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Youre traveling on a great adventure and find yourself staring at an interesting new creature. You
decide to investigate the creature in order to classify it and mark your spot in scientific history.
1. The creature has traits of these three organisms: a bumblebee, porcupine, and a
a. For each of these, list its kingdom, phylum and its scientific name.
b. List two traits from each which distinguishes it from other species.
c. Consider which three of these traits would work well together.
2. Classify your creature
a. Using what you know about classification, create a common name and Scientific
name for the creature. (see Chapter 8, lessons 2 and 3)
b. Remember: An organisms name often holds clues to its anatomy, habitat, or
behavior. All plants and animals have a scientific name, and some also possess a
common name. For example a dog (Your pet Fido) has a scientific name of Canis
lupus familiaris.
c. Experiment with different languages: for example, rouge means red in French.
d. Consider prefixes: tri- for three, or mega- extra-large.
3. What are 5 characteristics of your creature?
4. Draw a picture of your creature