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Steven Sorrell

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Vicki Stalbird
English 1201-225
January 21, 201.
Summary of The Fiftieth Anniversary of the march on Washington
By President, Barack Obama

President Obamas speech The Fiftieth Anniversary of the March on

Washington was presented on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. His speech
mirrored Dr. Martin Luther Kings powerful I Have a Dream speech. As
President Obama reflected on the past 50 years he discussed the progress
that has been made as a direct result of the march in 1963 and admitted
that there is still work that needs to be done. His audience included ordinary
people, educated people, employed and unemployed people, people of all
races and religions. Mr. Obamas message attempted to challenge young
people, empower the people to believe in themselves and encourage them
to fight for change. Mr. Obamas speech referenced equality for all was
founded in The Declaration of Independence and the freedom it provides to
all Americans, that all men are created equal, they have certain unalienable
rights and among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.
As a direct result of the March in 1963, laws pertaining to Civil Rights
and Voting Rights were signed. The White House and Congress changed.
The business as usual attitude changed. Change is necessary for equality for
all Americans. Opportunities became available to people that they only

dreamed of someday would happen. Today, inequalities still exists; there is

still work that needs to be done regarding education and economic success
for all.
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The people need to bring change to Washington because Washington is not
going to be changed until they are challenged. It will take courage to make
changes but you will find courage in numbers.
He encouraged people to look to one another for support in this fight.
President Obama said that this fight cannot be won by a few but it will take
the masses to make changes. He challenged people to show courage, to
dream, and to make changes and continue the fight that Dr. King started in
1963. President Obama said, That when millions of Americans of every
race and every region, every faith and every station, can join together in a
spirit of brotherhood, then those mountains will be made low, and those
rough places will be made plain, and those crooked places, they straighten
out towards grace, and we will vindicate the faith of those who sacrificed so
much and live up to the true meaning of our creed, as one nation, under
God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all. (Obama)

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