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News from Mrs.

March 30-April 3

Math News

March 30-Return to School

April 14-DIBELS testing
April 17-No School/Weather
April 22-STAR Math test
April 23-2nd Grade Earth Day
FT to Town Creek
April 24-Progress Reports
April 27-Poem in your
Pocket/2nd Grade Poetry Caf
in Media Center
April 28-29-STI Benchmark

Chapter 9
MeasurementMetric Units

Science Update


This week students will begin Chapter 9

measuring length in metric units. Students will
use a concrete model to measure the lengths of
objects in centimeters, estimate lengths of objects in centimeters by comparing them to
known lengths, and use a centimeter ruler to
measure lengths of objects. Chapter 9 Math
HW packet will come home this week. It is
due on April 10th.
MATH WORDS: centimeter and meter
Students can go to the following websites for
more math practice;


The Golden Flower:

A Taino Myth from
Puerto Rico
by Nina Jaffe
P. 486-506




Phonics: closed/open syllables

Grammar: Adjectives

Chapter Book/Read Aloud:

Mr. Poppers Penguins
by Richard and Florence Atwater

As we finish
reading the
chapter book,
Cursive Writing
We will begin to learn to write in cursive
Mr. Poppers Penguins, we
this month after the break.
April 3rd handwriting
will begin a week long unit
We will begin working slowly through the
lower case letters of the alphabet over the
studying penguins. We will
next several weeks. We will begin to praclearn about the different
tice the capital letters when they have
mastered the lower case letters, as well as
types of penguins and how
perfect our first names. This is an excelthey live. We will compare
lent jump start. They will learn about body
Big Cheese
position, hand position, and the slant posiand contrast several penAlexandria Jones
tion for their paper. Students really get
guins and learn about their
excited about learning the cursive letters!
Star Student
Please encourage them as they learn this
habitats Students will renew type of handwriting and help them at
search a specific type of
home as often as you are able.
penguin and create a power
point proA Note from Mrs. Danley...
ject using
Dear Parents,
what they
Welcome back! I hope that everyone enjoyed the time
*Read 20 minutes each night and
complete one page in Math HW
Monday-Read weekly story.
Wednesday-Study Vocabulary
Thursday-Study for Reading
weekly test and complete Spelling Practice Test.

off and are rested and ready to get back to work. Your
childs 3rd Nine Weeks Report Card will come home on Friday this week. Please review, sign, and return by the following week. I will send home a copy for you to keep for
your records. Thanks!
Students will take the last DIBELS reading fluency
test on April 14th. The benchmark goal is 87 words per
minute. Continue to read each night for at least 20 minutes
to promote fluency, comprehension and build stamina.
Many Thanks, Mrs. Danley :)
WISH LIST: pop tabs, individually wrapped candy for the treat jar, and
Clorox Wipes.