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Bears Lesson Plan

Contextual Items-

Short Description or Explanation

April 2nd 2015, 6 pm Ivy Tech Community College Rm 206
7th Grade

Prerequisite Knowledge-

students need to have or had a teddy bear, heard stories of

bears, or watched something about bears in the movies,
or on television.

Goals and Student Objectives

Content will be about bears.

Affective goals will be to have a discussion about bears
and to make the students aware of the fact that bears.
are in fact dangerous creatures and not the cuddly
teddy bears that the children play with or watch
in cartoons.


Story book, video, Question list.

Opening Activity or Motivation-

Reading story book about bears.

Activities, Procedure, or Method-

Discussion should run about 15 minutes.

Assessment- Formative: After discussion, students will be given a project to complete about
bears and write a research paper about their findings.
Summative: participation in discussion.

ReflectionReflecting on the lesson plan the teacher came to the conclusion that this lesson plan needed to
address older students, instead of 2nd graders.
Summary or Closure- the story book and video the gummy bear song video were meant to
begin the discussion on bears to bring the main point home to the students. The main point
ultimately being, is that although bears viewed at a distance may appear cuddly and friendly,
they are not. Bears, just like other wild creatures will defend themselves and cubs, if any, and
will hunt for food. This lessons ultimate goal then is respect the wild creatures of the forest and
not to make contact with them.
When on a hike to stay alert at all times since you will be in the bears home and before you go
to the forest, educate yourself about what to do if you get in to trouble.

Re-teaching or Alternate Approaches- present lesson plan thru videos, learning center, books,
computer software, and one on one teaching with the teacher and teacher assistant.

Extensions- Alignment with Standards- Standard 2: 4. 3. 2 Observe, compare and record the
physical characteristics of living plants or animals from widely different environments. Describe
how each plant or animal is adapted to its environments.
Diverse learners will learn about bears moving from story books to stuffed bears and eventually
to videos and field trips to the zoo. Gifted and talented will learn about comparisons of story

book bears, cartoon bears, and real bears in discussions of bears and field trip to the zoo. Both
gifted and talented and diverse learners will also read books about bears.