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PS3 Goals Olivia Giuricich

Goal #1: Experiment with different ways of classroom management. I

want to develop my classroom management techniques and get a
realistic perspective on the teaching profession. This semester is the
perfect time to experiment and find out which ways of planning work
best for me, as well as which classroom management techniques I find
effective and useful. This semester offers the opportunity for me to
have my own classroom and develop my own teaching style and
techniques. I will assess my progress through regular observation and
collaboration with both my Teacher Mentor and Principal.
Steps to Implementation
Complete a classroom
management plan
Talk to TA and Principal
about Classroom
Management Techniques
Observation of TA and
other classrooms
Use their feedback and try
new techniques
Reflect on what worked
and what did not
Final summary reflection
on how my classroom
management has grown

er 30
April 15

Completion Log
Completed in December

Observable Results: Having strategies under my belt for when I

graduate and have my own classroom; and to have experimented and
know what works and what does not. Goal #2: Develop /Add to
existing Daily 5 system in Language Arts for students. Daily 5 hits all
of the core language arts outcomes, and I would love to have this
running effectively for students. While students are busy doing their
stations I will be working with small groups. I would love to develop a
binder of things that a teacher could use for the small-group sessions. I
think this would be an interesting project for me, and it would be
helpful for future teachers they could choose from the binder and
teach that lesson that is linked to outcomes for the small groups.
Essentially it would be a binder full of 5-10 minute condensed lessons
which would also serve as an assessment tool on all of the ELA
Steps to Implementation
Discuss Daily 5 with TA
Add my own mini lessons
and keep track in a binder
Reflections and end
product (binder)


Completion Log
Discussed with TA. Will take
over and can add my own
things into the routine.

April 15

Observable results: Have a bunch of mini lessons to use in the future;

and reflections on which ones worked best, and which ones students
enjoyed etc.

Goal #3: Do my PD project on incorporating movement into the

Language Arts curriculum. Movement and language arts go together
very well I would love for students to associate the two together.
Steps to Implementation
Discuss plan with TA

Read the Ontario Dance

curriculum to get ideas for
Develop ways to
incorporate movement and
try them with students
Reflections and end result


Completion Log
Discussed with TA Jan 8th
Schedule has changed I will
be team teaching Readers
Theatre with another teacher,
this is a good opportunity to
start this

April 15

Observable Results: A binder of things for my PD project, to leave with

Shelly. Lessons and plans she will be able to easily use in the future for
Drama, and incorporating movement into LA.