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Meeting held on 11 March 2015 in the Ted Allen room
In Attendance: Lin Norman (LN) (Chair); Carole Pamphlett (CP) (Treasurer.); Roger
Glanville (RMG)(Sec); Chris Wilson (CW); Ralph Martin (RM); Mike Cobley (MC);
John Molson (JGM); Rod Cooley (RC); Hazel Upton (HU); Keith Davison (KD); (RC);
David Ebbels (DE); Keith Rowland (KR).
Apologies: Nic Hale; Jim Machin; Jenny Stevenson
1. Minutes of the February 2015 meeting.
The Minutes were passed as a true record by those present. Proposed RC /
Seconder JM
Matters arising:
1) RM to continue search for more plastic material for replacement plot number
markers. With RM delayed, DE told the meeting had used pieces of facia plastic
cladding as material for plates with painted numbers. See Agenda
2) LN to provide the Police with a list of contact names for the Allotment Watch
initiative. Completed LN has supplied a list of names to Sarah Norwood. As regards
AB site HU advised plot holder Brian Abrey would be contact for AB site. RC
commented no one was available currently for OR site.
3) CP to forward draft Accounts for independent examination ahead of the 2015
AGM. Completed
4) CP to investigate further a new Account for the reserve to attract higher interest.
Item to be carried forward as CP fully occupied with rent renewals, however it was
evident a lot of investigation was needed.
5) JGM to contact bee-keeper to request him to pay his rent and register to ensure
he was added to the database. JGM advised this would be done this coming
6) HU to contact HTC to cut down tree on AB site border. Completed
7) LN to contact house-holder bordering CF site whose drive is falling through to site.
Completed but no response as yet.
8) RM to source two new mowers for HR and AB sites. Orders have been placed.
9) LN to issue final bee protocol. Completed
10) LN and JGM to email again all CL plot holders on the plans for the bee-hives.

Minutes of Mar 2015 SHAGS Committee Meeting

11) JGM to review Rules relating to structures ahead of Rules Group meeting
Completed. Unfortunately HU was not advised of the last meeting date, LN
apologised and confirmed HU would be advised about the next date.
2. Finance
2.1 Cash Statement: CP commented on the high expenditure this month explaining the
majority involved annual maintenance bills, 2 new machines for AB and HR sites (as
per plan) and some 415 for repairs to the rough-cutter. To put this into context the
cost of replacement would be far more. It would now be kept at CL site.
2.2 Rent renewal: So far after 3 renewal weeks some 6500 had been taken against a
total anticipated of around 9500; a similar pattern to last year.
3. Site Matters
3.1 Site Reps Reports:
Cross Lane: JGM advised it was very quiet. He had spoken to HTC who were
coming to complete hedge-cutting and improve access in Cross Lane.
JGM was concerned that 4 fencing panels had disappeared but unfortunately neither
CO nor JGM had not been advised and had planned to use 3 panels to cordon off
the bee-hive area. There had been a breakdown in communications as HU
confirmed they been taken for use on AB site but was unaware this would cause a
LN mentioned that a number of CL plot holders had expressed how pleased they
were with the site. JGM had also written an open letter to all plot holders based on
the one KD had sent out to all CF site members.
Aldwickbury: HU advised that trees outside of the boundary had come down
exposing a significant length of the boundary. HU had contacted HTC who had
removed the trees and transferred 4 panels which two plot holders had now erected
to secure the site.
HU asked who owned the land on the other side of the boundary so that contact
could be made on any future occasions. LN will take up with HTC (Action LN).
Harpenden Rise: DE reported a lot of activity during the preceding weekend. DE
was also renewing missing numbers where necessary.
In addition one of the locks had disappeared the previous day. DE would check to
see if Glenda Fish may have taken it but if not would liaise with CO to obtain a
replacement. (Action DE).
There are 2 vacant plots and DE was going through the waiting list to engage new
There were also problems with ruts following manure delivery and discussions were
taking place to board up the area and in fill with soil/turfs to restore. RC advised
Minutes of Mar 2015 SHAGS Committee Meeting

Ayletts had been able to deliver soil using a grabber and bag. JMG also mentioned
a supplier which had 2 grades.
The concern remains about the size of Athols trailer and LN will contact him to
discuss and perhaps arrange a meeting. (Action LN).
Oakley Rd: RC advised Pete Ansell had represented OR site at the Site Reps
meeting and written a report.
Plot OR14 remained a problem plot and RC thought a solution would be to spray the
weeds etc. and then cover it and was planning to investigate Society stock of covering
Sibley Ave: CW advised much more activity recently. CW was also having problems
with children of plot holders misbehaving on the site.
Piggotshill Lane: KR reported all was quiet. He had discussed with MC the state of
the guttering on the rear of the Shop/TA Room. MC was also pursuing a quote for
remedial works.
Further work was also felt necessary on the Pond plot.
The tip manager had also been approached to clear up the rubbish on the border but
he no longer had resources so HTC would need to be contacted.
Churchfield: KD confirmed around half of the plots showing activity. KD had also
asked Tim Wall to deliver the wheeled strimmer to attend to plot CF 3.
New water butts would be required and KD will look at one on PH to see if that would
do and if not will investigate options on new.
KD has also spoken with Jim Machin about the work involved in constructing a
manure bay similar to that made on PH site and obtained some good ideas.
KD also plans to speak with those involved in the CL wildflower meadow project
ahead of planning a smaller version at CF. CO recommended he speak with Jenny
Stevenson. RM queried access for tractors to do preparation but KD thought this
would be possible.
CW similarly queried the manure bay access and RM felt before any plans were
made a contractor should view access as a whole. (Action KD).
LN asked for a vote of thanks to all of the Site Reps for the work they had put
in during this last year.
3.2 Site Reps Meeting: LN had issued a summary of the meeting and raised an
idea put forward by Roger White for a pumpkin growing competition for children who
would be given a pot, soil and some seeds for them to grow on with a prize for the
3.3 Churchfield Parking: The new reduced parking time plans had been dropped
however new notices with penalties had been erected.
Minutes of Mar 2015 SHAGS Committee Meeting

