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Teo owed MeO ona al Hassan AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG PROJECT SPECIFIC HSE PLAN [contract [Amal HASG-AProjet [contract # _[c31/1333 [Rass SAN ENGNEERING COMPANY 6A0G Page 1086 (Erementar ] AL HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG ‘DOCUMENT NUMBER HSEP/AMAL/HRSG/I2 (CONTRACT 31/1333 PROIECT ‘Amal HRSG-1 Project REVISION oO ISSUE initial KCPrabhakaran [Contract Manager | GB Krishnaraj Reference indicator Designation/Ref. Indleator Head HSE ‘Me. KC Prabhakaran Contract Manager Me. Krishnaral. 68 Construction Manager ‘Mr. Tamodaran Contractor Site Representative Contract Holder = PDO ‘Me Harith ATAmry Project Engineer Site HSE Manager ‘Mr. inil Mohan/ir.Sivadas PDO HSE Advisor "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SOG. Paget TABLE OF CONTENTS. ‘sectio Description 1.0 [Scope of Work Teadership and Commitment 2a [Leadership and Commitment 2E_| Policy and strategic Objectives: 22d ASE Poly Statement 23 [Organisation, — Responsibllities, _ Resources, Standards and Documentatior 23 [HSE Organisation 232_| HSE Professionals 233 | Sub-Contractors 234 HSE Communications HSE Meeting Programme 23.6 | HSE Promotion and Awareness 23:7 [ HSE Competence Requirements 238 _| Employee Orientation Programme 239. [HSE Training (General) 23.10 [ HSE Training (Professionals) 2341 | HSE Legislation 232 [HSE Standards A _ [Hazards and tHects Management 2Ad_| Methods and Procedures for Hazards and effects ‘Management 2.42 [ Assessment of Exposure of the Work Force 243 | Handling of Chemicals 2.4.4 | Hazard and Effects Management and Assessment "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAG Page 306 ‘of PPE Requirements 25 [Pla ing and Procedures 251 | Basic HSE Rules 25.2 [Emergency Response Procedures 2.5.3 | HSE Equipment and Equipment HSE Inspection 2.5.4 | Occupational Health 255 | Environmental 256 | Road Transport 7.6 _ | Implementation and Performance monitoring 261_| HSE Performance 262 | Imeident investigation ‘Audit, Review and inspection ‘availabilty Coverage Effectiveness Follow Up HSE Inspection "HAZARD REGISTER (INDEX) "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG 1.0 SCOPE OF WORK > The Scope of Work comprises and not Design, Procurement of Materials, Fabrication, Installation, Construction, Testing, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning. 1udit ofthe associated work for the following main ited to of Detailed Pre start elements: > civil Work > Mechanical Work > External Coating and Painting / Insulation, > HRSG Control Building > Electrical systems > Communication Systems > Control and Automation Systems > Condition Monitoring System > Instrument Air Systems > Plant Water Systems > Drains and Cont wment Facilities igital Surveillance System > Reinstatement > Fire Fighting Systems > Type Test and Special Tests > Earthing and Lightning protection system > Small Power and Lighting Systems (Indoor) v ‘Small Power and Lighting Systems (Outdoor) > Emergency Lighting System, TALHASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY GAOG Page 518 > WvACsysters, > Power, control, instrumentation, and communication cable including crimps, lugs, glands, terminations, cable support systems, and identification tags shall be provided as required. > Floor cut outs shall be provided for all future panels and these ‘cut outs shall be sealed / closed with removable covers. iping works, > Tleins > Demolition work, if any. > Electrical and instrumentation work > Commissioning the HRSG BOP equipment "ALHASGAV ENGNEERING COMPANY GAOG Page 5188 2.1 LEADERSHIP AND 2.1.1. Leadership and Commitment to HSE through Leadershi Schedule of management participation in site HSE activities: | Month Name Position Purpose 1 | Monthly | Krshnaraj 6.8 Contract Manager | To attend HSE Inspection 2 | Quarterly | Mr. JasbirSingh | General Manager | To witness Emergency Drill (Contracting) 3 | Monthly | KrishnarajG.B Contract Manager | HSE Meeting PTW Audit, Sub-Contractors HSE Audit, HSE Performance review & HSE Pian Review. @ | Quarterly [Mr KC Prabhakaran | Head HSE To attend HSE Meeting, HSE Plan Audit 31/0987, 5 | Quarterly | Annamalai Head OG Gas/|To Participate HSE Audit, Pc Vehicle, drivers & Road Safety Audit. 6 | Half Peter Hall ceo HSE Audits, HSE Performance yearly review & HSE Plan Review. 7_| Half Yearly | Hassan AliSaiman | Chairman HSE Campaign '8_|Haif Yearly | Maqboo! Ali Salman_| Managing Director | HSE Walk about 2.2 POLICY AND STRATEGIC OBJECTIVE 2.2.1 HSEPolicy Statement: All Hassan has an HSE Policy that is signed by the CEO. The Policy is concise, easily understandable and is available in the English and Arabic language. The Hindi transtationis also avaiable The company also has the following daughter polices: Drugs, alcohol and intoxicating substances policy ‘Smoking policy Road transport safety policy ‘Sub-contractor, vendor, supplier and 3rd party policy ‘Occupational heatth policy HSE motivation/incentive policy ‘© Commuting policy Copies of these polices are available in the Al Hassan HSE Manual. These are also available on the following places ‘The policy i aso displayed on main notice boards, dining hall, recreation room and in copies ofthe Al Hassan HSE Manual & HSE Plans. The Policy is discussed ‘during safety induction of new or transferred errployees. This way even those ‘employees who are ilterate are made aware ofthe existence and contents of the Policy and the company's expectations with respect to HSE. This policy is Inline with PDO HSE Policy and covers all legal HSE requirement ofthe country 'ALHASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAGG Page 756 EE pt Leute ig dl yw Nl ayy ds Al Hassan Engineering Co. $.A.0.G. ala py ly ay Es ke i HEALTH SAFETY ENVIRONMENT (HSE) & ae SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT (3D) POLICY 0 et nl iy 2 Sa Sens Pel re JOS et any dy de “kt teat pA by ly tay da ah Jn Age IE Stel pa tt ayy ky nd 2 neal ohn ha tl a ot gpa dg dna ee at At eb lp ak Ja ea sate andi sop when tis rae cae cas ‘Manage HSE 88D wih be ame mpetance 8am a as eaten cial business activity m eee + Ensuring avaiablty and communication of his HSE Policy to SS a el ott Soins aii Ahn dona atemplyee an oe tested pres (etry Rely Say Sl Sat i oe ih +Enboding Gdn Rae nd Lie Saving les arg wi, 8 Sl ye or ie 9 coneeumce mais Pt ha a ay a at “Aahiov a HSE &SD peremance by nplemeniog snd “a yan Jah ‘raining an ele HSE Menge yale, sh ly tay ea ap i + Suppoedby neces wang. assessments and mS yuugi cacy gr no oe tsa en ane ec! Re eT ‘The impact of thi poly i ae “Cort! movernt ite manepement ko heath ot Jo ag anal Letty and aay of employes contac nd ter ae by 19 Ll i ete ne nt pl ‘our operations sa ale ey litt “The continual reduction in the impact of operations onthe resents (AE Jy caenetnan es (Sy oa Gieen AL-HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG KING POLICY] ‘Smoking is the main cause of lung cancer and diseases of the Lung, Heart and Arteries. ‘Smoking in the food storage, food preparation and dining areas is prohibited. Due to the risk of fire, smoking in porta cabins is strictly prohibited. Disposal of cigarette ash and cigarette butts in Waste Baskets / Birs is prohibited. Small non-flammable