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fet CCRE ig yates eer pe iene Explore reper ete eens fete) lesa te icrolnral eles Poo ey Doenmeare san rendered blackand-whiteimage fee) Segre ed > Rd ee UC Ce ped Ma aia ala g rn ea te character art Will Murai talks about creating characters and shares the secrets of his coloring process / Editor’s Letter Pea a Welcome to the August issue of Sa . 2dartist magazine! - Color plays an important role in the digital painting process; when it's selected and used effectively, it can facebook com/3dtot help describe mood and evoke emotions. We have a ener whole host of t show you how to de tt oes sdtot hole host of artists to show you how to do just tha Ea mteor*, This month we speak to master of color and characters, erecting Will Murai, who reveals his coloring process and th nts top DD ireccimyersn {JESS SERJENT-TIPPING. Deputy Eat secrets to his signature style, Donglu Yu pre: tips to turn a black-and-white image into a colored ier comida masterpiece, while Byzwa Ohershares an insight behind | @ one of his atmospheric landscapes FB reenter We also have an array of helpful tutorials and insightful articles from industry professionals to get you inspired Enjoy google com/+adtotaleg WIULUCULLULULLLUULL ULLAL Contributors IVAN KHOMENKO ‘TOMAS HoNZ erat One Ps ftalstous abouthow is heart lor ig painting which confesses ll became a conceptantst waysbe his secreov r > wit. muRAL LAURA SAVA Wiis Bazan Japanese itsrater and concept aura Savaiea freelance illustrator from Romani ric books tovideopames He enjysdevelopinghs lustrations fox games Laura is current istating J fortany ans werking mainly fr Mage The Gathering. fame cards fr Applibots Legend! the Crypts > sce pone sacroct p mons oo unto ser voasurie 4 Z ane Your ; ann mail - Magazine. ington Get the most out of it! dam mith a IFyou're having problems viewing the double-page spreads thatwe feature within otis this magazine, then fllowthishandy ile guide on how to setup your POF reader rameoaotlcon : Top tips for viewing Lynette Clee For optimum viewing of the magazine, itis recommended that you have the latest version of pmette@dtotl com d. You can download it for free here: [EXNNTCLUY the many double-page spreads featured in 2dartist magazine, you can set the reader 0 display "two-up" which will show ndscape image x 41.0pen the magazine in Reader 2.Goto the View menu, then Page Display; 3. elect Two Page Scrolling, making sure tnternational that Show Cover Page in Two Page View sation oppor isalso selected rmelone@storatcom Jump to articles Inthe Contents pages, we have diect inks toall articles within the magazine. fa cert subsciptions atticle catches your eye, simply click (or tap on handheld devices) on the page number within en straight to that article retoclckitto A FREE RESOURCES company that bscriptonscanbe the Contents, and you w Download resources Whenever you see this symbol ure about download freer support@ cota! com piaseanen For lots more tutorials and exclusive articles, visit moe Disclaimer Siren ren ; : boss george@3ctotolcom ‘magazine into your Tunes library itwil automatically add the POF to your bookshelf in your Books app! Contents Issue 104 ULULLUUULLLUULLLULU LULL ld 006_Get started as a concept artist Ivan Khomenko discusses how he started his ‘career and continues to grow as an artist 016_Mastering character art Will Murai tatks about creating characters and shares the secrets of his coloring process 031_Keep a sketch diary Don Seogmiller shares his stunning pencil work, doodles and drawings 046_The gallery Piotr Jablonski and Jan Urschel feature in this issue's gallery selection of our top 10 images. 