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LUDOVICO EINAUDI NIGHTBOOK In Principio 3 Lady Labyrinth 6 Nightbook 12 Indaco 20 The Snow Prelude No. 15 26 The Crane Dance 36 The Snow Prelude No. 2 40 The Tower 46 Réverie 31 Bye Bye Mon Amour s8 The Planets 72 Tu Sei 77 Berlin Song 84 Publishes by (Chester Muse {15 Bernere Stet, London WAT SL, UK. Exclusive Distributors Muse Sates Utes, Dtrouton Centr, Newnarkat Roa, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk P33 378, UK Musi Sales Py Limite, 20 Resolution Ore, Caringbah, NSW 2228, Austral Corder No, H76043 ISBN 9784.84938339-4 nis book © Copyrent 2008 Chester Music Limited. ‘Unauthorised reproduction oany part ofthis publcation by any ‘means incudng photocopying an infngerment ofopyrant. Musi transcribed by Jack Long. Musi processed by Paul Ewors Music Design Ete by Ann Baroy Photographs courtesy of ‘Anna De Car (gt) and Olver Mark (pg). Printed inne EU, ‘Your Guarantee of Quay: ‘As publishers, we suet produce every bookto the highest commercal tandaras. “The music has been freshly engraved andthe book nas been carefully designed to mnimiseawhward page tums and to maka plying fom ia rea plessure, Parscuar care hasbeen given to specthing ‘aciatoo, nuratsized paper made fom pulps \ahich Rove not been elemental elrine boaced, ‘This pulp rom farmed sustainable forests ana was proces with special egnd fo: the environment Throughout, the pitingans binding have been planned to ensure a str, atactve publication whieh should give yrs of enoyment "your copy als to meet our high standards, please inform us and we wil lady vepace I wu musicstes com In Principio Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Adagio flessibile J= ¢.80 Pdolce ‘molto a tempo Lady Labyrinth ‘Composed by Ludovico Einaudi J= 102 Steady A Prerecorded piano and efects P i © copy 2009 Chester Muse Lin. args reared. rons Capri Serre 6 Overlay pre-recorded plano and effects Repeat al niente ul Nightbook ‘Composed by Ludovico Einaud Rapido J= 124 ‘mp poco a poco eres. pperese © coprgh 2009 Cantar Ms Lint 8 Rigs Rearies.ernstona Copy Senure, 12 1,2. 7 . ca 15 3 es a 3 3 go . 16 poco rit. Indaco Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Andante J=c.104 quasi a tempo a © copih 2000 Cesar ile Utd ‘niga served tration Cope Sees 20 Poco pitt mosso oo 3 ~~. ee iit moss. 21 ‘mp poco a poco cresc anf poco a poco eres 22 S subito ‘A tempo, ma flessibile 23 Atempo 24 Freely (tempo primo) rit, 25 The Snow Prelude No. 15 ‘Composed by Ludovico Einaudi J=c.92 ma molto flessibile A a ‘mp espr. © copy 2009 Costar Mus Lin ‘avn Reser. tron 26 allarg. 30 a tempo Réverie ‘Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Adagio J= 80-84 ro al ro go 32 34 J fy = : SS — ididis|fdims |i. | fas The Crane Dance Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Con pedale 35 35 38 The Snow Prelude No. 2 Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Andante flessibile = ¢.88 —3— m3 molto 41 3 3— 3 3 —3— 4 —3— 3 43 44 45 The Tower Composed by Ludovico Einaudi © copyright 2009 Cesar Muse ite ‘gs aed, trains Copy Sere, 46 poco a poco crese. 51 Sores 56 Bye Bye Mon Amour ‘Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Andante Largo! = 116 imp legato lit mosso 4 = 120 p espressivo © copra 2009 cesar Muse Utes ums nerd. tert! Cope Sees 58 poco rall. poco rit. ‘a tempo ma poco rubato 66 Crtrerycrelcrltrercr|crercr ‘mp cantabile J=0128 poco rit. ‘a tempo 0 70 pia flessibile al niente 1 The Planets Composed by Ludovico Einaudi Flessibile J = 60-66 mp | espressivo (El Piano) Con pedale 2 copyright 2009 cesar til utes. ‘arias Rese, esa Copy Ser, nR 16 Tu Sei Composed by Ludovico Einaudi J. = ¢, $8 flessibile plegato e esp. Con pedale {© Copyeh 2009 Chest Muse Unitas ‘as Pesaran Copy Secure, 7 molto meno mosso ‘ ty unga pause. ten a (Con ped.) 83, J =84 Cantabile Berlin Song Composed by Ludovico Einaudi a += . > Pr PoP Pig 3g S mpespressivo 85 ‘Poco eres C 86 87 ‘Paco a poco dim fe 129480789 LUDOVICO EINAUDI A selection of songs from Einaudi’s sixth album, specially transcribed for solo piano Pee eee on ec specially transcribed for solo piano eo Ne ELL Cea Indaco The Snow Prelude No. 15 WO Bye The Snow Prelude No. 2 The Tower Réverte Bye Bye Mon Amour The Planets Tu Set Berlin Song of The Music Sales Group