glass / metal containers / trays should be used. Cigarettes are considered uncontrolled source of ignition. ‘Therefore, smoking while working in the close vicinity of oil / gas wells, flowtines, gastift tines, pipelines, manifolds, flammable gas ahd fuel storage areas, and other designated “NO SMOKING” areas ete. is strictly prohibited. In order to prevent passive smoking, smoking in the Conference Room, Training Centre and during meeting should be avoided. {lip CEO ®@ Sirasson AL-HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG CUTTS The Company is committed to reduce and eliminate road traffic accidents and manlost situations by imposing effective road transport safety regulations and journey management system. All operations by the Company and its Subcontractors will be planned so as to reduce the total amount of driving, road transport ‘and material handling. Driver and road transport is allowed only when: * The journey is necessary for the business and is covered by a Journey plan. * The driver is licensed, suitably experienced, familiar with the vehicle, fit to drive and where applicable, holds a relevant driving permit. * The vehicles and all equipments meet the minimum standards set by the ROP, Company and / or Client, is road worthy and suitable forthe journey and any load being carried, * All efforts are made by the Supervisor to minimise the number of vehicles being used and the distance traveled, * The Company is committed to reduce and eliminate road traffic accidents and maniost situations by imposing effective road transport safety regulations and journey management system. * Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any employee found not using safety devices provided in the vehicle / plant ‘equipment, or found tampering with safety devices to render it ineffective, 15% July 2009 man! AL-HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG ‘The Company considers any Subcontractor employee, performing work for the Company as a part of the Company. As such all HSE rules and regulations applicable to the Company operations / activities shall apply to all such Subcontractors’. While subcontracting any part of the work, the Company will make the Subcontractor fully aware of HSE policies and the related rules ‘and regulations of the Company and or that of the Client as applicable. Any vendor, Supplier and Third Party representative supporting the Company activities within PDO Operations will comply with PDO's “Code of Practice for Safety Pertaining to Vendors, Suppliers and Third Parties”. Allee Peter Hall CEO 15% July 2009 Giessen AL-HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG The company will pursue motivating employees towards HSE through: © Training * Counseling * Supervisor Interaction © HSE Contests * Suggestion Schemes * Recognizing Good HSE Performance. The Company firmly believes that working safely with due consideration to health and due regard to the environment is part and parcel of every employee's duty. It is not an additional burden and therefore does not need to be rewarded through financial incentives. However, all HSE incentives will be addressed in the HSE Plan and any further HSE incentives recommended from the ongoing project need approval of the Corporate Manager HSE. Mh Peter Hall CEO 15% July 2009 ® Simecn AL-HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG The possession, selling or distribution of illegal drugs is a criminal offence. The illicit use of legal drugs or other intoxicating substances is strictly prohibited. Being at work whilst under the influence of, or impaired by drugs, alcohol or any other intoxicating substance is strictly prohibited. All employees should be totally competent to carry out their tasks and to exercise their responsibilities during working hours and whilst on duty. Employees who are driving vehicles or operating any machinery or plant equipment should be completely free from the influence of any intoxicating substance. All employees required for emergency duty during a crisis situation should be totally competent to carry out the tasks assigned to him. I he feels that his performance may be impaired, he should say $0. This will not be held against him by the Company. This way he will not be putting himself and the operation at greater risk. ‘Staff who feel they are exposed to alcohol / drugs / other intoxicating substance abuse, should seek medical advise and Jollow appropriate treatment promptly. Faiture to comply with the above will lead to disciplinary action, which may include dismissal. 15% July 2009 ‘Sirarcan Al L-HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. SAOG STENT NT While carrying out any activity or using any product that is known to have an ill effect on the health of the employees, it will be the endeavour of the Company to: Carry out all such activities in strict accordance with applicable safe practices that prevents harm to health. Increase the awareness of employees with respect to activity- specific and product-specific health hazards and means to Prevent / reduce exposure to the hazard. Adopt alternative better procedures or safer products available, use of which will reduce the risk to health. Introduce suitable job rotation for employees exposed to high noise, vibration, heat, dust, paint mist etc. so that harmful exposure is minimised. Provide high quaty personal protective equipment (PPE) toa ‘employees engaged in such health risk activities. Train personnel in the correct use of available personal Protective equipment and ensure the usage of such pent. 4 Peter Hall CEO 15% July 2009 BBP Ob Auuight Qurodl aS pd AL HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. S.A.0.G ramen) Seema Moco coer We comsSsoa (UMN CTMCTEA Nok EA Poor ESSER Taree [eM MEEHAN, SETHE AnTRUMNTON PuNTNG Cabanon, 31 January, 2008 To Petroleum Development of Oman Fax Ne. +968 24673775 ‘Kind Attention: Mr. Amran Marhubl, Oli Director South Oman ‘Subject: Travel Arrangements for Contractor Employees ear Sir, ‘Thank you very much for your letter dated 13 January, 2009. 1 would tke to confi ur fll commitment in ensuring al aspects of road taety snd Commuting snes ot al AHEC employees in ail our ongoing PDO projects. In this egerd, we fst eh ‘garding our travel arrangement measures in ou eter dated 20 Merch, 3003 ge nctosed). {im adation to above, the following wil be implemented with immediate effect and in ‘ccordance with your recommendations / requirements, ‘Al journey managers in interior locations wil be provided with latest bus time Steam commuting hb bas 3 brary, 2608 = * ngoIng. "The wating time for Individuals af the bus station wil be no longer than 30 minutes before the ‘scheduled departure tne. "Ts wit el 'n respect of POO MO letter of 08 April, 2008 we can confi that we are in fll ‘Srmllance with the outined requirements and that or responce was Subtiad We assure you that the AHEC standards and practices are as per the SP 2000 and re in compilance with €-9 document inal ur POO sontnchs Yours fa Maghoot Ail Salman ‘Managing Director SL NO Tanti i, hare fne as a Wie ce Era: eminving@athean cn Wee Se. ree & EGP Oh Aeuwhight Gumontt AS ni AL HASSAN ENGINEERING CO. 8.A.0.G ‘tncem DoAEI, coATMICTOUN COMMS TNE AIMEE 08 6 NATER NER TRESL STORE Dated: 20.03.2008 Petroleum Development of Oman LLC P.O Boxat Mina AI aha, Muscat — 113, ‘Sulanate of man, FaxNo. +968 24673775, Kind attention: Me. Arman Marhubl ‘Oli Director South Oman Subject: Travel Arrangements for Contractor Employees. Dow si, ‘After Compliments, We ae pleased to receive your letter onthe captioned subject ‘Al Hassan Engineering Company is presently implementing the folowing commutation system for the employees in al ongoing projets. 