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FYI: BMT Rounding

Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 1:59:54 PM Mountain Standard Time
Hendrickson, Mary L
UCH-AIP 11th Leadership Team
La Touche, Amiee

Hi Team,
Yesterday, I had the privilege of rounding on 10 BMT paOents. Aside from our usual rounding quesOons, Mandy had
me ask a few extra quesOons and here were their responses:
A.) What are we doing well?
Everything!"- was the response by 3 paOents
PaOent care is excellent
The sta; They are all kind and professional
ExcepOonal care and concern from the sta
The RNs are excellent problem solvers and all of the sta have been great
Such a cheerful sta; Very helpful
The medical treatment here has been excellent; All the sta are great!
B.) What can we do beDer?
Nothing; This is one of the best hospitals in Colorado!
Beeping Pumps; maybe they should beep by the sta instead of next to the paOents head. That way the RN
will come x it a li`le quicker.
Beeping pumps are annoying
CNAs are not always emptying hats/urinals (this was menOoned by 3 dierent paOents)
The CNAs dont oer to change my sheets most of the Ome; I have to ask for it
Cleanliness; The oor is sOll dirty ader they come to clean
Cleanliness; the sink in my bathroom has never been wiped down in the week I have been here
Weights should not be at 4am. It is very dicult to get up when I am in a deep sleep
Music needs to be available either on a radio or TV channel
ConOnuity of Care- always have dierent sta. It is hard right when I am gegng to know someone I never see
them again and have to get to know a whole dierent sta member at every shid
Improve the movie selecOon; there are a lot of movie cases that have NO movies in them
C.) Are you saFsed with the MDs rounding daily? And do the RNs typically accompany them?
Every single paOent said they were saFsed with the MD communicaOon during their rounds. And they all
said that RNs are never part of this rounding. Surprisingly some paOents did not feel this would be necessary
or help to improve the communicaOon between disciplines.
Their favorite MD was Kamdar (sp?). But otherwise, Dr. Smith and Dr. Pollyea were also highly regarded in
showing true care and compassion, as well as taking the Ome to provide quality communicaOon about their
treatment and medical diagnosis.
Dr. Gutman was menOoned by two paOents as not providing quality Ome or compassionate care during his
D.) One nal Fdbit, regarding the new CALL SYSTEM/RESPONSIVENESS
All of the paOents were very saFsed with the new call system.
They liked having the opOon of calling their RN and CNA directly. Some paOents said they liked calling from the
phone during the day and just pushing the bu`on in the middle of the night.

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phone during the day and just pushing the bu`on in the middle of the night.
Every single paOent said they felt they were receiving help and assistance in a Fmely manner when they
called their RN and C.N.A directly.
Mary Hendrickson, RN, BSN, OCN
Permanent Charge Nurse
Oncology and Bone Marrow Transplant

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