064_ Explore coloring techniques Donglu Yu demonstrates a professional approach to coloring a rendered black-and-white image 074_Design an artificial lighting set-up Discover top tips and tricks from Nacho Yagile for altering the lighting set-up ofa scene 084_Build a city with textures ‘Tomas Honz reveals techniques to quickly construct a painterly primal city in Photoshop 092_ Create cool water brushes Generate and use custom brushes to paint an underwater scene - Laura Sava shows you how 100_Learn to paint atmospheric scenes Byzwa Dher shares skills to speed up your painting process when creating fantasy scenes 108_ Digital Art Master: Michel Donzé Learn how Michel Donzé crafted his cool stylized image, Piratess SAVE 30%! - ay 5 a) Subscribe today °;, & re eee Ivan Khomenko Interviewed by concept artist eae Msc aia- Cc ekeoes oe 1 ea L e nee eta Cat} his career path to become a concept artist, and the processes he uses to continue his growth as a professional artist © Having recently graduated wth aMajorin Jewelry Design, Rusianfreelance concept artist, Iwan Khomenko owes thanks tothe guy who cut bimoffin the embassy, which leis carer ina ‘new direction and changed his ife.. van used to participatein special programs that allowed students to travelto the USAand work fora whole summer as ahousekeeper or water, hich he hada great time doing. But inthe fateful summer of2012, atthe very last moment wan didn't goths visa, so he hadto spond whole summer athome. Atalosswith what he ‘was goingto do with allhisfree time, it was then the found an interest and stated experimenting with Photoshop, anditwas the best thing that ‘ever happened tim. Wan went onto land hisfistjb a a concept designer forthe game ‘utriee and since joined the team at One Pixel. ‘Brush, We chat with van abouthis growing ‘career and what to expect from him next! ‘dats: hat wasitaboutthe gatas that ‘madeyouwantto pursuea carerintheindusty? “I mostly try to avoid monotony in my work, not only in terms of style or mood but also in terms of workflow or tools that I’m using. It’s always fun to experiment with new stuff” han khomenks 0a sue fit as ligt toole thatmade meto want o pusueacareerinthis Indust. Tobehonest, mst notsurefihavea carer because myerparienceissolimte ve always considered mse mareasa hobbyist and only sac in thelastouple of months thatve word or One Pe rush that started getingan idea fwhatthisindusty ial about Linon this's deine geat placeto be, andits relly ficult forme to kragne any workbeter than oncepe design work Aa, fibecome good enouh, Ihave the opportunity to morkabroad, whichisa huge monaon to git thisindusty ade hat isyour bigest source of nepation is there aparicularstjle, mood or senethatyou ae dawnts? IW: guess theevery att et inspiredjustby looking at tings For eampl, a photoofadramatic clffcangvean ide fora conceptandalyouhave todo'sjustaddsomeintrestingstucturesora Spaceship and don't forget bout te personto show th scale) ‘Ako realy ie tolookst work by artists suchas Iya Repin, aac Letan and Joh Singer Sargent too, }'samazinghow much you can eam justby looking their work especialyinterms of colo, ‘ocausethey all pairtad fom iso these are true ——— Color Photescarttellyounestyas much asthese artist work, About ye, | dont rellyhave any prtiaarshjleor ‘mood fav mosty ty toaaid monotony inmy ‘work notonlintermsa sive or moodbutalo in terme of workow otal that musing i's aays Funtoexperimentwithnew tut ‘Ada: Could you choose oneofyour favorite past Images (that youvecreated) and expan aie abouts creation and why is yout favorita? In: Recently cia piece called the Ad Plone ke thispartculrirage becausel managed to achieve very grlthat stor ysl during its creation, All wort was just a simple concept with 30 spaceshipcreated in asingle day Inmyepinion when you putyoursetina situation ‘when youhave particular conditions of worker simpletime its tbecomes much moreinteresing and chalengngto workonit and elpsyou Understand hon gooda concept att you are. Then ateryoufnsh and you are happywith the ‘est (whichisaveryrare thing forme this concept becames nt ony anather pecefr your port, but alsa reminder of yourlite achievement at some pol This prety muchhow I manage most fry personal stuf itsaljst another assignment tome» cae Se eee ee eee ee This was a quick photo-bashing exercise Ivan Khomenko “Vm doing experiments all the time - almost every personal work that | do is less about the unique idea, and more about just experiment- ing in terms of workflow or using new tools” reerece itary, yeu beter ef hous Butintheend,m sureyoucouldernalotol —_WKsTmdlng expeimentsal hed techniques andes thatwillhelpyoutobebeter personal work Se cept design so wont idea and more about just experimenting in eso worlow or using newts see Maybe somedey