1) Pre-paid tickets are provided ffom an spproved Public Transport bus. ‘company from the place of work io hometown and vce vere, 2) Site arrangements are available to afoht the employees at the nearest bus stop. Subsequently pre-paid tickets are provided from an approved pubic transport company for onward journey. 9) Arrangements with Al Hassan Transport are alzo made availabe to commute the contactor empiayecs wih an approved jouiney pax whcnover neteseary and no hiteh-hiking encouraged at any cost. \We assure you that the specification as per SP 2000 and compliance of C-@ document shallbe fll complied in all our POO Contracts, ‘Yous tary, For Al-Hassan Engineering Co. SAOG. Takia Sr. AGM (Projects) Ph: +988 24810575 (Extn: 607) Fax: #968 24815953 ‘ Wag ann RTE gas WANG / TAN eG gu Yogesh WN ar 7.x ota Cn 2 en Sat rn arananes Fr asia SsaussS: ER hin ee “Ent onpusenya hacanson: Nee Se sornatnscnce 23 ORGANISATION, RESPONSIBILITIES, RESOURCES, STANDARDS AND. 23.1 HSE Organisation DISIUNE SUPERVISORS Inetace reston nor > tcc > Catering > Design > Earthworks > Transportation > HVAC e ‘CONTROL OF SUB-CONTRACTOR ACTIVITIES WILL BE DIRECT RESPONSIBILITY ‘OF ALHASSAN. 23.3.2 dentification & vetting: ‘Ailsub-contractors = Wille subject to F00's HSE standards as applicable to Al Hassan Wil flow journey management procedures. = Will be subject to PDO vehicle standards & road transport regulations as applicable to Al Hassan = Personnel wil attend all HSE meetings when at site. Will be required to get their personnel trained in the entire mandatory HSE training progremme. [Where the services of specialist sub-contractors have to be utilized to complete a specific job, an HSE method statement will be required to be submitted by the sub-contractor. This method statement will be scrutinized and approved only if it satisfies all the HSE isues that are foreseen In the scope of work that the sub-contractor is to perform. Sub-contractors will not be required to submit any HSE plan but will work tothe schedules of this particular HSE Plan. 2.3.4 HSE Communications: Coverage/Awareness: ‘All geographical areas of ol & gas fields in the interior of Oman and MAF are ‘well connected by a telecommunication network. Sufficient telephones and tee-faxes willbe providec in the offices and the workshops. "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG Page 1 ote [era ar RET PRO ate When working in remote locations, away from permanent or temporary pphone/radiophone facilities, a standby vehicle wil always be avalable at site to cater to any emergency situation for the purpose of effecting communication to base station or transfer of personnel Allimportant telephone numbers such as those of hospitals, clinics and the PDO emergency no. (5555), in each geographical area will be listed out and posted in prominent places and near telephone/fax and radio instruments All emergency HSE communications will be in line with the emergency procedures detailed ahead. 2.3.42 External Links: English, Hind and Arabic being the spoken languages, these wil bused forthe purpose of communication. Services of an interpreter wil be avalled of if e necessary 235 HSE Meeting Programme 2.35.1 Schedule: Responsibility for mom |scheduling minuting i Type ‘attendance _|&controling follow] Distribution list up items POO/Al PDO CSR and P00 company | Allattendees ncaa supervisors, AlHassan_| representative cana site Manager, ae construction ate ‘manager, Site HSE @ Advisor and supervisors Worksite Disc supervisors ~ Circulation to all management foremen Site HSE attendees. Advisor, Site Manager ‘Too! box Field personnel Permitholder | None meetings General HSE All employees Site HSE Advisor _ | File copy only meeting Drivers & All drivers & Site HSE Advisor | File copy only ‘operators operators HSE meeting "AL RASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY GAO. Page 10f88 ‘The speci section yen Agenda for the Area Management HSE Meeting is given in All personnel attending the Worksite management meeting, HSE Progress ‘meetings will sign for in the attendance record. No attendance records will bbe maintained for the General HSE meeting and the drivers/operators HSE ‘meeting. However, details of what has been discussed willbe minuted. Management Participation: Coast based managers may be invited to occasionally attend the PDO/Al Hassan Contract progress meetings. HSE Meeting structure and Follow-up action: ‘Area Management HSE Meeting ‘Specimen Agenda detailing follow-up actions: Section Topic Follow-up Action by/date 10 Minutes of the previous meeting to be reviewed/ accepted/revised 20 HSE Information flow 21 | Safety statistics 22 | Incident/accident report 23 | Permit to work system 2.4 | _ PDO & In-house HSE Alerts/circulars/news letters 30 HSE Training 3.1 | Institute & In-house training status and clearing of backlog. 40 PDO & In-house HSE Inspections 4.1 | Observations made and action status. 50 PDO & In-house HSE Audits 5. | Corrective Actions pending & action status. 60 Emergency Dril status 7.0) ‘Occupational health & hygiene 7.1 | Exposure to heat, noise, vibration & chemicals Status. 72 | Industrial areas and camp -health & hygiene status. a0 Environment 8.1 | status of industrial & domestic waste disposal 82 | status of chemical waste if any) disposal 83 | Environment impact 8.4 | General housekeeping status (Camp & industrial areas) "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY GAOG Page 1168 [Giranat serene a 30 ‘iitical Areas 9.1 | Road Transport Safety 9.2 | Sub-contractors 700 PDO & Al Hassan HSE Manual, Hazard document status, io ‘Any other business 235.4 Fellow upactions: Follow up actions will be documented as follows: ‘Meeting and date | Action item | Action party& ) Close-out status date of completion Communication: ‘The following will be used to Generate topics for discussions in the Craft ‘Specific HSE Meetings. = Incidents highlighted in the minutes of the "Area Incident Review Committee" (AIRC) Meetings. = PLO and Inhouse Health & Safety alerts and Health & safety newsletters. = PDOand In-house Environmental alerts & newsletters ~ Near Miss reports and learing points ~ Incident eports and learning points. = PDD and Al Hasan HSE Manual Contents information and Learning Points Hind! being the language known tothe majority ofthe employees, this will be the language used to disseminate learning points and information to all during general safety meetings. [ALHASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG_—_—_ Page 2006 Where persons who do not understand English and Hindi are present, services of a suitable interpreter will be avalled of. A separate meeting will bee held in such a group of more than 10 persons. This is to ensure correct learning Box Meetings: ‘The Foreman/Permit Holder along with his crew will assemble