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We support you.
Autodesk and its partners provide
extensive training, consulting, and
support offerings.

Installation Support
Autodesk provides installation support for AutoCAD
software. Information on this support as well as other
support options can be found at
support. Contact your Autodesk Account Executive or
an Autodesk Authorized Reseller for more details.
Subscription Support
Subscription customers receive personalized web
support from Autodesk technical experts. For complete
information, visit or
contact your Autodesk Authorized Reseller.

Additional Support
Autodesk Official Training Courseware
Official training courseware is available for many
Autodesk products. To purchase training courseware,
contact your local reseller or Autodesk Authorized
Training Center (ATC) site. For more information,
contact your local Autodesk office or visit In the United States
and Canada, call 800-440-4198.
Training Resources on the Web
youll find
How-to Articles: Review training tutorials and how-to
articles for several Autodesk products.
Tips: Search for or share training tips and shortcuts.
Autodesk Authorized Training Centers
The ATC network, Autodesks premier training channel,
offers short, industry-focused courses for beginning
and advanced users. To find a training center near you,
contact your local Autodesk country office or visit

Autodesk Authorized Resellers
Autodesk Authorized Resellers provide support for
all Autodesk products. To locate a reseller near you,
call your local Autodesk office or visit
User Groups
Local Autodesk User Groups meet in many places around
the world. Autodesk also supports the Autodesk User
Group International (AUGI), a nonprofit, professional
association of Autodesk product users. For more
information, visit
Product User Assistance
Autodesk online resources are a great source
for answers to your questions. The Online Help
System is your go-to for all information. The New
Features Workshop guides you through an
overview of the new AutoCAD 2011 features.
Tutorials and videos will assist you in getting started.
Note: Some of the above programs or contact details may
not be available in your country. Check with your local
Autodesk Authorized Reseller or Autodesk office for details.

Autodesk Consulting
Autodesk Consulting offers a comprehensive range of
consulting and training services to help you configure
and implement the optimal solution. Autodesk
Consulting identifies your business needs, recommends
the right Autodesk and partner products and services,
and creates a solution that delivers the highest return
on your investment in Autodesk technology. Autodesk
Consulting helps boost workforce productivity and
offers customized solutions to meet your specific
requirements. For more information,

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