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Script for Studio Production

Hello, and welcome to Medialink.
Today we will be covering the
Upcoming films and red carpet events,
I will be talking to media students
About the latest issues and topics.

(Insert 1st clip 17 seconds) We will be talking

to Harry who is
Live at the Henley College, and Charles
Who will be discussing the controversy
Around the Oscars and finally we will be
Closing our programme with Joe discussing
The best films of last year with
A film studies student.

But firstly Im joined today by

Will Farman to discuss the
Events surrounding red carpet

Hello, Will. Firstly lets

Start off talking about your
Opinions on the topic. Based on your knowledge
of the industry, do you think that the
films coming in 2015 will be considered as
successful projects, both for the actors
and the industry of film, and why?

(Insert 2nd clip 17 seconds) Moving onto the

Of the upcoming film, we will
Now talk about the actor roles
Of the film. Initially Ryan Gosling,
Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt were cast
to play the main roles in the new
upcoming film Focus, what do you think
of this unexpected decision from the
actors dropping out and do you think it
was a good decision for the main role
to be replaced by Will Smith?

(insert 3rd clip 30 seconds) Onto the topic of

The film Focus is critically
acclaimed to be one of the best
blockbuster hits of 2015, does
this place too much pressure on
Will Smith and could this eventually
be a peak project in his recent career.

Now we go over to Harry reporting live from

the Henley college campus, where he will be
interviewing independent film maker Nic

(HARRY) 15:45:54

Thanks Kaan.
Hi there Im joined here by Nic Saunders an
independent film maker and also a teacher here
at the Henley College. Hi Nic, How are you?
Could you give us a brief insight to your
career in filmmaking?

Now the topic that we are going to be

discussing is around independent films and how
they are publicized and promoted to the
public. Independent films are not produced by
the big major studios so they have
considerably lower budgets and also they have
to find their own way of promoting their film.
Now, youve had first-hand experience in
having to promote your films. Did you come
across any difficulties when you first started
off as a film maker when it came to promotion?
Have there been situations when your method of
promotion hasnt worked as well as you
expected? If so what do you think went wrong.
Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter
have been very good platforms for promotion
over the past few years, this is mainly
because you are able to search and target
people based on their interests like the topic
of a film. What are your thoughts on the
massive growth of social media and how it has
become easier to promote via them?
So would you say that right now, social media
is the best form of promotion or are there
other forms that you prefer?

Out of the three films you have made, which

one did you enjoy making the most and why?
Are you planning on creating any new films in
the near future?
Finally, for people at home who are thinking
of make a film and promoting it themselves,
could you give them any advice to help them
Brilliant, thank you very much for your time
Nic. Now back to the studio were we will have
Charles discussing the OSCARS and the
controversy around them.

(Insert 4th clip 1:03)


Over the past few months a lot of talk about

the lack of ethnic actors winning an Oscar has
hit the headlines.
Since 1958 17 black actors have been nominated
for best actor but only four have won.
In that same time only 9 black actresses have
been nominated for with only Halle Berry
Im joined today by Film lecturer and Film
enthusiast Andrea Walter to discuss the ethnic
issues facing Hollywood at the moment.
So, Andrea I understand youve been a film
studies teacher for over 10 years now. You
must have a huge knowledge of the film
So as a lover of film did you get a chance to
watch the Oscars?
What did you think of the winners and were
there any shock wins for you?
Recent press have stated that OSCARS academy
is an all-white
Do you think this is fair to say?

Do you think that more black actors and

actresses should have greater involvement in
the OSCAR nominations or should it still be
based on the talent of the actors and
actresses regardless of race?

Al Sharptons response to the Oscars all

white nominees was that The movie industry
is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher it
gets the whiter it gets
What is your take on his response?

Can you think of any roles/ Actors who should

have won an award but didnt because of their

Moving away from the ethnic controversy. It

seems that more English actors are being
nominated and winning than ever before. Why do
think we are winning these awards now?

British films are starting to move away from

the kitchen sink genre and more towards the
typical Hollywood style of film making do
you think that this is why our actors are
winning more?

As a film teacher do you enjoy teaching

British or American films more?

Thanks Andrea thats all we have time for. Now

over to joe with his film review of 2014.

(Insert 5th clip 1:54)


2014 saw a larger range of independent style

biopics based on the storytelling and
characters rather than the graphics of
previous years. Chris Bennett an avid film
goer who is currently studying Film is here to
give us his personal opinion on just a handful
of these films.

Chris you frequently attend the cinema and

have seen the majority, if not all of the big
blockbusters and indie films of 2014. What has
been your overall feeling of the quality of
films of this year?

Now there has been a lot of films released in

2014, with a wide range of genres and styles.
But what films have practically stood out for
The Theory of everything has been critically
acclaimed in the film industry recently for
its beautiful looking cinematography and award
winning acting. The film that stars Eddie

Redmayne as Steven Hawking and Felicity Jones

as Jane wild has made well over $60 million in
worldwide box-offices. (insert 6th clip 0:52)
Looking at reviews of the film it seems to be
getting a really good response from the
general public and critics, what was your
first opinion on the film?

Although it has got a good response by many,

some people have described it as a safe film
just designed to get awards and say it also
doesnt really giving the amazing story
justice? Do you agree with this?
The Imitation game staring Benedict
Cumberbatch has also be one of the big
pioneering films of 2014.(insert 7th clip 0:52)
What was your overall feeling and opinion of
the film? Do you feel like Benedict gave the
role what it needed?


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