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World War one was one of the greatest events that change some ways of the world

forever. At the end of World War one, its result had cause the world to have some new
powerful countries, and it also change power of some powerful countries forever. World War
one or The Great War had begun at the central of Europe on 28 July 1914. The beginning
of World War one had started from the war between Austria Hungary and Serbia. Austria
Hungary had declared the war to Serbia from Archduke Franz Ferdinand assassination.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand was heir to Austro-Hungarian throne (He would become a king of
Austria Hungary soon). Archduke Franz Ferdinand was killed by Gavrilo Princip when he
were Bosnia. Although Gavrilo Princip was Bosnian nation, but he also had Serbian ethnic.
And from Assassin ethnic, it led to conflict between long term countries problems (Austria
Hungary and Serbia long term problem). To understand the cause which cause assassin to kill
Archduke Franz Ferdinand, it was because Austria Hungary had conquer Bosnia when they
were try to join with Serbia, and from Austria Hungary action, it had cause Bosnian and
Serbian to be angry. At last it became a war. Nationalism is the primary reason for the
outbreak of WWI, because it led to Militarism and Imperialism which were also long term
causes of war.
Nationalism was the beginning of Imperialism, and Imperialism was a long term
cause of WWI. Imperialism was representation structure of nationalism groups. Became as
empire, they would have more power, ability, better economics and have more chance to
protect themselves from other empire attack, and from became empire, they were also use
their power to conquer other countries and wrest their benefits; resource, land, labor and
money for become its own benefits. To conquer other countries, there were benefits and
damage that would come after its reaction. Benefits that could receive from conquer other
countries (colonies) were power, lands, labors, resource and chances to make profit, but
damage that could also receive from conquer other countries (colonies) were enemies and

suspected from other empires. According to the Great War pt1, by 1700s European was the
first one who started industrial revolution at the first place. By 1700s and 1800s, European
were become more powerful, and they were start to conquer other country for their own
benefits. From document 1 (cause), it show that by 1900s The Great Britain had conquered
several colonies more than 5 continents, and France also conquered large area countries in
Africa continent, so there were large numbers of The Great Britain and France colonies, and
its numbers would rivalry to German colonies numbers; Germany was a new born country
who became unite when 1871, and they were come in late for colonization; Germany were
conquer just a few number of colonies in Africa continent. From the result as you see, it
became the competition between The Great Britain, France and Germany with the number of
empires colonies. According to Document 10 D, from the picture it shown amount of several
empires colonies around the world whom were conquer by British.
Nationalism led citizen to felt as same and different which cause them were friends,
strangers or even enemies. Militarism had have created to protect its empire, citizen and
benefits from any danger and demand that could come from other empires. Militarism were a
sign and instruments of empires which use to show its power and how well it were. Power
were important for empire to threaten with other empires (From tread other empire worried
with its power would be great way to protect itself from empires attacked) and to threaten
with their colonies (It would be easier for empire to conquer colonies). To be peaceful,
Militarism would be significant thing for empires to make a balance between countries
power. But in real, there were no one really actually care about it. Power for empire were
more important than peaceful; Power would led empire were more reliable, more benefit;
gain more land, labor, resource from colonies and have more chance to be success. According
to The Great Wars pt1, Imperialism and Nationalism led to amount of good product and
weapon to be more increase, weapon could be one sign of empire power; show how well

military are. From document 3 weapon, it has shown several kinds of weapon which it had
developed and used in WWI such as machine guns, torpedoes and tanks, and it according to
document 1 cause, between 1870 and 1914 the amount of France and German army were
more increase, and they were more new technologies of weapon that had developed. From the
number of weapon which were more increase fast, so it had be a competition between the
Great Britain and Germany for become mastery of the sea.
To summarize, Nationalism is the main cause for the outbreak of WWI, and it
led to Imperialism and Militarism which were also long term causes of the war. Nationalism,
Imperialism and Militarism became main conflicts between countries because of empires
unbalance powers. Nationalism gave birth of Imperialism to protect its citizen, destroy
empire enemies, conquer colonies and wrest colonies benefits; Colonies benefits could be
land, labor, resource and money. Nationalism gave birth of Militarism to be representation
structure of nation and to be a sign of its power to protect itself from other empire attack and
to threaten its colonies by show its military power, so it would be easier for empire to
conquer its colonies. Nationalism, Imperialism and Militarism were also have benefits and
damage by itself. Its benefits would be empires power, but for its damage, it had caused
many conflicts between countries then it became long term cause of WWI. From the overall
causes, it had showed that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was not only
conflict which cause the war to begin, but it was just a spark of the hold main conflicts.