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Melissa Quidor SPE 202

Grade/age level: 5th/6th Grade

Subject: Language Arts (Adverbs)
Learning Objectives

SWBAT understand what an adverb is

SWBAT understand how to use adverbs in sentences

Prerequisite Knowledge

Students should have an understanding about nouns, verbs, and adjectives in

order to understand what adverbs are and how to use them.


Anticipatory Set Review what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are with the
class to ensure everyone understands the three word classes.
- Ask students what a noun is and have them give a few examples
person, place, thing, or idea.
- Ask students what a verb is and have them give a few examples action
- Ask students what an adjective is and have them give a few examples a
word that describes a noun.
- Introduce the word adverb and its definition A word used to tell more
about a verb. It almost always answers the questions how?, when?,
where?, how often? Many times ends in -ly
Introduce Anna Adverb poster, talk about the different things adverbs can
be/describe. Give class examples of adverbs.
Adverb Activity The purpose of this activity is to give students practice
using adverbs and being able to recognize them in a sentence.
- Put up example sentence on the board and, together, find the adverb in
the sentence. Talk about the verb it is describing.
- Put adverb cards (about 15) on the white board.
- Put a sentence written on a sentence strip up on the board
- Have students take turns coming to the board and putting adverb cards
into sentences (pointing out the verb of the sentence and what the adverb
is saying about the verb)
To conclude the lesson, have students all get a piece of paper and try to write
their own sentence using an adverb. The purpose of this is to see if students
really understand what an adverb is and how to use it in a sentence.


Adverbs are a part of speech that are necessary for students to know what
they are and how to use them in order to write more complex sentences.
Knowing about adverbs will help the students be able to write more
descriptive sentences.
Knowledge of adverbs is necessary to meet the NJ Common Core Standards
for English/Language Arts.


Answers given to anticipatory set questions

Adverb activity
Closure activity


Will repeat the definition of an adverb and when to use them frequently, and
in different ways such as spoken words, written, hands on examples, in
order to make sure all of the students understand the concept.
Use of poster, white board, visual aids.
Hands on activity

Common Core

Materials Needed

Explain the function of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in general
and their functions in particular sentences.

White board, dry erase markers, paper and pencils

Anna Adverb poster
Sentence strips and Adverb cards

On Monday, October 20, 2014, I taught my first lesson to the 6th grade students in my field placement
this semester. This is not the first time that I have written my own lesson plan and the implemented it in the
classroom, but it has been awhile since I have done this so I was a bit nervous for this experience. This lesson
was a grammar lesson, where I taught the entire groups of my students about what adverbs are, how to identify
them, and use them in a sentence.
I feel as if I did generally well leading this lesson. I felt comfortable being in front of the class,
especially with it being my first time teaching in this classroom. I feel as if I held the students attention while
keeping them engaged throughout the lesson. Overall, I believe this lesson was relatively successful in terms of
student understanding and reaching my preset objectives from my lesson plan. Although, I do know I have
plenty of room for improvement.
I believe that my strengths for this lesson plan were that I was well organized and prepared with my
materials and ideas for the lesson. I also believe that the fact that my lesson was hands on really helped my
students in many ways, such as in terms of engagement, understanding, and behavior. I do think that I couldve
explained a little more clearly what adverbs were initially to my students. I think that in the beginning of the
lesson I was so focused on establishing myself as the teacher in front of the students that I could have broken
down the topic more at first for the students. I do believe, and hope, that I made up for this mistake and that the
students really understand what an adverb is after this lesson