ly to getinto matte painting simentvil : jst ry odo something this using simi abit msureits avery dct hingto do. Aside " technique Yeah witsounds butte De eee es ed pp A Sach AN ES Sic Na a «van spent quite abit time creating this background image forthe Outrse project © an Khomenko Amare Rene) >) oLola en in KOM iolE.4 with some of the top VFX studios within the world and oh boy, I’m LAN Tay-m i ant AYRE dreamed of doing.” VICTOR, NUKE SENSEI Senior Digital Compositor and VFX Tutor Victor worked on the Batman vs. Bane fight scenes Yor VoXor salle ok Meola RLU e (Ter 9-} DIGITAL, PAINTING echnuy VOLUME 6 Dy j Brush up on the latest digital painting (ej awe 1D RE UC a Un ares huni Ulu Rem ali AINTING Cen eA tcl a Se sce | collection of tutorials, giving unique insight into the creative { processes of many industry-leading artist. it willbe a great et ee Ly Son en ae Ce ee eee eee mene Nautiner = Now in its sixth year, Digital Painting Techniques: Volume 6 continues the tradition of showcasing the latest digital painting trends and techniques, from industry experts including Carlos Cabrera (Applibot) and Jan Urschel (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag). In this atest volume, ere eee ee ens ee fantasy battles and environments, building sci worlds, and the 1 fundamental aspects of lighting and atmosphere, forming another Pee ere Dee prnegennnee emirate nt tne an bined i Lecturers and students teaching/tudying ine art courses where rotates reels edi peat Hepa + 3D artists who want to improve their texture painting and backdrop paintings + Photographers who want to branch out and use Photoshop for more than just corrections and touch-ups VOLUME 6 i + Hobbyists who want to learn useful tips and tricks from the best eres a Rae Eee perme toc} ect Se eg eee ee ea v Brig Mastering _ character art Brazilian-Japanese illustrator and concept artist, Will Murai, has produced colorful and SL eu CCM OMNI are Ne CMM Rel Lcx-leeVMereclUi-ceil-lc lee emeeln ec} and games, as well as sharing the secrets of his coloring process and signature style © We ite yout discover the colorful (influenced by the raziian culture) andprety epic ‘Mlusteations of Wi Mura, ashe disusses his career andtechniques, ‘darts: il thanks fox chatting with darts utyourself ad your backound in dial art Wl Mura Thanks forthe opportunity to sho roducton to di Ai ‘das hat was about the dgtalteosthat mad Coat you wanttopusuea carerinthe in andtechniquestothe dita medium m coy twaseasir and a much mrepessuabl rjyedthewholethng and gtluckyencugh tobe WMslamdfntelynuenced bythe golden ageo pice . bod tied by some people! canllusration. The work Norma of work 2éa\ x stonfom?What inspiration Isineresting hw they could tu smethng that aly Salil ne y Jnces your werk and matirates you omimissionsfom a magazinecoveintotimless _helpscrestean ematioal connection been the ® “This fantasy warrorilustration was made forthe -Moghc: The Gathering expansion pack, Theros © Wizards ofthe Coast LIC “I guess | am mostly known, by the strong use of colors in my work. It may be influenced from the Brazilian culture, sunny weather and ay t colorful landscapes!” te r wm nella a 8 wu r Ig= > My Re ce oak ee eet rdsofthe coast tLe Doe et et am ene toe “| would love to work on a movie as a character artist 4 PROTIP ‘or concept artist. like > _ the challenge of making CMe ea artwork that creates emotional connections with FE the audience” 2d: iether any ther areasio teigtal atwerd that you'd tobranch into (and hy lenge of makinganworkthatcreatesemotional _WM:Scund hea cliché, it you connectonsivth the audience tithe the ‘Wo: Hopfily, you ‘workaround every youdo. There orkonsomefld that good at that veyron py so. Only veg he eas them. woul totansatesome _Alto,yeuhavetobetueta yours charactersbackstory nt jageinorder _Hyoulovetodraw aves, monst styou ae doin people wil eco ‘adc Finally what cane expect to seeform youn theftue? 