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Appendix D

Informed Consent
Title of Research Project:
-Spirituality and Resilience in Adolescent Survivors of Childhood Sexual
- Kimberley Kiefuik, 780-991-2775
Purpose of the Research
-The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between
spirituality and resilience in adolescents, ages 15 - 17, who experienced
sexual abuse during childhood, and have shown resilience despite this
-Your child


, has been invited

to participate in this research as they are survivors of childhood sexual

abuse, are between the age of 15 and 17, have shown resilience in at least
one area of functioning, and are spiritual. For the protection of this
vulnerable population, exclusion criteria will include: any individual currently
involved in sexual abuse; any participant without stable housing or living in
an unsupportive home environment; or an individual who is not cognitively
able to understand and sign informed consent, despite legal guardian
comprehension. The researcher will use professional judgement to determine
level of risk and will exclude potential participants as necessary.

Participant Involvement
-Participation in this research is completely voluntary, and the
participant may refuse to participate or may withdraw from the study at any
time without penalty.
-The participant will engage in a semi-structured, in-depth interview
with the researcher, as named above, which will take approximately one hour
to complete. This interview will be video-taped and transcribed verbatim.
-This interview will follow standard open-ended questions that all
participants will receive with individually tailored questions or probes in
between questions as necessary. Participants have the choice of not
answering any question that they do not feel comfortable in answering.
-At any point during the interview the participant may choose to revoke
consent and discontinue participation in this study, as well request that their
interview information be withdrawn from the research project at any point
without consequence.
- Participants and their legal guardians will be informed in a timely
manner if information becomes available that may be relevant to the
participants continued participation in this research.
Access to Data
-The primary researcher, and the researcher who assists in interview
transcription and data analysis will have access to the data.
- Data will be stored in a secure way to ensure its protection.

-Video recordings will be retained for a maximum of one year after

initial recording, and will then be appropriately destroyed.
-Participants and legal guardians will be informed of the results of the
research if the research is published. If the research is not published,
participants and legal guardians will be invited to meet with the research to
discuss findings.
-The interview in this study is designed to not specifically discuss the
experience of childhood sexual abuse, in order to minimize risks associated
with this. Instead, the interview is designed to discuss how spirituality plays
a role in the participants life, and how this may be related to resilience.
-It is recognized that some participants may experience emotional
discomfort of varying degrees during, or after the interview process. In such
cases these participants will be offered applicable counselling services at no
-If, during the interview the researcher notices discomfort within the
participant, the researcher will gently change the direction of the interview, if
the participant is willing to continue.
-The researcher will recognize if it is appropriate to terminate the
interview at any point.
-The participant may experience benefits from this interview as they
will be discussing components of resilience, and ways that they have

displayed resilience in their lives. These conversations may be empowering

to the client, and may help foster positive feelings.
-The intentions for the results of this study is for scholarly publication.
All identifying information will be kept completely confidential. The
publication will include the demographics of the participants (age, gender,
culture), but no names and further identifying features will be revealed at
any point.
-Confidentiality will be respected and no information that discloses the
identity of the participant will be released or published without consent,
unless required by law. This legal obligation includes a number of
circumstances such as suspected child abuse, or expressions of suicidal
ideas where researchers are obligated to report to authorities or research
documents are required in a court of law.

By signing this form I am agreeing that:

-The study has been explained to me.
-I have the opportunity at any point to ask questions, and to this point
all questions have

been answered.

-Possible harm and discomforts, and possible benefits have been

- The participant has the right to not participate and the right to stop at
any time.

-The participant has the right to not answer any specific questions.
-Participant information will be kept confidential, unless information is
required by law.
-I will receive a signed copy of this consent form.

I herby consent for my child


participate in this study

Name of Legal Guardian

, Date

I herby consent to participate in this study
Name of participant

, Date

, to