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The Election

In 1932 Franklin Roosevelt became the president, beating republican

president Hoover. During a time of such bankruptcy and unemployment,
where government policies and programs clearly needed to stimulate the
economy, but President Hoover believed the government shouldnt get
involved with the public; If was a clear landslide election with FDR winning 44
of the 51 states. Shortly after being elected he introduces projects such as
dams and national parks, to create jobs. In 1929 FDR was diagnosed with
polio, making it impossible for him to walk without assistance. Realising how
fortunate he had been not to have died, he became more in tune to the
average American; making many of the policies he passed were for the good
of the average American, making him the right leader of America.

In FDRs early career he was seen as cold and blunt, getting elected as
the governor of New York purely because of his uncle being Theodore
Roosevelt. One year after being the governor, FDR got diagnosed with polio,
from this point on FDR would never be able to walk without assistance again.
Realising that he had just cheated death, FDR saw how fortunate he had
been to have been born into such a family. After this he became more aware
of the unemployed and the toll the average citizen had to go through.
Wanting to help and return America to its former glory, FDR ran for president
in 1932 against president Hoover. In a time of such despair, and with
republican president Hoover believing firmly that the government shouldnt
get involved in the public, it was clear that FDR was the leader America

After being elected FDR passed the alphabet bills; such as the CCC for
Civilian Conservation Corps, helping 1 in 4 Americans that were unemployed
to get back into the work force. During this period FDR employed millions of
citizens via building electric dams, highways, and many other various
recreational projects. From 1928 to 1936 the national income raised by
almost 50%, decreasing unemployment at a stable rate, FDR also made a
huge cut to the funding and departments throughout the government; and
the unemployment fell from 20.6% to only 12.5%. All of his policies let
America come a long way from 1929 when the stock market crashed. During
his first term in office he was quoted in saying that he and the famous actor
at the time were the two best actors in America. His charisma and ability to

make public speeches were captivating not to mention his clear vision where
he wanted America to be heading.

FDR with his commitment for public service and confidence, he was a
natural leader for America. He also did what was best for America and the
citizens, even when Japan invaded China, FDR said it was not a war, rather a
military mistake than anything. Through time and trials FDR proved to be a
strong leader for America, until his death in 1944.