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NURS 401
Personal Philosophy of Nursing
Purpose of the Assignment
The purpose of the assignment is to enable the student to discover his or her personal philosophy of
nursing, as it exists at the beginning of the academic journey toward the BSN.
Approach to the Assignment
I was beginning my nursing education when I wrote this assignment, so I was then working in a veterinary
hospital as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. This introductory paper helped me to define my philosophy
of nursing. I strongly believe in Leiningers Transcultural Theory of Nursing and Dorothy Orems Theory
of Self Care and use these theories today to guide my practice. Nursing addresses this phenomenon by
treating individuals, communities and societies.
Reason for Inclusion
The reason I included this assignment is that this paper helped me to define the goals I wanted to set and it
reflects on my beliefs of what nursing is and what it does for patients, communities and cultures.
Articulates the values of the profession and the role of the nurse as member of the interdisciplinary health
care team
This paper helped me to cultivate and articulate the values I wanted to use daily to define my nursing
practice and career. I believe that every person should receive the same quality of care independent of
financial means and that receiving adequate healthcare should not bankrupt individuals.

Nursing Practice
Implements traditional nursing care practices as appropriate to provide holistic health care to diverse
populations across the lifespan
I also use Dorothy Orems Theory of Self Care: the nurses actions are to help the clients develop their own
self-care abilities through knowledge, support, and encouragement. Clients must learn and perform their
own self-care activities. Part of our job as nurses is to educate our patients and enable them to be
independent in their own care.

Demonstrates sensitivity to personal and cultural definitions of health, and how these beliefs influence an
individuals reactions to the illness experience and end of life
The greatest challenge I see in the nursing profession is to not be judgmental in your interactions or care of
a patient. A patient is the sum of their life experiences, which includes different races, religions, cultures,
social and economical factors. A nurse would ideally have knowledge of a patients customs and be able to
alter nursing care to accommodate the patient. A nurse must view the patient holistically in order for care
and treatment to be followed by the patient and be effective.
Critical Thinking
Uses nursing and other appropriate theories and models to guide professional practice
Leiningers Transcultural Theory of Nursing and Dorothy Orems Theory of Self Care: please see above