atthe place of work. The scope of work for the day will be discussed. Hazards associated with each Specific job activity and the precautions necessary to prevent Incidents will be jointly discussed 2.3.6 HSE promotion and awareness 23.6.1 Technique: Safety Posters Safety posters in pictorial form as available from POO and The National Safety Council india (depending on availability) wil be displayed in the rest area notice board and ste notice board. Video Films on Safety Craft specific video films as available from PDO will be screened to craftsmen during regular training programs. The Site HSE Advisor/Arabic Interpreter il give commentary in Hindi or Arabic a5 eecessary if the film is in English, Safety Nowsletters/Safety Alerts Information about PDO safety newsletters and safety alerts will be disseminated to all in English/Hindi/Arabit, as the case may be during the ‘general safety meetings. Where any information of utmost importance Is to be passed on, a special meeting will be called Performance HSE performance boards indicating total man-days worked since the last LTI will be posted atthe entrance to the residential facies. Safety Promotion ‘The Contract wil register for PDO's safety bonanza scheme. ‘The company believes that working safely is part of day-to-day job function and therefore does not need to be rewarded through cash or kind. However ‘AL HASSAN ENGNEERING COMPANY GAOG Page 2 of A baad arch ‘exemplary HSE actions of any individual will be suitably advertised and the ‘employee(s) rewarded ina public function. ‘The company also has a corporate ‘Al Hassan HSE milestone achievement ‘award’. The Contract team will be awarded with this award by the ‘company’s Chairman or Managing Director at site in @ special function upon ‘completion of every ‘one milion man-hours without an LT. 2.3.7 HSE Competence requirements Fitness of personnel Itis the policy of the company and the heatth regulations ofthe Sultanate, that all expat and national employees have to undergo a medical examination and bee proved medically fit prior to being employed. Medical record of nationals and expats are available with our P&A department. {tis the policy of the company to employ only such personnel who have the necessary knowledge and. skill of working a the ol & gas fields New employees: ‘All new employees undergo a (one time) PDO approved HSE induction programme before being assigned any specific work. [At the end of the induction programme, all employees willbe able to: Define Al Hassan’s commitment to HSE. Define his own responsibilities with respect to HSE Describe the role of HSE staff. ‘State the principle hazards inthe oiligas field construction activities ‘State how he would report incidents, accidents and near miss. ‘State how he would react in an emergency. State the basic road sofety rules applicable when working in the interior ‘© State the occupational health and ervironmental concerns. ‘Any employees transferred from another Contract will undergo an employee orientation programme if necessary, to make them familiar with any HSE requirements specific to the Contract that the employee will be working on. 239 HSETraining 23.9.1 Contract Standards: HSE training will be provided to Al Hassan and Sub-Contractors Employees a5 detailed in Appendix C of Document C:9 ofthe tender document. [AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG Page 2288 wera "OO¥S ANVaWNOo ONNGENIONG NYSE = a on ene] more | STE castes ww coca mommevnce| eget ALNINSSISSV 8 ONINIVYL Y3AING ZSTT dS eee oe Se | unUEHTond Buuen pausiqesaeeez Tepreeee "SO¥S ANVaHO9 ONRGBNONE SSVI povonuat erage cenegarainey eal i i I Hu ena i 3 i au i | sensoga mas anp ee rome oman : ‘ane en men maw | Ngcepere et i eee | mean Eee mntoitananvain | aarernarronnmrte| wag | eign | “eiedatcae| ame | eye on | eee a momo 8 soy | deo | wescossequmn es | aoe icon W000 | Sens one o a —— e [Horeen trea ee sone reer sor] oq eee gmearesrmresni5] prac oora ‘BOWS ANVaNGD ONRISBNIONG NVESYT TW ped oe ee SES] See) ca | oo sage EESESS] om SERS] att. | Soe SS ccm i | wa eee] wae | Set "BOYS AGRO ONGGENONE HTORVI TY cones ‘BOYS ANVaNOD ONREBNIONG NYESYH TV) nln ye seven | sna rwewarnenn | memes atop cen una Sons ee Le "| sovnwoan | smadoun vss resumen voromasaene | nmes swomasoan | moceneysama ae me vvonmnvens | ones ee SORT “overt ep ae ps pooreoam | om ne vs Sant ae ‘'S$3SYNOD ONILSIOH *B recent sosirea| soe elm | ee “wer aoe un oman aeortvie| sme att, | someon In-House Ofte above, the fllowing traning wil be provided inhouse Coursetile [Target population ‘Completion by HSE Indveton [All employees Before being assigned duty Managing HSE |Site Manager, Prior to commencement of work at Workshop Construction Manager, | site HSE Advisor Senior supervisors iw Supervisors & Foreman [Before commercement of major activites. 2393 Formalized programme: During the life of the project, the site HSE Advisor maintains an HSE Training ‘matri. This matrix is a live document which is updated almost on a daily basis. As employees are mobilized on the project, the HSE Advisor updates this HSE Training matrix to reflect the current HSE traning status of all empoyees on the project. IIs che policy of the company to ensure that all project employees are HSE trained as per the training plan/schedule given in 2394 Supervisors participation: All supervisors are required to debrief their staff after the staff has attended/completed any HSE Training course. However ne written record of this debriefs wil be maintained. 2.3.10 HSE Training (Professionals) Selection, training and qualification: Fall time site HSE Advisor duly approved by PDO willbe available during the duration ofthe project. Training: ‘Tralring received by the Site HSE Advisor will be as per requirements of SP 157 Qualifications: Qualifications & competence of the HSE Advisor will be as per requirements of PR1172 [AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG. Page 228 2.3.11 HSE Legislation “The following laws with respect to HSE will be complied with. This will not distract the company and its sub-contractors etc. from the obligation to also ‘comply with PDO & Al Hassan HSE standards and regulations. “SULTANATE OF OMAN HSE LEGISLATION ‘The Oman Labour law Royal Decree No.34 of 1973 as amended ‘Occupational Health and Industrial | Ministerial Decision No.19 of 1982 of the Safety Precautions’ Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour “The Socal Security Law Royal Decree No. 72/91 The Law for Conservation of the Royal Decree No, 10/82, amended by Nos. Environment 63/85 & 71/89 ‘Regulations for the Disposal of quid | Ministerial Decision No. 7/84 ‘Substances into the Marine Environment Regulations for the Drainage of liquid | Ministerial Decision No. 8/84 Industrial Wastes ‘Regulations for Handling non- “Ministerial Decision No. 17/93 Hazardous Wastes Regulations for Handling Hazardous | Ministerial Decision No. 18/83 wastes The Law of infectious Diseases Royal Decree No. 8/73, Regulations as to Cw Defence Royal Oman Police Decision No.2i/93, Measures Regulations for the control of noise | Ministerial Decision No. 79/58 pollution in a public environment Regulations forthe control of noise | Ministerial Decision No. 80/98 pollution in a work environment Besides the above legislation, PDO's HSE specifications as listed in document 9.2 of the contract document and Al Hassan’s HSE Manual requirements, will apply. + Requirements of the most comprehensive and stricter regulations/procedures vill take precedence over other requirements. [ALHASSAN ENGREERING COMPANY GAOG Page eta 23.11.2 Waivers ‘Any waivers will be routed through the contract holder 2.3.12 HSE standards: Availability: HSE Manus! The company has a comprehensive HSE Manual specific to construction activities in the oil and gas facilities. This HSE Manual contains information with regard to Health Safety and Environment Protection, that Is used repeatedly or information that is retained for current or future reference ‘within the company. ‘The intention of the HSE Manual sto: set company standards publish mandatory HSE requirements - address all potential hazards = publish work guidelines and code of practice disseminate and record safety information. 