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Samantha D.

752 E. 900 S.; Salt Lake City, Utah 84105; 801-793-1769
To secure a secondary social science teaching position and/or student government advising position and/or track and field
coaching position and/or golf coaching position
Bachelors of Science in Social Science Composite Teaching
University of Utah
Utah Secondary Social Science teaching license
ESL endorsement
Passed 2 Praxis II tests: Social Science Composite, ESL (172)
Teaching with GIS online certification used to enhance classroom learning using ArcGIS

May 2014
Salt Lake City, Utah
expected April 2015
expected April 2015
Fall 2012

Cottonwood High School, Granite School District
January 2015- March 2015
Student Teacher
Student taught 10th grade World Civilizations to two classes of 25-30 diverse immigrant and refugee ESL students ranging
in English proficiency from level 1-3
Student taught 11th grade U.S. History to two classes of 30-35 ethnically diverse students
Constructed teacher created groups based around language ability and native language that were used throughout classroom
instruction for reading, writing, and listening exercises
Incorporated multimedia and technology using a Webquest lesson plan to teach about westward expansion in the United
Developed an action research project geared toward finding the level of, as well as barriers and motivations for,
participation of ELL and immigrant students in extra-curricular activities; this information will be used to make
suggestions to the school to increase participation.
Incorporated primary sources in a unit on the Great Depression and New Deal in order to deepen student understanding by
challenging students to analyze the documents through critical thinking
Burton CHILL, Youth Snowboarding Program
Winter 2015
Volunteer Teacher
Brighton, Utah
Taught a six week structured curriculum to a group of underserved youth based around developing life skills and selfesteem through snowboarding
East High School, Salt Lake City School District
Fall 2013, Fall 2012
Teacher Aid
Taught mini lesson to AP U.S. History class that involved the use of HBO series film clips and student centered debate on
state vs. national power
Assisted teacher in working with small groups in ESL Geography class as they read primary sources in order to tackle
complex new vocabulary terms
Led group readings using choral reading technique for lower-level ESL students
Guided student government in planning homecoming East Pride parade
Self-Employed Tutor
December 2013- September 2014
Tutored a 17 year old female student for all subjects, assisted her transition from an online high-school back into a regular
high-school, professional collaboration with teachers at both schools
Rose Park Academy, After School Elementary College Prep Program
Rose Park, Utah
Designed a weekly after-school curriculum, Urban Geographies, created using community-based research method
Used Google Earth to allow students to visually explore their own community, as well as the outlying areas
Hartland Youth Center, Refugee Community After School Program
Fall 2011
Youth Leader
Worked with students of all ages and Bad Dog Art to create a mural based on their diverse experiences for the new
University of Utah Partnership community center