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The Importance of

Art in Education
Shelby Buck
AP Language

Art as Alterity in Education

Zhao, Guoping. "Art as Alterity in Education." Educational Theory 64.3 (2014): 245-59.
EBSCO. Web. 07 Apr. 2015.
Synthesis Question: Is art important in schools?
Public schools around the nation are losing focus on art. Children around the country are
experiencing reduced exposure to art. There is a significant national decline in the availability of
art programs which is creating a widening gap in between the rich and poor schools. When
school districts are looking at making budget cuts, one of the first programs to be removed is the
arts. The importance of art in education must be recognized and expanded upon in our schools.
Art teaches children cultural diversity. Art is essential to education and should be treated as a
core subject.

Art as Alterity in
Lack of focus on art in public schools
Decline in availability of art programs
Art teaches children to respect difference and
Art should be integrated into education and not
isolated as art
Art is the first to be cut when money is tight

Teacher Perspective
Martin, Sherry. "Teacher Perspective." Telephone interview. 08 Apr. 2015.
Synthesis Question: Is art important in schools?
Mrs. Martin is an art teacher at St. James High School. She has been an art teacher for 11 years. If Horry County Schools removed
art classes she says grades would go down across the board because kids need art to learn how to problem solve and organize thought
processes. Her favorite medium is water color because its more challenging and requires problem solving. Her favorite medium to teach
students is mixed media. Mrs. Martin has encountered many students who have taken her art class with no experience who then become
some of her best students. Mrs. Martin says its easy for districts to cut art programs from schools when trying to save money because they
dont understand the importance of art. Art involves every subject.

An interview with Mrs. Martin, an art teacher for
the past 11 years
Says that without art programs, grades would go
The districts dont understand the importance of
art in schools
Art is important in education because it contains
subjects such as math and history

Parental Perspective
Heise, Somer. "Parental Perspective." Telephone interview. 07 Apr. 2015.
Synthesis Question: Is art important in schools?
Ms. Heise has a 2nd grader at St. James Elementary who recently won first place in an art contest. Ms. Heise says art is an outlet for children to
express themselves. This year her child was having a difficult time and art class was a place she could be herself and boost her self confidence. Art
teachers are a huge influence to engaging students and their love of art. Her daughter was influenced not only in school but was motivated to look
outside of school for the using art in different ways. Art in school inspired her daughter to take on a different hobby. She can see her daughter using her
new found talent in the future.

Interview with Somer Heise, mother of eight-yearold Ava Heise who is very involved in art inside
and outside of school
Children use art as an outlet to express themselves
Art teacher became an inspiration to her daughter
Art classes helped her daughter during a tough
time and helped her pull through
Art classes aided her daughter in discovering her
talent and exploring it as well

Student Perspective
Heise, Ava. "Student Perspective." Telephone interview. 07 Apr. 2015.
Synthesis Question: Is art important in schools?
Ava Heise is a 2nd grader at St. James Elementary. Ava recently won first place
in the elementary division of the Youth Art Month Showcase. Her artwork was
selected from 23 other schools in the Eastern South Carolina Art Education
Association Region. Her artwork will move on to the South Carolina State Youth Art
Month Show. Ava expressed that she would cry if art was no longer in her school.
Art is important to her because she can do whatever she wants and it comes out
beautiful. Avas love of art is not only in the classroom but has become a part of her
everyday life. She is expanding her knowledge of different mediums outside of
school. She gets on the computer and teaches herself how to draw from watching
YouTube videos. Her favorite medium is oil pastels. She believes art can help her in
the future and she will become an artist when she gets older. She looks forward to art
class as a part of school she can enjoy.

Interview with second grade student Ava Heise
Won first place in the elementary division of the
Youth Art Month Showcase
Art makes her happy and it makes her feel better
during trying times
Discovered her talent in the classroom
Continued to explore art outside of school
Art became a part of her lifestyle

Budget Cuts to Art Programs in Schools

Emma, Linda. "Budget Cuts to Art Programs in Schools." Seattlepi n.d.: n. pag. Print.
Synthesis Question: Is art important in schools?
Due to economic downturns budget cuts to art programs are considered an easy
cut by school districts. In a study by the National Endowment for the Arts, students exposed to
art education do better academically and socially. Kids involved with art stay out of trouble,
have more self confidence and are socially tied to their community. Public funding coming
from federal, state and local governments became tight during the early 2000s. There are
dangers of increasing drop- out rates and decreasing test scores as a result of cutting art programs
from schools. A study found that schools with solid art programs have higher graduation rates
and found that the highest scores of any students were from music education majors.

Budget Cuts to
Art Programs in
Economic downturns are causing schools to cut art
According to studies, students exposed to art in
school do better academically and socially
Cutting of art programs show dangers of
decreasing test scores and graduation rates
Kids involved in art tend to become socially
involved in the community and stay out of trouble

Discussion Question:
Do you think art is important in education?