23.122 Control/Authorisation: = The Al Hassan HSE Manual is a controlled document. All pages of the controlled copies are red coloured. The custodian of this document is the Manager-HSE at Head Office. The document is issued to registered jpients. tis the responsibilities of the registered recipient to ‘maintain his copy upto date and to distribute the information written in the manual as appropriate to his users. Itis the responsibilty ofthe registered recipient to ensure that he and his users are using the latest revision of this document. Current revision status can be obtained from the Manager-HSE at Head Office. ‘Amendments are issued by Manager-HSE to registered recipients, who will incorporate the same into the manual. The superseded copy of pages/chapters is required to be returned to the Manager-HSE for further necessary action ~ Any copies of the manual other than in red coloured paper are considered as reference copies. It shall be the responsibility of the holder of such reference copies to maintain the copies updated with the in-date revision. No records of such copies will be maintained by the Manager-HSE at Head Office and therefore no amendments/update will be issued to holders of such reference copies. "ALHASGAN ENGNEERING COMPANY GAOG Page 3 of 3.12.3 Coverage: The national and project specific standards are referred to in the section 23.11 above. Permit to work: PO's current PTW procedures revision 8 dated June 2011 will be fllowed, 2.4 Hazards and Effects Management 2.4.1 Methods for Procedures for Hazards and Effect Management: The Manager-HSE studies the scope of work and the particular HSE specifications of all Contract tender documents to assess the hazards of the work to be executed. Al Hassan has a comprehensive Hazard register which contains specific hazard sheets for construction activities in the oll & gas facilites. Further detalls are given in section below. 2.4.2 Assessment of exposure of the work force to hazard and effect: Experience & Awareness Based on past Contract and contract execution experiences, the company has developed an exhaustive Hazard Sheet Register using the HEMP. This register contains activity specific, simple to use Hazard Analysis sheets wich detail the hazards identified, the potential severity, the preventive measures, to be taken to minimise/control the hazards and the recovery plan incase the preventive methods fal. Detailed hazard analysis has been carried out i line requirements of Doc. C-9.1 section 1.0. Detailed hazard analysis sheets have been included at the end of this document inthe form of a Hazard Register. If any specific hazards are identified during planning of any activity at site that is not routine in nature, job hazard analysis is carried out and specific HSE Method Statements are developed, ‘These Method Statements give detaled information ofthe scope of work, the: various hazards in each broken-down activity and the controls in place to ‘minimise/control these hazards and the recovery [BL RASSAENGNEERING COMPANY SAO Pages] 2.43 Handling of Chemicals ‘The following isa list of chemicals in solid, liquid and gaseous forms being Used regularly or routinely. Copies of the (PDO Chemicals Management ‘Manual Vol.2) relevant SHOC Cards are available at respective sites. When such SHOC cards are not avalable, vendor supplied MSDS sheets are made available. Sr. | Name of Chemical | Form Use No. {SHOC Card No) 1. Oxygen (C.002)_| Gas | Gas cutting/welding 2. [Acetylene (008) | Gas | Gas cutting/welding 3.___| Nitrogen (8-021) | Gas | Purging ‘4. [Hypochlorite (021) | Liquid | Chlorination of potable water 5._| Cement {C019} | Power | Concreting, plastering, ete 6. [UG (N-006) | Gas _| Cooking 7. | Diesel (0-022) | Liquid | Fuel for vehicles/plant equipment | Uiquor Ammonia (2-009) | Liquid | Ammonia printing 9. [Sulphuric Acid _($-100) | Liquid | Batteries 10, [Lubricants (S014) | viscous | Automobiles 11. [Bentonite (8-002) | Powder | Earth pit filing and Mud plugging 12.__|Shellsol (076) _| liquid | Cleaning & washing 13.__| Spirit (v-009) | Liquid | Medical 14. | Grease (S012) | Grease_| Vehicles 15. | GRE bonding materi. Paste | Bonding GRE (MSDS sheets) Personnel involved in the handling of these chemicals and thelr supervisors, are made aware of the of the contents of the SHOC cards. The Site HSE ‘Advisor through regular routine checks will ensure adherence to the guidance given on the SHOC cards. Hazard and effect Management and ‘Assessment of Personal Protective Equipment Requirements, Hazard Assessment / Requirements: [Al Hassan HSE Manual chapter 4 gives details of the type of PPE and the selection criteria for specific work activity. {All PPE will be issued free to tre employees through the site store. ‘AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAO Page tos ‘The site store operates a low-stock warning system forall PPE to be used on ‘the project. This s to ensure that no PPE is ever out of stock All personnel will be issued with basic PPE that includes helmet, dust goggles, coveralls, gloves, and Safety shoes. PE specific to the job activity will be issued to personnel depending on the requirement. PPE Instruction/Tr ‘Any instruction/training in the use of any specific PPE will be organised by the Site HSE Advisor. Renewal/Replacement: ‘Any PPE, which is damaged during use, wl be exchanged fora fresh one by the store's in-charge under advised from the Department supervisor. 