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Sarah J.

Jessup, MD 20794

Montgomery County Public Schools Julius West Middle School, Rockville, MD

Grade 6, Science, Full-time
August 2012 Present
Implemented the Investigations in Science 6 curriculum to 6th grader using a 7 period schedule
Created physics and environmental STEM lessons and projects to align with county curriculum
Attended two professional development workshops about the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
hosted by NOAA and National Geographic Society, and Interstate Commission on the Potomac
River Basin
Facilitated the Trout in the Classroom Program; raised 100 trout from egg to fingerling and
released into a local stream with 40 students on a field trip
Communicated grades, assignments, and class notes to parents and students using an online
grade book program
Collaborated with the media specialist to research and oversee students creating Powerpoint
presentations on the life and rehabilitation of the Baltimore Checkerspot Butterfly
Gained certification to teach Confidence Course (high ropes) and Predator/Prey Simulation for
Outdoor Education
Montgomery County Public Schools Newport Mill Middle School, Kensington, MD
Grade 8 US History Teacher, Full-Time
August 2011 June 2012
Implemented the Advanced US History curriculum: beginning with events leading to the
Revolutionary War through Reconstruction after the Civil War
Created inquiry lessons incorporating multiple primary source documents and current events
Improved student reading strategies through biweekly article analysis assignments
Organized 8th grade field trip to Washington DC with the National Parks Service to view national
monuments on the mall
Provided Student Service Learning Opportunities that linked to curriculum
Grade 7 and 8 Science, Full-time
August 2009 June 2011
Participated in weekly cohort curriculum planning meetings to incorporate new Advanced
Earth/Space Science for high school credit (topics included: meteorology, astronomy, geology)
Instructed new inquiry based Advanced Investigations in Science 7 curriculum (topics included:
life science, human body, chemistry, genetics, and biotechnology) on a rotation 5 of 7 schedule
Developed rigorous, real-world learning summative assignments in 7th grade science
Communicated weekly with special educators in order to modified lessons for students with
learning disabilities
Organized 7th grade field trips to the Maryland Science Center, emphasis on the human body
and to Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, emphasis on forensics within Written in Bone
Attended International Baccalaureate Training to learn strategies to implement the Middle Years
Program, create more real world experiences, and inquiry based and student centered lessons
Grade 7 and 8 Science, Grade 8 English Teacher, Part-time
September 2008 June 2009
Taught three different preps operating on a block schedule
Managed hands-on learning labs (topics included: human body, frog dissections, and rock cycle)
Co-taught with a special educator using many approaches including: supportive, parallel, and
team teaching
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Sarah J. Nystrom
Jessup, MD 20794
Prince Georges Public Schools - Francis T. Evans Elementary School, Clinton, MD
Grade 4 Full-time
August 2006 June 2008
Instructed in all subject areas according to the Prince Georges County Curriculum Guide
Implemented daily behavior plan to improve and increase parent involvement in classrooms
Planned short/long range goals based on student data analysis and county benchmarks
Attended monthly trainings on the comprehension toolkit reading curriculum, focus on
nonfiction text
After School

Montgomery County Public Schools Julius West Middle School, Rockville, MD

Green Team Club
September 2012 Present
Supervised weekly team meetings
Created Going Green school-wide campaign to promote energy reduction incorporating
posters, Photo Stories, morning announcements, and lesson plans
Montgomery County Public Schools Newport Mill Middle School, Kensington, MD
Green Schools Club
September 2009 June 2012
Supervised paper, bottles, and cans recycling program and earned monetary awards for school
Coordinate Be Green awareness campaigns using original made videos and posters
Supervised small group of students competing in the Cabot Calcium Challenge; won first place
Girls Soccer Coach
Spring 2012
Held try-outs and created team to complete against other middle schools
Coached 20 girls in 5 games
Co-ed Cross-Country Coach
Fall 2011
Designed and organized practices to condition 23 athletes for season
Created locker posters to build enthusiasm and team spirit
Supervised 4 meets, boys went undefeated and girls won 3 of 4 meets


Small Group Leader, Grace Community Church, Fulton, MD

August 2007 Present
Plan activities and provide leadership weekly for high school girls in their spiritual growth
AOET Jinja, Uganda, Africa
July 2009, July 2012, July 2015
Facilitated teacher workshops focused on classroom management and active learning styles
Observed model schools to understand the Ugandan education system
Montgomery County Public Schools Science Office
Summer 2014
Curriculum Writer
Developed and co-wrote new sixth grade chemistry unit aligned with the Next Generation
Science Standards and incorporated problem based learning and data analysis
Invisible Children Gulu, Uganda, Africa
Summer 2010
Co-taught high school chemistry classes with a Ugandan teacher for six weeks
Organized and facilitated teacher workshops focused on active and engaging strategies


Master of Science, Instructional Design and Technology

Walden University
April 2015
Bachelor of Arts, Elementary Education (K-5, Social Studies Middle Level)
University of Minnesota, Morris
May 2006

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