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Michelle Jansen

Indiana Address:
523 Sudbury Ct.
Indianapolis, IN 46234

Bachelor of Science in Education with a secondary major in Mathematics
Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana
Concentration in Middle/Secondary Education and Honors Program
Indiana Educators License: Grades 5-12 Mathematics
Illinois Educators License: Grades 5-12 Mathematics
GPA: 3.649 / 4.00

Permanent Address:
6779 E 200th Ave
Edgewood, IL 62426

Anticipated May 2015

Student Teacher, Phase II
March 2015 May 2015
Zionsville Middle School, Zionsville, Indiana
Taught HA Pre-Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Math 7 to 6th ,7th , and 8th grade students
Participated in IEP meetings
Reinforced instructional techniques, strategies, and philosophies such as projects and group work
Developed my ability to teach in a 1 to 1 classroom and a moderately flipped classroom
Student Teacher, Phase I
January 2015 March 2015
Pike High School, Indianapolis, Indiana
Instructed Geometry and Pre-Calculus to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students
Adapted and revised instructional methods
Collaborated with colleagues to develop and obtain effective classroom management skills
Developed action plans in collaboration with my cooperating teacher and other colleagues to help
students struggling in mathematics
Teaching Internship
August 2014 December 2014
Colegio Bolivar, Cali, Colombia
Observed and assisted in the 7th grade classroom
Designed and implemented several lessons for all the classes and an entire unit on solving equations
Participated in activities outside of the classroom such as the House System and Faculty sporting
Math Lab Tutor
August 2012 May 2014
Department of Mathematics and Actuarial Science, Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana
Tutored Butler University students enrolled in prerequisite and core curriculum mathematics courses
Developed and expanded methods of teaching a variety of mathematical concepts to others
Worked with students to develop academic confidence
Differentiated teaching style and method to accommodate individual learning styles

Michelle Jansen

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Daycare Provider
August 2012 December 2013
Church of the Crossing, Indianapolis, IN
Planned activities and crafts for children
Helped children emotionally and socially throughout their developmental stages

Childcare Provider
Summers 2009-2013
Enhanced my ability to work with others by resolving conflicts among children
Coordinated multiple schedules
Motivated children to do homework and household chores by offering incentives
TRIBES Training
August 2014 December 2014
Colegio Bolivar, Cali, Colombia
Explored and discussed a variety of instructional strategies and practices utilized by current
educators to enhance classroom community and instruction
Deans List, College of Education - Fall 2014
Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education
Publicist, Kappa Delta Pi
May 2013 May 2014
Mentor, College Mentor for Kids
August 2012 May 2013

SmartBoard proficiency
Agile Mind proficiency
Canvas proficiency
Proficient in Spanish
My Education Portfolio can be viewed at the following link:
A candidate work sample demonstrating lesson plans implemented and assessment of students learning
experiences is available upon request.

I wont accept anything less than the best a players capable of doing, and he has the right to
expect the best I can do for him. Lou Holtz