25 Planning and Procedures 25.1 Basic HSE Rules 25.2.1 Availabilty: ‘Most of the skilled and unskilled workforce comes from the Indian sub- continent, speaking a large variety/mix of languages. Itis the experience of the company that such personnel are not able to read instructions but Interact well in dialogues. Its therefore considered impractical to issue such personnel with handbooks etc. All communications will therefore be through ‘meeting, personnel dialogues and posters in pictorial form etc. 25.12 Coverage: Al supervisory personnel and level above will be made aware of the availability and accessibility to the various HSE related documents such as the PDO & Al Hassan HSE Manual, Al Hassan HSE Plan including the Hazard Sheet Register, Emergency Procedures etc. The adequacy and practicality of ‘existing rules are reviewed regularly through HSE Meetings. etc. where users {are involved to generate ideas for modifications etc. Rules are revised to suit specific/area conditions ensuring all the while that the focus on hazard contro is not lst. "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG Page sofa Tec Gated Marc 2 2.5.2 Emergency Response Procedures: 25.21 — Coverag Introduction ‘The purpose of this Emergency Response plan is to define the procedure of the mobilisation of personnel and equipment and the action required. It defines the responsibilities of named personnel, in order to prepare for any ‘emergency that may arse in order to ensure the following priorities. Sofequard life Protect company assets Protect the Environment ‘Resume normal operations as soon as possible ‘Maintain the company Public mage. Scope ‘The plan outlines the procedures to be implemented for the mobilisation of Personnel who may be required to handle any emergency event while ‘carrying out construction work in Oman for PDO or other client and sets out the following control procedures: ‘+ Line of communication ‘+ Emergency classification ‘+ Emergency response Classification of Emergencies ‘The various types of emergency have been classified and in general each type will require a different response and remedial actions, involving different people and organizational structures. By classifying the types of emergency it is possible to ensure that the people who are required to be informed and told with the minimum of delay. ‘The Emergency classifications are as follows. Personnel Death or serious injury ‘Minor injury Man lost Vehicle accidents [AL HASSAN ENGNEERING COMPANY SAOG Ered ‘Construction Emergencies ‘+ Damage to asset/equipment Collapse of temporary structures + Fire Environmental Impact © chemical spllage/contamination © Fueloil release ‘TELEPHONE CONTACT NUMBERS. During any emergency it is essential that good communications are established between the site and all other interested partes. It shall be the responsibility of the Construction Manager that these are set up using the site or camp facilities as appropriate. “The following telephone numbers are available for use during an emergency All holders of HSE Plan controlled copies will keep this list updated, especially the shaded area below that need to be listed with the current telephone numbers TALHASSAN ‘Location | Contact Office ‘Home ‘Mobile/Pager ‘Muscat | Jasbir Singh | Phone 24810575 9533 4831, Fax. 24815953 KC Phone 24810575 9533 4918, Prabhakaran__| Fax. 24815953, ‘Chandrashekar | Phone 24810575 ‘9533 4810 Fax. 24815953, Site ‘Tamodaran 9677 3264 Site HSE 95215754 ‘Manager 9608 5947 site HSE TBA Advisor PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT OF OMAN Coast/site | Local Area Emergency | 5555 ‘Control Phone Coast [HO Phone Fax Site Phone Fax TAL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG Page 29 Sc EEE ETE Emergency Response In order to facilitate the quick response required for an emergency situation the following check sheets can act as a guide. Personnel Death or Serious Injury ‘The most senior person on site will ‘© Ensure that First Aid is administered to the injured party ‘© Ensure that there is no further risk of injury to other personnel ‘© Inform Al Hassan Construction Manager & Site HSE Advisor who will inform PDO CSR. ‘= Inthe event of outside assistance being required call $555 or any POO phone and request the assistance required. (In the event of the incident occurring ata location outside the PDO concession, ‘area, dial 9999 for Royal Oman Police assistance) Inform Muscat Office. ‘© Startinvestigation in to circumstances of event. ‘The most senior person at Muscat Office wil ‘© Obtain full detallsofinjured/dead persons ‘© ifnecessary proceed with notification procedure for Al Hassan Employees through P&A dept. ‘© Advise the Managing Director. Mobilise such resources, both human and material to the site as are needed to assist. ‘Other Injuries “The most senior person at site will: ‘= Ensure that First Aid is administered to the injured party ‘= Ensure that there is no further risk of injury to other personnel ‘= Inform Al Hassan Construction Manager & Site HSE Advisor who will inform PDO CSR. ‘+ In the event of outside assistance being required call 5555 on any PDO phone and request the assistance required. ( In the event of incident occurring at a location outside the PDO concession area, dial 9999 for Royal Oman Police assistance) ‘= Inform Muscat Office. ‘© Start investigation in to circumstances of event, Inform the Muscat Office and pass on information/advise as necessary. [AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG_ Page sO [esr acres noe rated en] ‘Man Lost [A person is classified as a “Missing " on any occasion when he has failed to repert to his point of arrival within 4 hour of his estimated time of arrival. ‘The Journey Manager at the point of destination, after satisfying himself that there is genuine cause for concern, will inform the Construction Manager, who will ‘= Inform the company representative (Within the PDO concession the ‘company representative will initiate POO's Man Lost procedure.) ‘= The following information is required when reporting a Man Lost ‘© Copy of Journey Plan Name of missing person Date, Time and place of departure Proposed route Original ETA ‘Type, Reg. Number and colour of vehicle ‘The Journey Manager in the point of origin wil ‘© Verify withthe dispatcher that the cause for concern is genuine ‘If not associated with PDO operations arrange with the dispatching department to organise a search of the planned route. ‘* Inform the Royal Oman Police if required. Construction emergencies Collapse of temporary structures and Damage to asset/equipment ‘The Construction Manager will Ensure that there is no further risk of injury to other personnel Ensure that First Aid is administered to the injured party Inform the Company representative ‘Mobilise such equipment as is necessary to recover the situation In the event of outside assistance being required call 5555 or any PDO phone and request the assistance required. (In the event of the incident occurring at a location outside the PDO concession 22, dial 9999 for Royal Oman Police assistance) Inform Muscat Office ‘+ Startinvestigation in to circumstances of event. Inform the Muscat Office and pass on any information and advice as necessary. [AC TASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAG Page artes] [immamntasea monet oer cn] In the event of outside assistance being required call 5555 on any PDO phone and request the assistance required. (In the event of the incident eccurring at location outside the PDO concession area dial 9999 for Royal Oman Police assistance) Instigate an investigation in to the circumstances ofthe incident. Fire Ensure that there is no further risk of injury to other personnel Ensure action is being taken to fight the fire Ensure that all personnel are accounted for In the event of outside assistance being required call 5555 or any PDO phone and request the assistance required. (In the event of ‘the incident occurring at a location outside the PDO corcession area dal 9999 for Royal Oman Police assistance) [Enaure thot First Ai iz adminitored to any injured party Inform the Company representative Mobilise such equipment a is necessary to recover the situation Initiate an investigation in tothe circumstances ofthe incident. Inform the Muscat Office, Enviconmental incidents, In the event of a incident having an adverse effect on the local environment the Construction Manager wil: ‘Take immediate steps to stop the source of contamination. ‘Take immediate steps to protect personnel and the loca Inhabitants ‘Takeall necessary steps to contain the pollution Inform PDO CSR Co-ordinate the decontamination and clean up of the effected area if required. Inform the Muscat Office. 