4 oH | A c 3dtotal presents the new issue of 3dcreative magazine, a downloadable monthly magazine for digital artists for only £2.99 (approx. $4.79/€3.69) SRC ee ct tl Reece nr Soi MMe en seul eel heel outer: Ee textures and Sketch epic feed ups) sed Create emotive e Cézar Brandao reveals the techniques behind his eye-catching and unique female portr Don Seegmitler artist author and instructor. Hevsfacuty atUtah alley University in Orem, UT and Program forthe Art and Visual Histraitiona ei paintings are represented in major art. galleriesinthe United States SLETLIBOOLOF DON Gee MLR immerse yourself in the amazing doodles and drawings of Don Seegmiller... . Most ofthe doodles and drawings in my sketchbooks ae fr fun it's about the only art that lam abl to dojust for fun ‘Sketchbooks also serve as my diaries or journals and drawing practice, Sketching Isalsoa way that stay focused and don't fall asleep during meetings - the longer the meeting, the better for me, because it lets ime keep drawing. So guessthat there are ‘multiple reasons why! keep a sketchbook. My sketchbooks are oten anything but a ‘sketchbook: | draw on just about anything, uding paper placemats at restaurants. |o use traditional sketchbooks too, but like the heavier cover stocks. have several sketchbooks in use at any one time. | keep one Jn my pickup, one in my wife's car; basicaly anywhere anticipate! might want one. keep every sketch and doodle trav. Ifyou donot keep all your wor, itis very hard to see you are getting better. Currently my sketchbooks flla small bookcase in my studio, {am slowly trying to get everything scanned s0 have digital copy along with the orig am slightly over 8,000 scans. Many of those have multiple drawings on one page. sm often asked if draw much onthe ‘computer since doan extensive amount of digital painting. will draw digitally ‘occasionally but fr the most part, not too ‘much. lenjoy the feel of pencil on paper and traditional materials are quite portable, they don't get ht, and they aren't going torun out of batteries. Inspiration and ideas The inspiration and ideas for my doodles come rom many cifferent sources. The ‘common ineption's what observ around ‘me anyubere wit crowds wil provide lots of good mater i'm notrawing then use my cellphone camera to capture whateverhappens tosuitmy fancy. Reading and music are other majorsourcesof Inspiration. ther sources of nspration are the seasons, holidays [Halloween in patcuay) reams haltheard conversations in public places; pretty much anything canbe inspiring The most important thingistobe open to and recognize inspiring moments. doesn’ mater wat you daw as long as you are drawing oe CKETLUPOOL OF DON CCR Materials Paper My favorite papers cover stock thatyou buy in paperstores. tis heauy weight and can be boughtin avaretyof colors mainly drow ‘on White gray, eat toned, and black paper My ‘sketchbooks usualy ahandfulofshetsof ‘overstock on a clipboard Pencils My favorite pencils are Prismacolorin darker colors, PrsmacolorWatercoler pencil, Black PC93S and Stabilo 8046. am drawing ‘ondarker papers then |wiluse light colored Prismacolor pena. also use graphite pencils They smudge around for subtle value transitions. Pencil sharpeners usesmallmanual handhelé sharpeners if Idon't want to make any nos. on’ rally have afavorte but buy good quality sharpeners! havean El Casco gold pencil sharpener thatismy favre hand sharpener. sharpens pencis beauty. My favorite pencil sharpeneris battery operted and cost about $12 3 Ofce Depot. Mechanical Pencil: loceasionaly use mechanical pencils in small sketchbooks. They take too much fort to dra anger sketches. Pens: love to draw with good quality ball pont ens. find them very expressive with atonal range similar to graphite pencils Matiers lam using opie markers more and ‘more in my sketches these days, use ustthe ray value markers. Erasers:Asageneralrule donot erase. Erasing breaks the low of thesktch. aa careful soon the ork becomes more about easing anc ‘making corectonsthan drawing Prismacolor and Stab pencils are impossble to cleanly cease. When drawing with graphite! wil use kneaded erases. They ae a pat ofthe drawing process and not usually as erasers alone ‘Sketching techniques don't havea setn-stone setching technique use, The method l use tora i mostly Transform> Warp) You can also go out with a camera and ‘sketchbook and try tofind the reference yourself ‘Learning how to use your brush takes time. wil certainly help you also do some traditional panting Inorder tomaster