group is O+
Pain start at 9 am with the time was
increasing in frequency , intensity
and duration .
No bloody show nor ruptured
She had gestational DM


Vital sign
Abdominal and obstetric examination
( lie , presentation ,, engagement )
Assess the pelvic adequacy
Vaginal examination each 2-4 hour
( dilatation , cephalic or brow or face
presentation )
Fetal monitoring ,, ctg

Maternal well-being
Urine albumin, glucose, acetone
Urine output
Cbc ,, urine analysis ,, serum glucose
,, albumin ,, coagulation profile

Observation of the progress of labour

with timely intervention if it become
Monitoring of fetal well-being.
Adequate and appropriate pain relief
consistent with the womens wishes.
Adequate hydration to prevent