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Digital energy mater for monitoring the current, voltage, energy and power factor
values plays an important role for the EB people.
The objective of this project can easily identify how much is the current, and
voltage ratings in the power supply line. They can easily find out if there is any fault on
the main supply line. So, that they can take some necessary steps to prevent any action.
Brief methodology:
This project is designed with


LCD display

Potential transformer

Current transformer

Precession rectifier

Zero crossing detectors


The LCD display will indicate the values of current, voltage, energy, power factor
values. The voltage can be monitored by measuring the voltage through Potential
Transformer. The P.T steps down the voltage level and it is given to precision rectifier. In
the rectifier circuit, the AC voltage signal is converted to pulsating D.C is given to A/D
converter and then to microcontroller for display.
Likewise, measure the current value from the main power supply line by using
Current Transformer. The C.T steps down the current level and it is given to precision
rectifier for rectification purpose. The pulsated D.C is given to A/D converter and then to
microcontroller for display.

Both the current and voltage signals before rectification are given to comparator
circuit. It produces a train of square pulses. According to the input to logic gates, the
output signal is delivered. The microcontroller sends the corresponding values for display.
This system is used to monitor the values instantly. Even if there is any deviation, we can
easily identify.