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% File: Startup

% End-user startup PostScript job file. Include any permanent PostScript into
% this file. This file will be executed as an "unencapsulated job"*
% each time the Acrobat Distiller application starts up.
% *See "PostScript(R) Language Reference Manual, Third Edition," Chapter 3.7.7
% NOTE: This file will be overwritten each time you install Acrobat Distiller.
% We recommend you make a copy of this file to a different name and modify
% that copy.
% Each of the items below is presented as an example as is commented out. To
% actually use one of the examples, uncomment the line(s) of PostScript code by
% deleting the "%" character and modify to suit your needs.
% Please be aware that any PostScript code in this file which needs to access
% the filesystem must do so with fully qualified pathnames. Do not assume that
% a "current directory" exists.


%%% Load a font into the FontDirectory dictionary (local VM)

% /Courier findfont pop


%%% Idiom recognition enables the conversion of blends from
%%% popular software such as Illustrator, FreeHand, Quark, and
%%% Corel into Level 3 smooth shades.
%%% In Acrobat 4.0 it was recommended to set the IdiomRecognition
%%% flag in a startup file. But in Acrobat 5.0 and later, blends
%%% conversion is controlled by a distillerparam (/DetectBlends)
%%% in the job options file, and is settable from Distiller's
%%% user interface.

% (Processing Startup\n) print flush

% Insert your custom PostScript here...

% (Processing Startup done\n) print flush

% End of file.