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Mia Meekins

Mrs. Jones
English IV 6B
March 26, 2015

Hamlets Extended Response

Shakespeare weaves in the theme of appearances versus reality in a few ways. One example
is Claudius marrying Hamlets mother. Claudius portrays himself as a strong, caring leader who
married his sister-in-law in order to take over for his brother who died and to better the country.
That is just how it appeared. In reality, Claudius states Though yet Hamlet our dear brothers
death the memory be green, and it is us befitted to bear our hearts in grief basically saying
that although the memories of his brothers death are still on his mind, it is okay to mourn
throughout the kingdom but life goes on. This behavior of Claudius taking the loss of his brother
so lightly reveals the evident reality of him possibly having something to do with his brothers
death. An outward conflict that Hamlet faces is him speaking to his fathers ghost. Along with
this it creates an inward conflict because he is going to seek revenge like his father asked, but he
will have to do it in fear of being caught by his uncle.
Hamlets character is very round. He is able to express anger, love, fear, and sorrow all in
different aspects throughout the story. Hamlet expresses anger through his relationship with
Claudius and his mother. Anger is expressed toward Claudius because he says that comparing
his father to Claudius is like comparing the sun god to a mythical creature. He feels as though

Claudius could never take his fathers place so why even try? Hamlets anger expressed towards
his mother is because of her incest with his uncle. The hatred that Hamlet has built up has given
him the feeling of wanting to take his own life. The relationship that Hamlet possesses with
Horatio is more like a best friend. If it wasnt for Horatio seeing the ghost and going back to tell
Hamlet, Hamlet would have never spoken to his father and found out the truth about his death.
Lastly is Ophelia. Hamlet loved her and she loved him, but they could not be together because
he was royalty.
Each of Hamlets relationships with other characters made up his own character within Act 1.
Hamlet is filled with emotions of all sorts. His mothers incest causes him the feeling of
disbelief and non-understanding. Her lack of mourning made Hamlet feel as though something
just was not right. After speaking to his fathers ghost he is then ready to seek revenge and is
willing to act crazy around the kingdom so no one suspects his peeping. All of these events in
the story cause Hamlets character to change from neutral to broken hearted and crazed.