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Time management is very important

Things do get better

Nobody gets stuffed in their locker
Pat Hughes PE 10 and Drivers Ed teacher
Develop a specific schedule for completing assignmentswhen will you study for x class, y class, etc.
Where will you do your work? When will you take breaks and for how long, etc.
My teachers, administrators, and peers dont respect meunderstanding that how we act, dress, and who we
hang out with will impact (for better or worse) how others perceive me. Ideally, we should not judge a book
by its cover.but we do! So, make good choices in this regard.
Tim Kelly World History, World History 2 HN, and IB Theory of Knowledge teacher
To help their biology students, parents should:
- know how to access Blackboard and understand that all assignments and classwork are posted there (for
my class, at least)
- understand that I am happy to hear from them via email; all email addresses are on the AHS website.
Caroline Gergel Biology and Biology HN teacher
Jenna DeNicola Biology, Biology HN, and IB Biology teacher
I would say that the habits that their students develop the first year of high school are very important. Making
sure they complete their homework on the night that it is assigned is helpful for time management. Also,
taking classes that challenge their child, but something they can handle, is also very important.
Allie Scavone Algebra and Geometry teacher
How to navigate and sign up for blackboard. How to help their students study.
Carrie Schaefer School Counselor
I would say the 2 most important things are staying organized and coming to school/class on time
(attendance). Both of these things are essential for the incoming freshmen.
Surmeen Bedi Biology teacher
Monitor Homework every night (not the gradesheets, but actually monitor the student doing the homework).
Encourage participating in activities/sports/clubs.
Megan Saladino Psychology and Economics & Personal Finance teacher
Read carefully and follow directions. Ask for help, stop by after school to make sure you understand the
Parents should check the students agenda and ask that the student show them his/her work.
Niki Holmes English 9 and IB Language & Literature teacher
Motivate your student for academic challenge and successset the tone.
Be consistent in monitoring your students academic performance, grades, work habits, etcthrough
blackboard, progress reports, interim grades, report cards, and by communicating with your childs teachers
via e-mails or phone calls.
Mani Deneke School Counselor

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