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GR No. 78957, June 28, 1988

The petitioner was appointed as COMELEC Commissioner by then President Marcos
for a term expiring on May 17, 1992. Following the installation of the Aquino
government, the petitioner submitted a "courtesy resignation" which was accepted
by President Aquino. The petitioner requested for payment of retirement benefits by
invoking RA 1568, as amended by RA 3595 and re-enacted by RA 6118, which was
denied by the respondent on the ground that he is "not entitled to retirement
benefits under RA 1568, as amended" without specifying the reason therefor.

Whether or not the petitioner is entitled to retirement benefits as provided by RA
1568 and re-enacted by RA 6118.

YES. RA 6118 as a retirement law is remedial in character which should be liberally
construed and administered in favor of the persons intended to benefit thereby. This
is, as it should be, because the liberal approach aims to achieve the humanitarian
purposes of the law in order that the efficiency, security and well-being of
government employees may be enhanced.