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Curriculum Vitae/Resume

1. Personal Details
Name: Christina Michelle Ling

Main Contact Number: By Email request only

Secondary Contact Number: By Email request only

Email Address:

Nationality: Australian/British
Passports: Australian passport, Exp. ##.##.2024
British passport, Exp. ##.##.2018

Date of Birth: 27.07.1987

Resides: Northern Beaches, Sydney, Australia
Status: Single, Travelling alone
Availability: Late September 2015, January 2016

2. Philosophy/Aim
I will be using my time teaching in England to educate myself, not formally, but
in life experiences gained from teaching students, traveling on weekends and the
friendships I make. I want to teach in England because I love traveling and I see
England as a base in Europe I can explore new cultures, people and gain insights
into how the world varies.
I cant think of any job more important to a growing society as teaching.
Students in school today are tomorrows leaders. By instilling a passion for
knowledge in the next generation I hope they will become lifelong learners.

3. Education
2014-2015(Current) Masters of Teaching (secondary) [Finishing June
University of Western Sydney
Teaching Strand: Science
KLAs: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Earth and Environmental Science

2012-Current Diploma of Counselling

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors
Major(s): Child Development, Family Therapy, Conflict Resolution and
Career Counselling

2008-2013 Bachelor of Science

University of Western Sydney
1st Major: Geochemistry
2nd Major: Biology
1st Minor: Microbiology

2006-2007 Diploma of Laboratory Operations (Biological and

Environmental Testing)

TAFE NSW - Incomplete due to acceptance into bachelor degree (1 class to be


4. Relevant teaching history

October 2014 November 2014 Practicum Teaching
School Barrenjoey High School

25 days teaching Chemistry

Year Levels: Year 8 Australian Stage 4, British Key stage 3

Year 9 Australian Stage 5, British Key stage 3

Designing lesson plans

Designing practicals
Teaching lessons and running practical classes
Wednesday Sport Surfing (supervisor)
Assisting with other classes
Roll Call

July 2010 Current Tutor

Company Freelance

Geography (Year 10 student), - Just commenced

Science (Year 10 student), 1 month - Continuous
Science (Year 7 student), 11 months - Finished
Chemistry (Year 11 student), 3 months - Finished
Science (Year 9 student), 12 months - Continuous
Biochemistry ( 1st year university student), 2 months - Finished
Science (Year 10 student), sporadic assignment help Continuous
Earth and Environmental Science (Year 12 group[7 students]), 5
lessons - Finished
Chemistry, (Year 12 student), 3 months - Finished

Jan 2009 - July 2010 - Tutor

Company Northern Beaches Tutoring

Biochemistry (TAFE Student), 6 months

Mathematics (Year 8 student), 6 months

4. Other Employment
Nov 2012 Current - Service Supervisor
Company - Coles Supermarket

Supervising Service Desk

Supervising Cashiers
Customer Service
Customer Complaints
Opening and Closing the store

Feb 2007 Dec 2007 - Liquor Assistant

Company - Woolworths Liquor

Wine and Spirits Recommendations

Customer Service

5. Further training and professional development

2014 Beyond the Line - Rural: School Community Visit
Description: The Department of Education and Communities runs a program that
gives university teacher education students a taste of teaching and living in rural
and remote NSW. The program involves week-long orientation and professional
experience visits, providing a snapshot of lifestyle and career opportunities for
teachers in rural and remote areas.

2014 Anaphylaxis training

Description: Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) run
a series of online training courses to be completed in conjunction with practice
using adrenaline auto-injector trainer devices.

2014 - Emergency care

Description: Run by the Department of Education and Communities, it is a
requirement to complete this to work in many schools in NSW.

6. Interest and Hobbies

Music Listening only , unfortunately tone deaf.

7. References - Currently contacting.