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VPN Installation & Configuration Guide

Installing the VPN:

1. Download VPN client from and install the
client according to your operating system.
2. it will take a while, to down the image. While installing select
"VPN only" , but not the full / complete
Configuring the VPN:

1. connection name: any name like "chipedge-VPN"

Chipedge Confidential

2. description: any name like "chipedge-VPN"

3. Give the remote gateway as and port as 10443.
4. Select "Prompt on Login" under Authentication.
5. Click on apply and it would save.
6. Configuration is done. you can close now.
Connect to VPN:

1. Open the Fortinet VPN

Chipedge Confidential

2. Enter the username: <<username provided by chipedge like

gue15cepdxx >>>>>
3. Enter password: <password provided by Chipedge >>>>
4. Select connect. If every thing is fine, it should connect. Please
contact chipedge if any issues.

Xserver Configuration to connect to

ChipEdge Linux Server:
1. download Home editition (free) version of mobaxterm from this
select the installer edition, to download & install.
2. After installation, open the application.
3. click "session on the left top
4. click "SSH" on the opened window
5. enter hostname as when using
remotely(home)/"" when using in class , select specify
username <enter user name as provided by chipedge>. Leave the port
name as it is

Chipedge Confidential

6. Enter the password (as provided by chipedge for server, but not
vpn), when promoted on the opened window
7. save the password
8. it's connected and ready to go.
9. You can open multiple xterms, by right clicking the "connection" on the
left side.

Chipedge recommends to change the default password

provided. Change the unix password as below.
1. On your linux command prompt
Linux > passwd
Enter the new password, you would like. Enter again when prompted.
You are done.
Note down your new password and do not share with anyone.
Please note that you are accountable for any violations on your
account and could lead to legal action from Global University.
Congratulations. Your configuration Done. You are ready to do the labs

Chipedge Confidential