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Porsche Chun

Artifact 1 Reading Test Survey

Standard #1: Learner Development. The teacher understands how learners grow and
develop, recognizing that patterns of learning and development vary individually within
and across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical areas, and designs and
implements developmentally appropriate and challenging learning experiences.
I chose to use a reading test survey that I created to document my understanding
of learner development. In my student teaching classroom they used Wonders for the
first time this year. The Wonders program consists of week-by-week lesson plans or
guidelines and an end of the week formative assessment. This formative assessment
consists of two short stories with ten multiple-choice questions for each and a written
constructive response. Over a few weeks my CT and I began to notice that the students
were not scoring very high on their assessments. Many of the students were missing the
same questions and were having difficulty with their written constructive responses.
Therefore, in order to pinpoint the exact problem I created a reading test survey for the
students to take when they receive their tests back.
The reading test survey consisted of writing the question number that they got
wrong and also the reasoning for why they got it wrong. Many of the students got it
wrong because they were rushing or did not read the question correctly. There were a
few times when the students did not know what the question meant. At the end of the
survey they have to create a goal for the week or what they would like to improve on
based on their past reading test.
After receiving back their reading test surveys my CT and I used the data received
to create mini lessons on specific skills that students needed help with. These skills
consisted of authors point of view, main idea, and Greek/Latin roots. We also went over
the skills to write a good constructive response by modeling. Due to the students rushing

during their tests we split up the test into two different parts on two separate days. On
day one students completed one story with ten multiple-choice questions. On day two
students completed the second story with ten multiple-choice questions and their written
constructive response.
Therefore, I believe that I demonstrated my understanding of learner development
with this reading test survey. Students reading test scores have improved greatly due to
the reading test survey and the changes that we were able to implement based on it. I will
also continue to use this reading test survey for the rest of my time in my student teaching
classroom and in my future classroom as well. I feel that it has greatly benefited the