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Student Name & Number: Georgia Stewart-s226337

Subject Name & Code: Teaching and Learning 4-ETP220

Assignment: Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan Template 1 Primary

Unit/Topic: English
Date: 14th October 2013
Key Learning Area: Literacy-HISE-Family. Year Level: Grades 1
Outcomes: Literacy-Speaking and Listening 1, Writing and representing 1, Expressing themselves;
HISE-Families Past and Present: Stories and Histories.
Literacy-Speaking and Listening1-communicates with a range of people in informal and guided activities
demonstrating interaction skills and considers how own communication is adjusted in different situations
Writing and representing 1-plans, composes and reviews a small range of simple texts for a
variety of purposes on familiar topics for known readers and viewers EN1-2A.
Expressing themselves- responds to and composes a range of texts about familiar aspects of the
world and their own experiences EN1-11D.
HISE-Families Past and Present: Stories and Histories- CCS1.1 Communicates the significance of past
and present people, days and events in their life, in the lives of family and community members and in other

20 mins


10 mins

Introduction (Set):
Have the students sit on the floor.
Read the book Stellaluna.
Have on the Smartboard-What does family mean to
you? in a circle- Ask the students to give their ideas
of what family means to them. Write up on the
Smartboard their answers.
Show the YouTube video-What does family mean
to you-1.33sec

Main Content:
Instruct the students to go back to their desks and
get their writing books out.
Ask the write down the brainstorm ideas on the
Smartboard, as these are their thoughts about
Recap the lesson-Family can mean many things to
different people, but the most important part of a
family is that you are loved.

Teaching Approaches
Introduce the subject to
the students. Encourage
the students to have a go
at what is within their
Differentiate Learning:
Encourage the students
who are quieter to
answer or give reasons
behind their answers.
Prompt the students who
need support, with
suggestions such as
family could mean that
you are loved.
To extend the students
who need to be extended,
ask them if they know
the difference between
being loved and liked.
Teaching Approaches
As the students are
writing in their books,
walk around the class
room and give the
students who need help
the help they need.
Keep an eye out for
students who are
working quietly and may
need the assistance from

Student Name & Number: Georgia Stewart-s226337

Subject Name & Code: Teaching and Learning 4-ETP220
Assignment: Lesson Plan
(Include equipment required for class and/or for teacher preparation)

Smartboard, Smartboard pens, Writing books and pencils.