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April 13, 2015

GMDBC Board Meeting Minutes

Present: Sandra Skopaz, Beth Bowen, Don Stiffler, Per Olsen, Joe Nitto, Susan
Chicione, Cheryl Moran, Penny Hovis, RaeAnn Bethel
Note: Bob Ricks, Barb Galpin, at camp for Team USA try-outs. Patty Flugman was ill.
RaeAnn welcomed all and explained why she was conducting the meeting.
The new ten man boat has been ordered and the question was raised about whether to
carry additional insurance on it. Cheryl Moran, our insurance consultant, answered
questions regarding insuring the new boat, Conclusion: it will cost approximately $275.
a year with $500 deductible to cover the new boat for physical damage and liability. The
board decided to purchase the additional insurance. Cheryl will need a copy of the title
when the new boat comes to facilitate insuring it.
Fred is working on purchasing a dolly for the new boat.
[This was not announced at the meeting but needs to be reported. The Sumter County
Recreation Commissioner, Richard Bear 689-4400, was contacted that our new boat will
be arriving soon. It was agreed that we would store it on a dolly and park it next to the
existing boat. We are to notify Richard Bear when we have a specific date for the new
boats arrival.]
The new survey system was discussed. While teams are using the new system, many
felt the features of Team Snap were beneficial. While this works at the team level, it
was too expensive at the club level since we have so few all club voting issues and the
cost is based on the number of members. Conclusion: Teams have the new survey
system as an option but may choose another survey system at the team level.
However, for team voting issues, example, election of officers, the new survey system
will be used. The old survey system will be gone May 1, 2015.
Candidates for the upcoming elections are President: Bob Ricks, Vice-President: Barb
Galpin, Secretary: Cheryl Moran, Treasurer: RaeAnn Bethel Other candidates are
encouraged to run for all offices. Nominations must be accepted by the nominated
candidate and should be sent to Patty Flugman.
Discussion then turned to the idea of having a staggered board of officers with officers
serving two year terms so that each year only half of the board would be elected. This
idea was positively received by those present. In order to do this, the by-laws would
need to be changed.
This led to discussion of the need to change the current definition of quorum in the
current by-laws. It was agreed that while we are voting on officers, members of
GMDBC would have the option to amend the by-laws in regards to quorum.
The proposed change would read:

Forty percent of the active, team-affiliated members shall constitute a quorum for
changes to be made to the by-laws. If a quorum of GMDBC members vote, a simple
majority shall rule.
The storage unit that the club has newly secured is for club use only. It is not large
enough to accommodate team storage.
The April 14th meeting of the GMDBC will be a social. Bob Kane is handling music.
Joe Nitto is handling snacks. A few simple games will be played. Everyone is
encouraged to bring guests who are interested in dragon boating. This is a BYOB
event. There will be coverage in the Lifestyle section of the Daily Sun. All will have
opportunity to socialize with fellow dragon boaters.
Relay for Life: GMDBC members will also have the opportunity to support Relay for Life
at the meeting. Tickets for raffle baskets for Relay for Life will be available. Robin
Olsner and Sandra Skopaz will handle Relay for Life activities for Barb Galpin.
Luminaries will also be available for $5. donations.
Treasurers report: $27,455.21 balance as of 3/31/15.
Camp Villages dates are June 25th and July 30th.
Dock: while members are encouraged to be careful when walking on the dock, it was
also decided to bring the condition of the dock to The Villages attention prior to Camp
Villages. Patty Flugman will handle this notification.
Susan asked that anyone finding a gray waterproof pouch please return it to her.
Apparently, the string holding it broke and a member on her team lost the pouch
containing important cards and id.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:55.
Respectfully submitted,
RaeAnn Bethel
subbing for Barb Galpin

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