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HR Hiring Plan

Navigating the hiring process can be a daunting challenge for even the most
seasoned HR managers. This assignment will provide you with the opportunity to
write a job description, develop a recruitment plan, and create an interview
Part 1: Develop the Job Description
In developing this portion of the assignment refer to Chapter 4 of the Snell,
Morris, and Bohlander text. Make sure not to confuse the job description with a
job posting or advertisement. The job description is an internal document that
lists the responsibilities, as well as the qualifications of the role in precise detail.
This document will be used by managers to evaluate candidates, to set
expectations with the new hire, and on an ongoing basis to conduct performance
evaluations. Make sure to consider the following as you compose your job
1. What are the key responsibilities of the role?
2. What are the opportunities and challenges presented to someone filling
the position?
3. What core competencies, experiences or functional skills are required for
4. What organizational values would an ideal candidate reflect? What
attributes would eliminate a candidate from consideration?
5. What kinds of people are generally successful in this organization and in
this type of role? What kinds of people are not successful in this
organization and role?
6. Where does this position fit in the organizational chart in terms of direct
and indirect reporting relationships?
7. What is the management style of the person to whom this role will report?
What is the style necessitated by this persons co-workers and direct
This portion of the assignment should be 1 double spaced page.
Part 2: Create a Recruitment Plan
There are a variety of techniques that an organization can use to recruit the talent
that they need. Complete the interactive matching activity on the elements of a
recruitment strategy found under Course Guide Week 2 Interactive
Activities. Consider these elements and then determine if you will use internal or
external recruitment methods. Refer to Chapter 5 of the Snell, Morris, and
Bohlander text to inform your strategy.
This portion of the assignment should be 2 - 3 double spaced pages.
Part 3: Developing an Interview Strategy/Questions
Once you have completed the job description and recruitment strategy, you are
ready to start screening potential candidates. Decide upon the type of interviews

you will conduct, as well as the context based on your Chapter 6 readings from
the Snell, Morris, and Bohlander text. Make sure to consider the following:
1. Will you use nondirective interviews, structured interviews, situational
interviews, behavioral description interviews, or sequential panel
2. What will your method for administering the interviews be? Will you
conduct face-to-face interviews, group interviews, video (Skype), or phone
Next, develop 15-20 interview questions you will ask potential candidates. Make
sure to review the Highlights in HRM Appropriate and Inappropriate Interview
Questions in Chapter 6 of your text.
This portion of your assignment should be 1 1 double spaced pages.
Double-space your document.
Use APA 6th edition guidelines for formatting your title page, page header,
section headings, citations, and references.
Overall Assignment Guidelines:
The expected total length of your hiring plan is between 4 - 5 pages,
(excluding the title page and references).
Use the text or other credible sources as support for part 2 (recruitment
plan). NOTE: Wikipedia and other self-created websites are not
acceptable references.

Submit your HR Hiring Plan as a Microsoft Word document.