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Absolute Rulers of Russia

1. While reading, list in chronological order the rulers of Russia.

Ivan III
Ivan lV
Michael Romanov
Peter the Great

2. Identify the following terms: boyar, czar, westernization

Boyar- When a young life is disrupted by the struggles for power among Russias
landowning nobles.
Czar- An emperor of Russia before 1917.
Westernization- Using western Europe as a model for change.
4. Why did Peter the Great believe that Russia's future depended on having a warm-water
Peter the Great depended on having a warm-water port because trade and
transportation in and out of Russia requires warm-water ports. More European
ideas and innovations came in through the warm-water ports and modernized them.
5. What were some of the ways Peter attempted to westernize Russia?
Peter introduced potatoes, which became the principal food in Russia.
Peter started Russia's first newspaper and edited it's first issue
Peter raised women's status by having them attend social gatherings.
Peter made nobles change their traditional fashion to more Western
Peter advanced education by opening a school of navigation and
introducing schools for the arts and sciences.

6. Who do you believe was more of an absolute monarch: Ivan IV or Peter the Great?
Explain with evidence to support your answer.
Peter because he did so much good for Russia.
Peter- Peter the Great was known for his efforts to transform Russia into a modern
state.He had the strength to regain absolute power for the Russian monarchy. At the

age of 17, Peter removed his sister from the throne and took power for himself.
When Peter's new navy took up the campaign against Azov, the Turks surrendered.
Peter realized that his country needed to modernize to catch up with the rest of
Europe so he began a journey to Western Europe to see for himself what Russia
needed to modernize. In addition to modernizing the army, Peter made many other
reforms. Like peter wanted Russians to adopt European styles of clothing and
grooming. In addition to his many reforms, Peter also founded a new city of St.
7. Which class of Russian society probably did not benefit from Peter's reforms? Why?
Peasants and low class because he didn't reform anything for them.
8. How might Peter's attempts at westernization have affected his people's opinion of
Christians in Europe?
The Russians would embrace Catholicism or Protestantism.
9. Which event in your reading do you believe had the most impact on modern Russia?
Peter the Greats reforms were a first step toward Russias westernization. Today
the country continues the process by experimenting with democracy.
10. Write a one-paragraph expository essay explaining which of Peter's actions reveal that
he saw himself as the highest authority in Russia.
Many of Peter the Greats actions showed how he thought of himself as the highest
authority in Russia. Peter removed his stepsister from the throne. He also reduced
the power of great landowners, then recruited men from lower ranking families and
promoted them to positions of authority and rewarded them with grants of land.
Peter modernized his army and hired European officers, who drilled his soldiers in
European tactics with European weapons. By the time of Peters death, the Russian
army numbered 200,000 men. To pay for this huge army, Peter imposed heavy taxes.
He did a lot of great and positive things for Russia, so I dont see how he couldnt
see himself as the highest authority in Russia.