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From Walt Disney’s “POCAHONTAS” COLORS OF THE WIND Lyrics by ‘Music by TEPHEN SCHWARTZ ALAN MENKEN Arranged by DAN COATES Moderately slow Pp legato re (with pedal) You ff] think you own what - ev - er land you ap Ff] ™ tte brid den pine traits of the D Fim Bm and. ae earth is just a deadthing you can | claim; but | 1 know ev - "ry rock and wwe taste the sun- sweet ber - ties of the | earth; come | roll in all the rich - es all has a |ilife, has a spi sit, has a | name. and for Jonce nev- er won - der what they're| worth. 7 - (© 1968 WONDERLAND MUSIC COMPANY, INC. and WALT DISNEY MUSIC COMPANY “AL ight Peserved (clea tne Wd = 44 31 think the on- ly peo- ple who are | peo - ple are the | peo- ple who look and think like rain stormand the riv- er are my broth - ers; the | her-on and the ot-ter ae my but | if you walk the foot - steps of a |swang - er and | we sre all con- nected 10 each - things you never knew you nev - er | knew. Have you | ev - er heard the wolf cry to the cir- cle, in a hoop that nev - er mf ‘or asked the grin - ning bob- cat why he | grinned? Geen ew wir -2 4 fl sing with all the voices of the |moun- tin? Can you | paint with all the col - ors of the 2 Cen you | paint with all the col- ors of the | wind? —————_ 2 ney er hear the wolf ery 10 the | blue Wheth -er we are white oF cop. per F aiempo we need to | sing with all the voic- es of the jmoun - tain, paint with all the col - ors of the You can | own the earth and still all you'll —————_ [paint with all the col