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TESOL 240 Introduction to TESOL

Class description
This course teaches the fundamental background in teaching English to speakers of other
languages, including learner variables, resources, methods and materials, and professional
Major assignment
On-going Professional Development Paper
This is a research paper in which TESOL students discuss the opportunities a teacher has to
continue to develop and grow professionally in addition to University requirements for
graduation with a BA TESOL.

TESOL 428 Teaching Reading
Class description
This course teacher the principles, procedures, and materials for teaching English reading
skills to speakers of other languages.
Major assignment
Reflective Reading Journal
This assignment is answering the questions that are related with the each chapter in the
textbook. The purpose of this assignment is helping TESOL students to develop the
philosophy of teaching reading.

and general principles of effective instruction. Major assignment Mini lesson This assignment is having the opportunity to choose an activity type and develop a short lesson to present to the class. and English grammar principles. . teaching grammar materials. In order to finish this assignment successfully. techniques. students should know the strategies of teaching each English grammar principle. TESOL 377 TESOL Methods & Materials Class description TESOL 377 teaches a basic knowledge of foreign language teaching methods.TESOL 426 Teaching Grammar Class description This course teaches how to teach grammar effectively. Major assignment Teaching Grammar Presentation This assignment is presenting and teaching grammar to classmates.

. Principles.TESOL 302 Tech Assisted Language Learning Class description The course teaches the technology Assisted Language Learning. Major assignment Poster session This assignment is researching and presenting about language such as language acquisition and effective way of teaching language for second language students. procedures. and materials for enhancing language learning and teaching with current technology. Major assignment Web Portfolio This assignment is creating a web Portfolio which demonstrates understanding and performance of the skills learned in this class. Applying a proposal of the presentation for Hawaii TESOL Convention is also required. TESOL 400 2nd Language Acquisitions & Research Class description TESOL 400 teaches the basic knowledge of effective assessment in terms of increasing validity and reliability for evaluating the speakers of other languages.

Major assignment Portfolio This assignment is creating a portfolio about research evidence teaching evidence. language use. Major assignment Term paper This assignment is writing a research paper about interesting research about language. procedures.TESOL 429 Teaching Writing Class description TESOL 429 teaches the principles. morphology. . I researched about the language differences between men and women. etc). and materials for teaching English Writing skills to speakers of other languages. and the major systems of human language (Phonology. and professional evidence relating with teaching writing to speakers of other languages. LING 210 Introduction to Linguistics Class description LING 210 teaches a basic knowledge of the human capacity for language. syntax.

bilingualism. LING 423 Language Acquisition Class description LING 423 teaches the knowledge of the human capacity for language acquisition. social dialects. language shift. and writing three journals about observation tasks and practical experience that makes the concepts clear and memorable. . second language acquisition. and personal experiences about language learning. This course presents the study of child language acquisition and how it is related with second language acquisition.LING 331 Sociolinguistics Class description This course teaches the language in relation to society: language variability. Major assignment Sightseeing Journal This assignment is observing sociolinguistics in action. code-switching. Major assignment Essays This assignment is researching and writing essays about first language acquisition. pidgin and creole languages.

stress. Major assignment Pronunciation Tutoring Journal This assignment is writing diagnostic and analytical journal about one non. intonation—with application to teaching and learning situations.LING 260 Phonology Class description LING 260 teaches the elements of phonetics and phonology that impact English pronunciation—vowels. consonants.native speaker’s pronunciation issues after teaching English pronunciation to the student. rhythm. .