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Andrea Claire

Diff 598
Lesson Plan 1

Ocean In A Bottle
4th/5th Afterschool STEM Enrichment
Unit essential questions:

What is an ocean environment?

How does human action affect the ocean environment?

Lesson question:

What is an oil spill and how does it affect the ocean?

NYS or other appropriate standard(s) addressed:

NYS Common Core Standards

o CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.9
Compare and contrast the information gained from experiments, simulations,
video, or multimedia sources with that gained from reading a text on the same
NYS Science Standards
o Standard 7: Connections
Key Idea 1: The knowledge and skills of mathematics, science, and
technology are used together to make informed decisions and solve
problems, especially those relating to issues of science/technology/society,
consumer decision making, design, and inquiry into phenomena.

Lesson objective:

Students will hypothesize what happens when oil and water mix.
Students will apply their knowledge of oil and water to an oil spills affect on an ocean


Students will complete a comprehension questions review worksheet to show that they
have a full understanding of the material covered.
Students will complete a prediction chart that shows their knowledge of oil and water
before the experiment and what actually happened after the experiment.
In the next class students will complete a concept map to show their retained knowledge
on the topic of oil spills and the ocean.

Andrea Claire
Diff 598
Lesson Plan 1

Students will explore the materials presented to them and complete a prediction of what
will happen when we combine the materials.


Students will be given a packet with everything they need to complete the activity,
including an instruction sheet for the experiment.
Each student will receive a bottle and one at a time students will go to the bathroom to
measure 2 cups of water into their bottles using a measuring cup and funnel. While each
student is doing this the others will complete their prediction chart.
As the students return with the water have them add a few drops of blue food coloring
into their water.
Once each student has 2 cups of blue water in their bottle, the teacher will then have
each student measure and pour 1 cup of oil slowly into their bottle.
Have the students set their bottle on the table until every student has all the materials in
their bottle.
Then instruct the students to complete the experiment by making waves with their bottle.
Be sure the bottles are tightly closed before this.
After the students make waves and explore what happens when oil and water mixes, have
the students finish the prediction chart by recording what happened.
Then, have students complete the real world connections sheet which is brainstorming
how this experiment connects to the real world.
Discuss the ideas the students came up with.
Have students clear the table and make sure bottles are tightly closed, set bottles on the
Have students take out their iPads and go to YouTube. Have them watch
http://youtube/yhOkwNJIMxY an educational video on oil spills.
Have a discussion on the video and what the students took from it. (student lead)

Tiered by _Product/Student Choice__: 2 different tiers

Under Pressure activity-Chloes Center (Lesson Plan Attached)

Ocean in a Bottle-My Center


Have the students complete the comprehension questions worksheet at the end of their
Hand out evaluation of activity to students and have them complete and turn in.


Andrea Claire
Diff 598
Lesson Plan 1
Ten 2 liter clear pop bottles
1 cup measuring cup
Oil (1 cup per student)
Water (2 cups per student)
Blue food coloring (few drops per student)
Ocean In A Bottle Activity Packet (one packet per student includes all worksheets needed
for activity)