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Eduard Dis-iw Colod Documentation Services

Terms and Conditions for the

PASWI Forensic Social Work Skills Training
February 26-28, 2015
The following must be furnished for Eduard Dis-iw Colod
RE: PASWI 2014 Biennial Convention
-Certificate of Appearance and Certificate of Participation
RE: PASWI Forensic Social Work Skills Training
-Certificate of Appearance and Certificate of Participation
I will still pay my registration fee and I will serve as a volunteer. I will participate on the
training especially with the workshops for my professional development.
As a Documenter, I will be focused on the interactions and additional inputs that are not
included in the presentation plus an extra role on strategic photography since I have a
professional camera.
Interactions would comprise question and answer portions; claims and argumentations on
the subject matter; clarifications and etc., as well as observed approaches and responses
from the participants and the facilitators such as jokes, sentiments, emotions, etc.
Additional Inputs would mean matters mentioned outside the subject matter but are
relevant to the profession.
I will formulate the draft immediately after every training.
Strategic Photography

Resource Speaker
Facilitating Team on various stages
Participants seating down
Participants during breaks (ice breaker, snacks, lunch)
Participants during workshop
During Prayers, Opening Remarks, and Closing Remarks

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