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All About Mexico!

Libby Story

Content Area: Social Studies

Grade Level: 3rd grade

Summary: The purpose of this power-point is to have

students understand more about Mexicos language,
food, beliefs and customs, and music. They should have
a better understanding of how Mexicos culture differs
from their own.

Learning Objective: Given the websites and

information about Mexico, you will need to interpret the
material and answer the questions on the slide with
100% accuracy.

TN Core S.S Standard for North America -3.14

interpret different texts and primary sources to describe
the major components of culture including language,
clothing, food, arts, beliefs and customs, and music.

Mexican Food
Mexico is home to many delicious dishes. Anytime you
eat food such as Tacos, Salsa, Guacamole, Burritos, or
Quesadillas, you are eating food that can be found
here in America, but is from Mexico! They take great
pride in their food. Most dishes contain beef, cheese,
and various spices.

Mexico Music
Ranchero is the traditional music of Mexico. This was
typically one singer and his guitar. Groups/Bands became
to form and this became closely related to Mariachi
groups. In most Mariachi groups, each singer has a
different instrument and wears a sombrero. The singers
make different noises with their voices that sound like
cheering or yelling. Click the following link to listen to

Mexicos Language
99.9% of the country of Mexico speaks Spanish. The other .
1% speaks indigenous languages. The government uses
Spanish for official purposes. Spanish is the language of
almost all of the people who live in Mexico! Click the links to
learn how to count to ten and how to say your ABCs in

Mexican Customs
Family is very important to the people of Mexico. Extended
family is just as close as the immediate family. The people of
Mexico consider it their duty to provide to their families.
Cinco De Mayo (The fifth of May) is a big holiday that is
celebrated in Mexico. On this day they celebrate the loss of
their loved ones, and their ethnicity.

Question 1:
Which of the following is an example of

Mexican food, that you could eat here in

A. Chips and Salsa
B. Pizza
C. Fried Rice
D. Cheeseburger

Chips and Salsa!

Chips and Salsa is food that originates from

Mexico but is eaten here quit often in


Question 2:
Which of the following is NOT a fact that you

learned today about Mexico?

A. Extended family is just as close in Mexican

families as immediate.
B. 50% of the population speaks Spanish, while

the other 50% speaks English.

C. Mariachi groups are popular in Mexico.
D. Cinco De Mayo is celebrated in Mexico.

50% speaks Spanish

50% speaks English
This is FALSE! 99.9% of the county of Mexico

speaks Spanish as their language.

Question 3:
TRUE or FALSE: Uno is the word for number

one in spanish?

You are correct! Uno is the correct word for

number one in Spanish!

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