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Richard Vorobyev
Professor Kufs
English 114b
13 April 2015
Bullying Is More Dangerous Than You Think
It seems as though that it has become the norm for someone to have a memory about a
time theyve been bullied. It is not worth it for a child to potentially sacrifice his or her education
in order to avoid encountering a bully. Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse,
intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual and the
one doing it is known as the bully. Bullying can affect many aspects of a childrens mental and
physical being. The ability to acknowledge bullying sooner can prevent students from
endangering themselves and others.
Not many people are informed about the seriousness of bullying. Whether it is social,
physical, verbal, or cyber bullying, the impact it has on students is greater than thought about. No
one should have to resort to violence for revenge because of bullying. On Monday of October 21,
2013 an unidentified student opens fire at his school, wounding two students and killing one
teacher. In the article of CNN, "This is a student at Sparks Middle School. Can you please send
police out here? There's a kid with a gun." (Yan). Students affected by shootings are scarred with
violent images, therefore, creating possible mental health issues. Students attend school for an
education, not to risk obtaining problems that could perhaps lead to psychological help in the
future. The intent of the student creating violence was questionable, yet other classmates had a
bit more to say.


For instance, Amaya, a classmate of the shooter told the reporters, Saw him getting bullied a
couple of times, and I think he took out his bullying." (Yan). Students should be taught to know
how to deal with bullying instantly. If they witness an act of bullying students should either help
try to stop it or tell another teacher or staff member immediately. Dealing with the problem
sooner can decrease the possibility of students harming themselves and others. If schools
recognize the largely damaging results bullying could have and teach students how to deal with
the situation, shootings and killings could be prevented.
Many children around the nation are dealing with bullying today. Children everywhere
turn to harming themselves as a result of bullying. Suicide is an option that no one should ever
have to take in life. Unfortunately, 80 percent of the youth commit suicide due to peer
victimization and bullying (Bullying 1). Children need to have more resources such as adults
that they can relate to for confiding their problems. Making it known and understandable that it
is okay to receive help is important in preventing many possible suicides. In Connecticut, a boy
named Bart Palosz committed suicide due to many acts of bullying at his school. In the article
from states, He also posted comments about suicide on social media recently a
sign of trouble (Bullying 2). At any moment someone seems like they could be harming
themselves, it is vital to report it to someone straightaway. It only takes one person to help
someone realize what a mistake they could be possibly taking. It is critical to not overlook
students who seem to be calling out for help but instead reach out and see how much positivity
you could impact on them. Every kid is brought to this world for a chance at life and others need
to understand how valuable that is. What if one of his classmates reported his online comments
to the school or counselor? Maybe then you might have a chance to terminate the possibility of
what happened to Bart Palosz and many other lonesome, hurt, and troubled kids all around the


There are plenty of various ways schools can do to make kids get more informed about
bullying and how to take action. Schools should have assemblies placed during every school year
to advice students the different dangers and outcomes it can lead to. No kid deserves death due to
bullying whether he or she gets killed or commits suicide. Moreover, students need to understand
that telling on someone bullying is the right thing to do rather than witnessing it and taking no
action. There should be an established system for a child to report being bullied (anonymously,
if needed) (Wallace). Students shouldnt have to fear of being known as the kid who snitched
because schools should keep reports such as for bullying confidential. Parents should also part
take in their childrens life and always ask them how their day was at school and what they did
and what happened throughout their everyday lives.

Ultimately, bullying is becoming more of serious problem with students everywhere

today. The influence bullying has on many students could develop permanent mental and
physical concerns. It is important to take immediate action when a sign of bullying is seen. The
negative effects of bullying is a lot more costly than people would ever think, therefore not
realizing how much one person could be going through. The sooner people accept that bullying
is wrong in all conditions, the less is suicide being looked as a result of dealing with problems.


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