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Filing # 24961888 E-Filed 03/17/2015 11:25:25 AM RETURN OF GER Stato of FLORIDA County of PALM BCH County Court Case Number: 2016CA001926 Plaintif STACY ABERLE ve. Defendant: KIMBERLY CURLER, INDIVIDUALLY RICHARD BURGESS, INDIVIDUALLY AND JAMES TWITTY, INDIVIDUALLY AND JOHN DOE, INDIVIDUALLY For Daniel Rose DANIEL J. ROSE, ESQUIRE 373 Ne 6th Avenue Delray Beech, FL 23409 Reveived by BARRY ROSS PROCESS on the Sth day of February, 2016 at 2:35 pm to be served on JAMES TWITTY, 6584 JOG ESTATES LN, BOYNTON BCH, FL 33437. | BARRY ROSS PROCESS LC DIB/A BARRY ROSS PROCESS, do hereby affirm that on the 25th day of February, 2016 at 7:18 pm, 1: INDIVIDUALLY/PERSONALLY served by delivering @ tue copy of the SUMIMONS, COMPLAINT AND EXHIBITS with the dats and hour of servies endorsed thereon by me, io: JAMES TWITTY at the address of: 6584 JOG ESTATES LN, BOYNTON BH, FL, 33437, end informed said person of the contents therein in comptence with stale siaiutes ‘Additional information pertaining to this Service: TAG £2270 BLK CADDY ALSOA GRAND MARQUIS WITH HANDICAP PLATE 398NKW IN DRIVE, THE DEFENDANT TRIED TO FORCE ME TO TAKE A PRETYPED LETTER SAYING IT WAS HARRASMENT TO SERVE HIM. WHEN | ADVISED HIM OF THE CONTENTS. JAMES TWITTY GOT VERY ANGRY AND ORDERED ME OF HIS PROPERTY. IT WAS NECESSARY TO LEAVE THE SUMMONS AT HIS FEET, HE WALKED. TOWARDS ME WITH HIS CHEST PUSHED FORWARD: BEING 64" IT WAS OBVIOUS HE WAS TRYING TO SCARE ME, HE FOLLOWED ME OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE SHOUTING AT ME. HE WAS SHOUTING THAT 1 D0. NOT KNOW HOW TO SERVE A PAPER AND THIS IS HARRASMENT AND | BETTER GET OF HIS PROPERTY RIGHT NOW! Description of Person Served: Age: $0, Sex: M, Raoe/Skin Color. W, Height: Glasses: N " Welgt 999, Halr: Bald, | certify that | am over tho ago of 18 and have no interest in the shove aclion.end am a corified process server in ‘good standing in the eaunty in which service was made No notary required pursant 10 F.S. 93.625(2) BARRY Ros VAOCEES LLG BIA GARRT GSE Papcaes Prcans cerer I@S BARRY ROSS PROCESS 10786 BARQUE CT BOCA RATON, FL 33498 (864) 756-8600 ‘Our Job Serial Number: BER-2016000051 ‘orn 1952201 Deat Sane, he cee Severs Teese