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20M Workboat - Pelagic Design - Marine Engineers - Cornwall

Pelagic Design Ltd
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20m workboat concept

Pelagic Design has developed an alternative platform for workboat applications and in particular windfarm service vessels. The design is
intended to be a significant improvement over existing catamarans of a similar displacement. Currently versions of 20 m and 24 m in length are
under development.

What is it?
This vessel is a stabilised monohull, or trimaran, and is intended to be operated as a windfarm crew transfer vessel, where due to its innovative
design it offers improvements in economy and comfort over existing catamaran designs.

Why is it better?
1. Length Having most of the displaced volume in a single, slender hull means that this design is greater in length than a catamaran of
similar displacement. The increased length improves resistance and seakeeping characteristics.
2. Power The increased length and slenderness of the main hull results in lower resistance than an equivalent catamaran. It thus can be
fitted with lower power machinery reducing construction and fuel costs.
3. Comfort The increased length and slenderness of the main hull results in improved motions & technician comfort. Additionally because
transverse stability is provided by the outer hulls, which are low in volume, the vessel is less stiff than a catamaran, this also improves
4. Forces The slender hull form reduces buoyant forces and therefore heave/pitch response to waves, this provides:
increased availability for personnel transfer;
lower engine power required for pushing against foundation.
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+44(0)1326 311 321
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