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Script Radio Drama

The Accident

Page 1

Voice acting cast:

Nick Played by Kaan Sengunes
Paul Played by Harry Lowe
Police Officer Played by Kaan Sengunes
Scene One Int. Car Dawn
[Narrator, Nick & Paul]

Ambient and uneasy

It was another bitter winters morning
The ice had taken over the roads,
it seemed foolish to drive on the road
But it was our only choice. Getting to
Work seemed a challenge, but the
Risk did not stop us continuing.


Rain hitting the car roof

Nick! Slow down, you know
How bad these roads can be
When theyre icy.
Trust me Paul, I know
These roads well. And I
Suppose you dont want
To be late again. You remember
What happened last time, getting
An earful from the boss doesnt
Sound appealing now does it?
Neither does ending up wrapped
Around a lamp post.
Just dont get us killed.
I have a fear of driving
On ice. And youre driving
Never impressed me.

Page 4
(NICK) *reassuring
Lets just concentrate
On the work we have to
Do for tomorrows quarter.
Its going to be a busy day
For everyone you know.

Window wipers
I would prefer it if
You would just focus
On the road.
Seriously Paul, I know these
Roads like the back of
My hand. I wish youd
Stop worrying.


Tire screeching
Jesus! It is slipperier
Than I thought. I should
Be careful around
The next road, its
Bends are awful.

(Character thoughts)
[Paul starts to think that he shouldnt have joined Nick
in his car, he is filled with regret as his fear grows as
the conversation is constantly broken up by close calls.]

Tenser build up music

Im not feeling
Too confident about this.
Promise me youll be careful.

Youre over thinking this,

Anyway shouldnt you be
Worrying about more important things?

Page 3

A sense of unease was
Created by the silence
Of the situation. This made
The atmosphere tense.

Car Screeches (brakes hard)

(PAUL) - *distressed
Right! I cannot stay in
This car anymore. Im getting
Out of here.


seat belt unplugging

(NICK)- *worried
Paul! Put your seat belt
Back on. Your not going
At this rate Ill
Be killed Nick. I
Know your trying
To get us to work
On time but I dont
Think I am happy with this.
Just ignore the road
And focus on the work
We have to do later,
Besides your breaking my
Concentration from the road.


tenses intensifies

Page 4

(PAUL) *raises voice

Watch out Nick!
After the sudden shout from Paul,
Nick lost control of the
Wheel. Paul had diverted
Him enough to swerve out
Of control. The car went
Sliding down into a ditch
And rolling over.

skidding leading to a shatter

The car had ended up
Upside down in a ditch.
The scene was quiet.


sleet hitting the debris

(NICK)- *shocked
What Happened?


ambient and spacey

A few long minutes
Go by and nothing
Is certain from
The incident.
Nick wakes up and sees
The aftermath of the
Accident, he still does
Not recall anything.
(NICK)- *Gingerly
Paul? Paul, are you
Alright mate?


faint distance ambulance noise

Scene two Ext. road

[Nick, Police officer and narrator]

page 5

(Police officer)
Alright sir, Im going to need you to sit down and remain
calm, you were in a little accident. Ill get you to
explain later on what happened. But for now, just wait
here and well tell you whats going on.
What about my mate Paul?
Hes alright isnt he? Where is he?
(Police officer)
Just get some rest now, an ambulance is coming to
collect you, we are checking your friend but we cannot
say anything for certain.
shuffling and walking around in the
background. There are also some noises of people
wondering around in the snow and talking faintly behind
the main characters.
Nick sat quietly while the paramedics were searching the
area. He sat patiently waiting to hear results. He could
almost get a glimpse through his cloudy eyes at a few
paramedics surrounding a body on a table.
(Character thoughts)
Nick assumed that Paul was fine, he knew that Paul was
always fairly strong. He thought about what Paul said and
was considering whose fault it was, while all this was
going on in his head, Nick thought about Pauls fate.
(Police Office) * lowers his voice
We are not sure if your friend has made it through the
accident, we are checking him as best we can, but all I
can say is do not get your hopes up sir.

Page 6
(NICK) *defensive
I dont believe that for a minute officer, can I please
see him? Maybe I can help. I mean after all it is my
(Police Officer)
Look sir, we know you are probably very upset but we
cannot jump to any conclusions. Youre just going to have
to wait while we take him to the hospital. The roads are
very icy, we expected this today. I can only say keep
your hopes up for now.
At this point, Nick was starting to blame himself for the
whole incident. Everything was going through his head. He
started to recall the few minutes before the accident
occurred. He stood up trying to see the events in front
of him, but he couldnt see with the developing snow that
was falling down.
the sound of arriving
ambulances and tires pressing through the snow.
Its all my fault, I havent got any excuses. I just hope
hes ok. I couldnt live with the thought of anything
happening to him.
All Nick could do is wait to hear from the paramedics as
he sat down and uneasily fidgeted. He shivered in the
cold while sitting down on the side of the road. At this
point the snow had developed hard and visibility had
the music will now start to fade
in with a slow piano song that is used to describe Nicks
feelings without any words.