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Metaphor: The Rose That Grew From Concrete

Teacher: Josh Jackson

Grade: 11

Unit: Poetry/Hip Hop

Day: 3/10/15
Essential Question

What is metaphor and how do we use it in our poems.

Learner Objectives
Know, Understand, and Do using Bloom's Taxonomy & SWBAT
SWBAT: Understand and use metaphors in their writing.
SW: Write poems about struggle based around a central metaphor.
Derrick Rose Video, The Rose That Grew From Concrete, Definition of Metaphor
Common Core State Standard
Assessment and Learning Activities

Metaphor: The Rose That Grew From Concrete


Instructor Will
Have what is a metaphor on the board.

- Have the class discuss what a metaphor is and

come up with a definition for it.

- Ask students to think of some metaphors that

they know of, clarify that a metaphor is not a
simile, life is like a box of chocolates is not a
metaphor. (Have students get into teams to
think of metaphors, whichever team can think
of the most metaphors wins)

- Go through each group and have them share

their metaphors, compose a list of these

- Have 2 students pass out the poem The Rose

That Grew From Concrete Then have a
student read through the poem.

- Ask for initial responses? What is the

metaphor? What does it represent? What is the
poem about? Do you like the poem? What
does the rose represent? What does the
concrete represent?

- Show students The Rose That Grew From

Concrete video asking them to focus on these
questions: What is different? What effect doe
the visuals have on the poem? How do we
understand it better?

- Have students discuss the video of the poem

and ad.

Student Will
Students will think of what a metaphor is.

- Discuss as a class what a metaphor is and

come up with a definition.

- Think of specific metaphors that we know

from past experience. Choose a team to work
with in thinking up metaphors.

- Teams will share their metaphors with the class

to see who has the most

- Receive the poem from the teacher, then

someone will read through the poem.

- Students will discuss their initial response to

the poem.

- Watch the video thinking about the questions

on the side.

- Discuss what they think and what effect the

video has on them. What is it like when you
hear the poem read and spoken with effect as
opposed to read

Metaphor: The Rose That Grew From Concrete

- As the discussion finishes explain to students
that I want them to write a poem of about a
time or in their life how they have struggled or
grown from concrete. (12 Lines, 1 Metaphor)
Make sure students know before hand that we
will be sharing poems. Write a poem while
students are writing as well.

- Coordinate students sharing, try to have new

students participate from the day before.

- Students will begin writing poems about their

struggles, using one metaphor and making the
poem 12 lines.

- Students will share their poems if there is time.