25.2.2 Emergency Drill Schedule ‘Type of Drill ‘Schedule ‘Area Fire at camp dune 2012, (On site Fall from height ‘August 2012 (On site Road accident September 2012 On site Man lost November 2012 Onsite Electrical accicent | December 2012 On site [cari amas pRORET at eh DO supervisors of respective Areas willbe informed of the date of the drill at least 1 week in advance to ensure their participation as observers. 25.3 HSE Equipment and Equipment HSE Inspection: 253.1 HSE Equipment: # "Type of HSE Type of ‘Schedule Equipment inspection 1 | H25 Monitors = Bumptest |» Weekly by HSE Advisor © Calibration |* Inline with ‘manufacturer's recommendation by ‘manufacturer approved individual. 2 | Gas detectors = Calibration > Taine with ‘manufacturer's recommendati ‘on by ‘manufacturer approved individual. 253.2 Critical items for HSE inspection schedule: * Type inspection by ‘Sched 1 [Vehicles ‘RAS approval by Plant | Prior to mobilisation. dept. daily Drivers every 5000 kms, Plant Dept. minimum 50% of Site HSE Advisor the vehicle every month 2 | Electric hand tools User “ally Electrician -Every 6 months 3 | ifting gear User Supervisor -monthly 3rd Party Every 6 months @ Fire extinguishers on site | User “daly Fire extinguishers (fixed locations) Site Hse Advisor | quartery Competent person (31a ary) -Annually 5 | Safoiding Seafoider “daly “when ready to use & after alteration/modiiatio © | Hand tool eauinment & | User daly accessories 7 [Portable electrical Pant dent “every months in equipment accordance with DEP. Welding machines, 63100811 Generators, Compressors 533 Schedule: ‘As above 2.5.4 Occupational Health Facilities available: Health risk assessments for Contract related activities will be made available at site. The information availabe therein will be used to educate personnel In occupation health risks and their control All personnel working in an activity with @ potential risk to health will be ‘made aware of those risks and the actions they must take to reduce/control/eliminate the risk = The Site Manager through respective Department Supervisors will be responsible for ensuring compliance with PDO's Occupational health Standards, + Employees engaged in noise risk areas will be Issued with hearing protection and the use of it will be enforced. Further, these ‘employees will e educated on the hazards of noise. They will be suitably rotated in their job work so that exposure to nose is limited. = Employees engaged in dust environment will be issued with necessary aean ou og, en PUE HON OF NMHEg op ‘BuAUp elu, 0} j1WUeq pileA —_sulBeq 10M e10Jeq IEA e UIEGO, BJo UoHeZUOYINe —_UONeIOs| AEA, | | ure140 <2 ue poods dou “anew sovenbosu sem Sarasa eyo Sune oul, jessiuisig 11m 40 jsse}yON euop Jo yeep 40 Aun{uy pasneo Bupjeeiq eins Jo ‘Buryeaig ens awn puly 40ye7 Buywsey feuly ewly ewes ey} je Ue¥O1q ‘ale Sajny [e18N@s J! 10 Bupjeeig einy ew pucdes| 4007 [essiisig) Gureyy feuls ppediuy fenusiog BIH 49ye7 Bujwem [euly edi) feUe}Og MOT Jon97 Buen rs1.3 st 9Imy Buineg e171 y | | I I I ‘SUH IS4y OU} JO} UBYOUG I I | I I | | ss@ujjiompoos yuetoYEp snoIAgo PUD 100 30 J049))5 SY POA © 1MOUIMA Bf2IYoR AUOdWIOD D BuIA Suup ony Ws0 Burn ‘20U80) Bune (Odd) PAOA © you Bulag o ~ tated eciper noua sotuerod 0 ni TeUODm 40 s0uenyuy sy s9pun BuIAYG SeOREP AjO}OS UM BUUOLUO] 3ONS4dO GUIHL wONa4IO WON3440 GNODaS | 39Na440 LSuld DOVS *0D Sulaaulsuq uessey-1V @ e [Girassmentwese rman, ne ed arc a] 2.6 Implementation and Performance Monitoring 2.6.1. HSE Performance Measurement ‘Targets/Performance indicators will include: O fatality Lost time injury frequency (LTF) <= Road Traffic Accident Frequency (RTAF) <= 1 ‘Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) <= 1 TACE rate willbe caleulated as: TRC Total LT + RWC + MITC ——-X 1 milion Total Man-hours worked, ARTAF rate will be calculated as: RTAF = Number of road traffic accidents ‘milion kms STOP PROGRAMME: Existing STOP trained personnel will conduct STOP Ault ‘regularly in the initial phase of the Project. An analysis report will be made in ‘order to focus in the area where maximum observations are generated and the trend will be cascaded to all in the weekly HSE Meeting. The new personnel will undergo STOP programme upon reporting to site. ‘STOP Cards Targets: Number of non compliance Inspections x Audits Feedback analysis The above data will be reviewed in regular General and Supervisors’ HSE ‘meetings and the remedial measures discussed to avoid recurrence for any serious issues arising out of the above. Comparison of performance ‘The above data will be compared with PDO performance indicators to assess ‘comparison of trends. "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG [ean abr nee) 2.6.2. Incident investigation - Coverage, Methods etc, 2624 Coverage: ‘Al Hassan will be using PDO's document no. PR 1418 / GU 612 ie. Incident notification, investigation, reporting and follow-up Procedures & guidelines, for the purpose of incident / accident reporting and investigation. Methods: a7 27a ‘Any accident, incilent and near-miss involving sickness, injury, asset damage, asset loss, or environmental impact will be immediately reported to PDO so as to plan ways and means to prevent recurrence. Performance and trends can be analyzed from the data ‘Accident wil be investigated thoroughly by (in conjunction with PDO), 2 team comprising of Site Manager, Site HSE Advisor and concerned discipline Engineer/Supervisor with the objective of: Determining the sequence of events leading to the accident. ‘Deducing reasons for the accident by analysing contributor factors. Drawing conclusions highlighting cause of accident and probability of recurrence. Recommending remedial measures. Publishing findings and disseminating important information to all levels of employees through Safety alerts, newsletters etc. ‘Audit, Review and inspection: ‘Availability: ‘Audit wll be conducted as per the audit schedule given in 2.7.2, The concerned auditee and PDO company site representative will be informed of the date(s) and scope of audit at least 6 days in advance. (PDO CSR is welcome to nominate any POO supervisor as observer) ‘The audit will be carried out using subject specific audit checklist on the Scheduled date by the Site HSE Advisor plus one invitee, usually 9 ‘department head other than from the department being audited, "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG Page 10168 [eizama menr paseo tate] Corrective Action Reports (CAR) if necessary will be issued for each serious non-compliance. Recommendations will be issued for minor ‘non compliances. = ACompletion date for action will be confirmed with the auditee to close out the Corrective action, = Areview date, which will