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Devon Barlow

Pathway exhibition
Lesson 5
Career Research Essay
It is a lawyers job to represent clients in criminal and civil litigation, as
well as other legal proceedings depending on their practice. Lawyers daily
tasks consist of drawing up legal documents and managing or advising
clients on legal transactions. There are many different types of lawyers.
Many specialize in a specific area of law. A lawyer who practices only civil
law; racial discrimination and gender inequality, is different from a lawyer
that practices criminal law. Despite what field of practice a lawyer is in, he is
expected to be able to negotiate settlements of civil or domestic disputes,
prepare and draft legal documents, such as wills, deeds, patent applications,
mortgages, leases, and contracts, and act as agent, trustee, guardian, or
executor for businesses or individuals.

There are certain skills and abilities that a lawyer must have to be
successful in their career field. Active listening is a very important skill to for
a lawyer to have. Giving your full attention to what other people are saying,
taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as
appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times are key to
understanding a case what is needed from you. Perhaps just as important as
listening is speaking and oral expression. Talking to others to share
information and the ability to communicate information and ideas in
speaking so others will understand are things a lawyer must do daily when
working on a case. Written comprehension and expression are important
abilities for obvious reasons. A lawyer deals with a lot of complex legal
documents daily, and they must be able to understand what they are reading
and reply accordingly. To make as a lawyer, you have to very well informed
in; law and government and the English language. These are the two most
important knowledge areas for a lawyer.

There are several dozen colleges around the U.S. that offer courses
and trainings in fields that help prepare you for a career in law. Taking
courses during winter and summer breaks can help you in your training.

Taking a writing course is good because it helps you write in a business

format. A career in law is one of the more finically beneficial careers there
are. Salary varies depending on where you practice law. Lawyers in California
and New York usually make more money than lawyers in Rhode Island and
Iowa. Nationally, lawyers make an average of $129,440, with 90% making at
least $54,130 and 10% making at least $166,400 annually.

All related career clusters are various law enforcement occupations.

Some of those careers consist of criminal investigators and special agents,
government property inspectors, and judges. All of these careers are in a
field of law enforcement. A majority of them main purpose is to deal with
legal documents and settle legal disputes. These occupations also work
together. Investigators gather information, lawyers are then brought in and
read information gathered by investigators, lawyers then defend their clients
before a judge. These occupation form the legal process.

Why would I be successful in this career field? Based on my personality

type survey, this career not only interests me, but it allows me an
opportunity to apply many of my strengths while giving me a chance to
improve on my blind spots. It also has qualities that are satisfying to me such
as; having clear directions and expectations, let me work independently, and
allow me to master a practice, and use practical skills. It also has a good
environment for me to learn. It provides hands on practice to master new
skills and rewards me for competence and independence. These are the
reasons I feel I can have a successful career in law.