the artof making balanced yet interesting compositions, youhave to practice. Study artworks ‘of old masters and other accomplished artists too Pe Laura Sava prc -by-step tutorial sho bru , and aint an underv demonstrat LauraSava anatherwandeer Software Used: Photoshop isafeetnce work upuntl row inciudesbookcovers and Discover useful techniques to create and use custom brushes to paint an underwater scene. White Photoshop's defaut brushes are ‘enough to get you stated, creating your ‘ownis the next stepin experimenting with Aigtal painting. custom brushes can speed up your work process (especially during the conceptual phase ofa project), by providing 3 ‘quick way toadd textures, shapes and effects, allowing you to focus onthe big picture Instead. Once created, they can be easily ‘modified by adjusting the various parameters available the Brush menu, Painting textures with customs brushes usually results in amore natural and unitary look than inthe case of using plain photo textures. In the following tutorialt'm going to show you how tomakea set of Photoshop custom brushes, and howto use themto paint an underwater scene, ‘There are basically two kind of brushes: for lack of better terms, call them ‘techncal™ and ‘decorative The fist category refers to brushes which are used for the actuat painting process the second are those that are stamped on, as an accent orto create patterns fen obtained from a photographic source image. The latter ones need tobe used sparingly, or they can end up looking artifical, especially n a painterly composition; but they are great for tasks such a8 matte pa reali concepts. | am going to use both types lof brushes here to demonstrate how they can be used together and be made to complement leach other in order to create both depth and. atmosphere in the image. 01 ‘default Sof brush I's important to use back, because the busts opacity wil be defined by the the darkest coir repre nthe source image where ‘and white represents transparency. Photoshop also has a brush size limit 000, pines in CSE, 30 make sure the cil is oiage than that, Select the Lasso tol ight-lickon the image, choose Fee Transform from the men, ‘and crag the comers until you get anova shape with a sft Eraser set on ow opaciy, erase abitot ne miele, This willbe the source imageforthe istbrush 0. he area around the shape, goto the Edt sec Defining and editing the brush: Using 1208 Define Brush Preset Now goto your brush ist and the newly de ‘brush should be the lastone onthe ist. Fornow ts not much more than a regular sot edged brush the ference willbe made by the catings Go to the Bush menu (Window > Brush heck Shape Dynamics and Tra brush spacing to around 25%, Save these setings ‘as anew brush using the small postit shaped button in the lower side of the Brush menu (create sew brush) 0. More settings: What we have rows basic waterbrush that canbe used for butitcan be adapted for many other purposes. There are alms endless possibilities for hatcan be achieved th various combinations of settings. Forthe 51 brush, also checked the Sea suggests andisuseul for painting al sorts of paticles. For the second brush, check the Dual ich mises anothe set selection, checthe Color Dynamics option, done, Forthe he brush olor diferent degrees. further options for fine 0. Bubble brush: Using the asfor the previous brush | paint a Poe S. frees fenerc bubble shape and define it asa Preset chievethe final elect, check the Transfer and Scattering options, alongwith Shape Synarics, with ize Jie seo around 60 Angle ster 40% and Roundnes iter eto Unless the brushes are going tobe used for need tobe extremely detailed. make mostofmy stom brushes on the e, while painting, sol'm ssuallyin ahury to continue work and don’ spend too 0. ttcomestontricate textures that would be too uch ime polishing them Photo-based brush: Brshe alvays hand-painted especialy when manually Aquick solution isto use a photoasthe base forthe ee 6e8 Sh. Inthiscasel'm oingtousea photo of seo buttexturesdon't need to be those of the depict -they ust need Creating a brush soure Before and aker changing settings Playing with diferent combination settings Creating a bubble brush Creating brush from a photo. Stock photo credit: htp:/senshistock. DG eer seen 07" cme ‘ se VAR fei 08" as wll: close objects have higher contrasts 1 they get further away they becom ‘decreases and they tendto borrow the olor of the background (most otten ky blue = an ete Coens we water's easy to overdo light eet, so ater in alighting station ike thi, the surface ripples tusingmy tid bush ona Toavoidthe picture gettngtoo crowded, paint iia sketch Color Doge oe Smeal he buen eaten lr iro ] Paningina sense ofmovenent iehaseegmeedlokwhichcan Ge eu © eine cept totneimage pure Uingptow letter bacuick (add afewobe sal dts Beth cof dodsingewaytofapmatetiokteastc.