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Human Services Program

Form 8

Form 8: Field Supervisors Performance Evaluation of Student

Field Supervisor: Please complete the following evaluation and discuss it with
the student prior to submission. The student will submit this evaluation to the
university instructor as part of student assessment for course credit.
Student Name: Haley Spencer
Field Supervisor: William (Bill) E. Smith, GV Board Member
Agency: Growing Veterans
Quarter/Year: Fall 2014
Rating Scale:
N/A Not Applicable or unable to assess
Unsatisfactory progress towards meeting performance standards
Satisfactorily working towards meeting performance standards
Meets performance standards
Exceeds performance standards
Performance Domains
a. Accomplishes tasks with an appropriate level of
b. Demonstrates appropriate levels of confidence


c. Is organized and efficient in accomplishing

assigned duties
d. Demonstrates problem solving by obtaining
necessary information and asking for help as needed
e. Dresses professionally and appropriately for the
work setting
f. Is professional in relationships with clients and
g. Practices confidentiality

g. Shows knowledge of agency structure, function,

policy, and procedures
h. Punctual in reporting to work and meetings

i. Accepts constructive criticism and positive

feedback concerning performance
j. Shows sensitivity to clients and staff while
maintaining appropriate boundaries
k. Demonstrates the ability to collaborate with others



l. Demonstrates awareness of and respect for

m. Demonstrates accuracy and clarity in written and
verbal communication
n. Demonstrates knowledge of accepted standards
of ethical conduct
o. Demonstrates progress on self-designed learning
objectives and supporting activities
p. Completed all 120 hours in the practicum setting


Please comment on progress made on the Learning Contract (learning objectives and
learning activities.) Note any significant supports the student received from others or
barriers faced in working to accomplish these goals.
Haley and her team partner, Kaitlyn Miller, planned our 2nd Annual Meeting
scheduled for late January 2015. They were responsible for all event planning
-- event funding/catering
-- room arrangement
-- designing and mailing invitations
-- planning & supervising site clean-up
As a team, Haley and Kaitlyn researched, designed, and wrote the 2nd GV Annual
Survey which is the source for self-assessments and future trends in 2015. Survey
results will form the basis of breakout discussions during the Annual Meeting.
Moreover, since Haley is very adept at Excel worksheets and graphic design, she took
the lead on designing the Annual Survey and producing a Gantt Chart listing the
major grants we will apply for in the 1st quarter of 2015.
Haley also spent much time early in the quarter researching and locating
farmer/veteran grants. She was the lead writer of the letter of intent for the First
Non-Profit Organization. When she submitted the LOI, she learned FNPO erred in its
directions by stating "characters" rather than "characters with spaces." As she loaded
her draft, the site rejected her text. With a looming deadline, she figured out the
problem, and she and I together condensed and resubmitted a new version 24 hours
before the due date. It was amazing to watch Haley regain her composure so quickly
after such an egregious error on FNPO's part.

Please comment on any areas identified above where the student did not meet
professional performance standards.
She met and exceeded all our expectations on all of her GV projects.

Please comment on any areas identified above where the student exceeded
professional performance standards.
Haley designs Excel projects in an incredibly easy-to-read format and set the
standard for future GV data displays. She quickly understands problems and works
hard to find solutions for them. The FNPO example above demonstrates her critical
thinking skills and her ability to work under pressure. Because of her quick
assessment of the FNPO problem, we managed to submit on time a $65,400 LOI,
which is pending at the moment.
Additional comments?
If it were possible, we would certainly ask for her to intern with GV another quarter.

Field Supervisor Signature

Date 12/4/2014