be few days prior to the completion date of the corrective action, will be decided upon to review action progress. = Once action, has been completed, it wll be checked and ifthe auditors ‘are satisfied, the CAR will be closed-out = advised, a copy of audit report may be presented to PDO CSR. ‘Audit schedule will be as follows: aa a — seo {parame — seat ame | coe a vv eee wna moog eee 7 ame [aa | oa = ae pee 2 Pitieuma _—ftsteiecps> —fooanere ‘eoreastnien [msn ee Se [emer = [satay oe a * | Sancacmny "ew Meno Won oF fence oe ‘As detailed above "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY GAOG Page ers 23 2.75 Follow-u [Gar anatase oe aa a 2] 7.4 Effectiveness Serious non-conformances where senior management support is required for assistance in close-out will be referred te corporate office for review, advice, and support. Information issues of common concern arising out of the audit will be disseminated to all concerned departrrents and employees via Safety ‘meetings and Safety Circular. Corrective Action Requests (CAR) will be issued for each non conformance. All corrective actions will be given unique identification numbers; and a system for ready reference of dose-outs will be maintained during the project duration as follows | Audit | Audit subject | CARH | Agreed | Actual lose-out date and ae close-out remarks. Date date 1 2 3 4 2.7.6 HSE Inspections HSE inspection schedule is indicated below. ‘The Site HSE Advisor will vsit and inspect worksite daly. Unsafe acts and/or Unsafe conditions that have the imminent potential of causing harm/ injury / asset damage will be immediately corrected through the respective supervisor. He will log-in site HSE condition in a daly log register. He will also prepare Inspection reports, giving details of unsafe act/condition observed, corrective ‘action taken and recommendations to prevent recurrence. These will be ‘passed on to the concerned Discipline supervisor for action. A follow-up willbe ‘maintained by him to ensure closeout, [AL HASEAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG. Page 056 LSE inspection schedule Type Scope Tnspection by | Schedule Generalsite To identify unsafe ads | Site HSE Advisor jointly | Alternate inspection and unsafe conditions | with iscipline dates includ supervisor (occasionally housekeeping with ite Manager) Occupational health | To identify any speciic |Site HSE Advisor jointly | Weekly inspection atsite | occupational health | with lscipline hazards superusor (occasionally with ite Manager) Hygiene & To identify issues 0? | Site HSE Advisor jointly | Monthly housekeeping hygiene concern | with camp boss and inspection at camp male nurse "AL HASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAOG. age 52158 (erissmmcvase none, ate 2 HAZARD REGISTER TAL PASSAN ENGINEERING COMPANY GAGS. ree oenn ste! [ease eRe a a] INDEX Hazard ‘activity Sheet No, 1__| Transportation 2 | Working in H2S areas 3__| Toxicity of Hydrogen Sulfide to Men: ‘4 | Entry into Vessel, Tank, Confined Space '5___ | Working in confined space 6 | Entry To Wellheads (Vehicle Access) 7 [Loading/Unioading of Trailers/Lorry 8 [Loading of Heavy Equipment ‘9 [Transportation of heavy Equipment 10 | General Construction Activity 11 | GwvilConstruction Activity —_| 12 | Removal of Underground Services 13 Working alongside Traffic in Flow Line/Pipelire Corridors or Construction Right of Ways. 14 | Working with Traffie Nearby 15 | Working with Heavy Plant (Grader, Showel, JCB, Roller Compactor, Trailers, and Trucks ete) 16 | Reinforcement Bar Cutting and Bendi 17 | Demolition Of Permanent Structure/Building 18 | Scaffolding and staging/Ladder 19___| Manual lifting operations 20 | Material Handling 21 | Mechanical Lifting Operations 722 __ | Fabrication work of Plot/Off Plot pipe work 23 | Temporary Supports Installation & Work Thereon 24 | Use of Portable Electric Power Tools and Elecrical Equipment 25 | Water/Air Pressure Testin 26 | Pigging of New Pipeline 27___|Tiesin Operations 28 | Wot Boling 29 | Hot Tapping (Split Tee Welding And Coupon Cutting) '30___|onizing Radiation 31__| Plant Workshop. 32___| Grit Blasting 33 | Painting [34 | Flow line/Pipeline Leak Clamping. '35___ | Cold Cutting OF Flow Lines/Gas lift Lines '36___ | Work During Sand Storm (Shamal) 37 Bectrical obs "AL HASSAN ENGNEERING COMPANY SAOG Page Sf Word “actvity Sheet No. 38 | Cable Pulling 39 | Working with woodworking Machine (ccular Sow) ‘40 | Working With Woodworking Machine (Planning Machine) “41 [Tank Geaning 42 [[solation OF Tank 43. | Opening Of Vessel ‘44 | Chemical Cleaning 45 | Oly Sludge Handling 45 | Lifting of tank Plate 47 | Welding of Tank 48 | tting Of Pumps 49 [Internal Coating ‘50 | Work near Live Lines / Equipment 51__| Pre Commissioning '52___| Activites By Other Contractors ‘53 [Electrical OHL Construction - Site / Route Survey ‘54 [Electrical OHL Construction Dring With Pole Rig '55 [Electrical Overhead Line Construction -Driling With Earth Rig ‘56 | Electrical OHL Construction - Loading And Unloading OF Poles '57_ | Electrical OHL Construction - Fixing OF Cross arm And Insulators On Poles 58 [Electrical OHL Construction - Erection OF Poles 59 | Elearieal OHL Construction = Bacfiling And Concreting Of Hole 60 | Road crossing for underground services (Mechanical, Electrical aplumbin 1 [Electrical OHL Construction ~ Use Of ladders 62_[ Using of bucket Truck 163 [Electrical OHL Construction Stringing OF Conductor 64 | Energsing, Commissioning, Tien. In Switchyard, Sub-Station, ‘Overhead Line, Existing Facility, Switchgear Panels (Live Facilities) {5 |Isolation Of Overhead Lines And Work Thereon installing, Dismanting And Removal Of Transformer instaling Switchgear Panels Isolation Of Transformer And Work Thereon ‘soltion OF Switchgear (HV & LV) And Work Thereon ‘Work On Live Bus bars Instaling And Charging Of Battevies Submersible Pump instalation And Retieval 73__| Water Supply Wellhead Change Out 74__| Hose laying & Retrieval With Hose Development Unk (HOU) ‘Clamping of DWS Hose Flanges (Lathes, Planers, Sharpers, [Ditassanenancerne company 6006. Page 55165] Se TFET) Hazard ctviny Sheet No. Bench Drills, Bench Drils, Bench Grinders) 76__ | Use Of Pneumatic Tools 77__| Working at heights 78___ | Cement Plastering 73 [ Asphalting ‘30 Earth Moving ‘81__| Shuttering/Deshuttering '82__| Storing Construction Materials 83___ | Excavation And Backfiling ‘a4 | Earth Moving ‘85 | DELIBERATELY BLANK (For future use) 86___| insect/Snakebites '87___ | Working with GRE (Glass Reinforced Epoxy) Material '88__ | Use of Vacuum tanker for sewage and oly sludge. '89___ | Using a tanker (Potable water, brackish water and desel bowser) '90 | Using chain binders to lash loads on trucks/tralers. 91 | Vehicle Mounted Crane 92 | Cutting a drum which has contained hydrocarbons. 93 Using a tipper truck, other HGV and plant equipment on gradients, slopes, hills, adjacent to pts and in jebel areas. ‘94 ___| RTP (Reinforced Thermo Plastic) pipe installation. 95 | HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene) ier fusion and installation, 96 | Operating an Electric Overhead Transmission (EOT) crane 97__| sulferox Cleaning Activity 98___| Camp hazards TAC RASEAN ENGINEERING COMPANY SAGG. 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