—ondsoresuniepansinttetepound.on sgt photo tecture brush toad iter. The teal realist detail, Besides these chon inveto define ofa paintingcan often be enhance by agrod packground of the scen tea photos depth of fel LO ivrececcorineotuiste” — deethaisnileerytntinge ©. Learn to paint atmospheric scenes Bese cena cipal neraetean elo e sels process for his image End of Mountain, using color and light to create an atmospheric fantasy scene Discover techniques to speed up your painting process when creating fantasy scenes.. This project overview will focus onthe creation of fantasy scene. 'lwrite about my technique forthe faster creation of an environment concept, where my main objective was to generate an atmosphere for the viewer, When start, I don'thave any special thoughts ‘onwhat the final image wlllook tke. My method involves stating the drawing process by analyzing a certain theme. collect all the facts andideas | want presenti the image belore starting the drawing, Forthis piece! chose a fantasy scene, and ‘made some notes about the features wanted to show in myimage. 1wanted to feature some ‘mountains, a canyon, some magic lights, sun anda character who provides the narrative or storyline forthe piece allowing the viewer to create is oum story about it. was inspired bythe references from my visual library that collected to help start this image. Ole “For easier working! tried to organize layers into the groups from the very beginning, to allow me to locate components easily” a DA eho Aselectionof the thumbnails Blocking outthe basic shapes and assigning values to create depth Organizing the scene into fore, mid and background groups ‘Adding in the texture using his ‘own photographs “Itwas really important to find the right scale of ambiance for the character. As | wanted the canyon to look majestic, the character had to be small in comparison” Choosing a warm color palette to Defining the ight source and adding a contrast withthe cold tones in backlight and im lighting in kets wa the shadows, Outlining the sithouette of the character jm [Adding steam or smoke tothe scene to and fitting it tothe scene . create dynamic el Donzé ydonzeumbircom i a S Ex gr ‘ U - N y 20% DISCOUNT CODE DIGITAL ART MASTERS: V8 CeO U9 v Neo iree ama le Sriaitre tnt} ci DIGITAL ART.MASTERS See tty Cree uy Cee ae a) and scrutinizing the work of others. Getting to Pees eee) ern BRO nuceucey captivating glimpse into the minds and processes of Cee Re rorog rund 20% OFF WHEN YOU ENTER DISCOUNT CODE: damv820 fINpee)/431 eon AMANO ee] Dae Keo) [ed Se eee ce eae) full of brilliant digital art, image breakdown tutorials and unique, Dereon Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 is not your typical digital art gallery book. While it does showcase stunning work from 50 of the best international artists, it also includes detailed tutorials explaining how each image was created. Each artist offers insight into their workflow and the methods they employ when it comes to creating a professional piece, from the early concept stage through to the final product. In addition, this year’s volume Dee ea ee sR ay looking to be inspired and learn something at the same time then Digital Art Masters: Pee es | Pere eee et cate et eee tay $ 1 30totalcom NEXT MONTH An insight into the career of an industry professional Learn top tips for creating custom brushes for crowds Discover Donglu Yu’s process for creating texture details Tran Nguyen opens the pages of her sketchbook A project overview of one of the most popular images online today 10 of the best 2D images from around the world PLUS MORE! 2dartist