4. Lettings: CO confirmed the Society let rate had now dropped to 95% as a result of
people giving up at renewal. PH site alone had 12 vacant plots. It was anticipated
there would be a fresh uptake, once renewals were completed, although HR site
apart, generally waiting lists were low.
HU raised a plot on AB site which was now vacant but had a low soil level and asked
about the material at the end of PH site and wondered if that could be transferred.
HU to speak to Athol about moving it to AB site. (Action HU).
5. Communications: RC confirmed the Feb newsletter had been sent out including a
piece on seed potatoes and calendar of events. He now planned to upload the latest
copy of the PSF to the website.
6. Projects/New Developments:
6.1 H & S Policy: LN advised nothing further to say; leaflets were being distributed at
renewal and plot holders signing to say they have received them.
6.2 Bee-keeping: The bee-keeper was expected to join on the following Sunday
renewal day.
6.3 Polytunnels: LN confirmed that the policy relating to poly-tunnels was being
incorporated into the latest update to the Rules.
6.4 Rules group update: RMG reported on the recent meeting of the Rules group
and which had agreed to make changes to Rules 6 relating to Structures by
removing from Rule 6 and creating a new Rule 8 covering those requiring Society
permission and those not: similarly the wording about bringing non-compostable
material onto sites had been removed from Rule 6 and created a new Rule 7.
In addition the existing Annexs were being re-numbered 1 and 2 and new Annexs 3,
4 and 5 were being created to cover small structures, Bees and Poly-tunnels.
This draft had been distributed to the Rules group but differences in format still
remained so a further meeting would be planned before presenting a final draft for
committee approval at the April meeting.
RC asked if any changes should be added to the website however RMG preferred to
keep details within Committee since all proposals to change Rules needed to be the
subject of a formal proposal put before the May AGM. CW added that a concrete
proposal on the changes to Rules was necessary before any advance information
was published, RMG went on to outline the timetable in preparation for the AGM
when such changes would published.
The AGM will take place on the 20th May and by the 22nd April the formal Notice of
AGM had to be issued along with the Agenda and any Proposed Rule Change

Minutes of Mar 2015 SHAGS Committee Meeting

RMG also mentioned that when issuing the March meeting Minutes he would also be
including a list of all Officers/Site Reps up for election this AGM and asking if any of
those members wished to stand down so that invitations for election can be sought.
LN emphasised the change proposed was essentially a re-jig of the current
documents the main changes only affected poly tunnels and bee-hives. JGM agreed
and thought that it should be presented that way.
7. Awards
7.1 Award criteria: CW was still awaiting feedback and LN was able to advise that
Malcolm McReath had kindly offered to assist in the judging process. CW will
contact nearer the time.
8. Machinery
8.1 RM advised that some spares for the rough cutter had been discovered in the PH
site stores.
8.2 The new machines for HR and AB sites had been purchased, however there
were now no spare mowers so if one breaks down it will leave a site without that
mower until it can be repaired.
8.3 HU asked about the 2 spare mowers discussed at the Feb meeting, however RM
indicated Tim Wall had confirmed no spare mowers existed and all had been
allocated to a site.
9. A.O.B.
9.1 Plot numbering: RM advised Joe Payne had discussed with him a source of
material ain Watford and RM will look into this further. (Action RM).
9.2 Ryton visit: Jim Machin had put together a possible visit first to the Hill Close
Victorian Allotments in Warwick and then on to Ryton on 21st July. He had booked a
coach to take 48 max and he was shortly to publicise this to obtain deposit payments
from members. JM would be contacting RC to send out details. (Action JM).
9.3 JP Hon membership: LN told the meeting a member had proposed that Joe
Payne be put forward for an honorary membership in recognition for all the work he
had done for the Society over many years and asked for the Committees views on
this proposal.
The Committee agreed; CO Proposed a motion, Seconded by KR and the vote was
CO also asked if the Committee would put forward Angela Lingwood for an Honorary
Associate membership. The Committee agreed this as well; HU Proposed a motion,
Seconded by JGM and the vote was unanimous.
9.4 Richard White talk: LN told the meeting that Richard White was due to give a talk
about the history of S.H.A.G.S. to Harpenden History Soc. on 26th May. LN had also
Minutes of Mar 2015 SHAGS Committee Meeting

asked Richard to emphasise the Society was a very active Society of over 400 full
and Associate members complete with a website, to ensure the tone of his talk.
9.5 Toilet Renovation: CW wanted the formation of a group to lead the project
9.6 New members Day: LN asked the Committee if they thought another event
should be planned this year with experienced plot holders answering questions.
This will be considered later.
9.7 Photos: RC mentioned David Whitbread was interested in taking photographs of
quirky subject matter and to let him know of anything suitable.
9.8 CL Open Day: CO asked if some flyers could be sent out publicising the event
on 21st June and LN suggested a small group be assembled to steer the event.

Date of Next Meeting: 8th April 2015 Ted Allen Room

Minutes of Mar 2015 SHAGS Committee Meeting