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Emerson Wesselhoff, 5th

Shannon McIntrey, 6th
Brie Bradley,7th
*Caity Weirick, 7th

Alena Usche, 5th
Kayla ODonnell, 5th
Isabel Kurien, 5th
Henry Bonifas, 6th
Eve Bradley, 6th
Joslyn Miller, 7th
*Caroline Haenicke, 7th
Nick Zafer, 7th
Madeline Harp, 8th

Caden Mckinley, 5th
Jalyn Dubois, 5th
Elijah Wietfeldt, 6th
Aiden Hammond, 6th
Logan Allen, 6th
Ben Bittermen, 7th
*Ben Lewis, 8th

*Jack Fredericks, 5th
Jack Sielatycki, 6th
Rayan Nehme, 6th

Reese Kerschner, 5th
David Harn III, 5th
Christian Shaman, 6th
Graham Holley, 6th
Hunter Smith, 6th
*Gunnar Fredericks, 7th

Omari Pankey, 5th
*Zack Lewis, 6th
Hrishi Vaddineni, 7th

Gable Sundman, 6th

Thomas Dailey, 5th
Benjamin Jansen, 5th
Simon Holley, 5th
Nate Doerschler, 7th
Julie Widman, 7th
*Samantha Cobado, 7th

*Denotes Section Leader

The Gagie
Spring Band Concert
Friday, June 6th 2014


5th Grade Band


Frere Jacques

This Old Man

Polly Wolly Doodle

American Folk Song

French Folk Song

American Folk Song

American Folk Song

Jazz Band
Jam Session

Thriller, by Michael Jackson

Concert Band

arr. John OReilly

Declaration in Blue

Robert W. Smith

Alena Usche, Isabel Kurien,

Sawmill Creek

Bruce Pearson

*Featuring: Emerson Wesselhoff, Kayla O Donnell,
Alena Usche, Isabel Kurien


Pharell Williams

*Featuring : Omari Pankey, Trombone

The can-can is a high-energy and physically demanding

music hall dance, traditionally performed by a chorus line
of female dancers w ho wear costumes with long skirts,
petticoats, and black stockings. The main features of the
dance are the lifting and manipulation of the skirts, with
high kicking.

*Featuring: Emerson Wesselhoff, Kayla O Donnell,

Alena Usche, Isabel Kurien, Reese Kerschner


French-Canadian Folk Song

*Featuring: Emerson Wesselhoff, Kayla O Donnell,

arr. Robert Longfield

American music can be defined in many w ays. However, the

deep roots of jazz are Americas own musical contribution
to the world. Declaration in Blue celebrates that heritage
by gently alluding to and borrowing from the jazz idiom.
The blues scale, dense harmonies, and rhythmic drive are
all present. However, the piece never uses the swing eighth
note, leaving the listener and ensemble firmly grounded in
the concert band.


arr. Keith Kelsey

A film score (also sometimes called film music, background

music, or incidental music) is original music written
specifically to accompany a film. This piece showcases a few
well-known movie themes from legendary film composers,
such as John W illiams and Hans Zimmer.